Dying Hard: Matt Revists DIE HARD

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[With A Good Day to Die Hard set to open this Thursday, we'll be taking a look back at the first four Die Hard movies.  These reviews will contain spoilers since the movies have been out for years.]

When I hear the words “best action movie”, I immediately think of Die Hard.  No other film even comes close.  It is pure action removed from sci-fi or any other genre.  Even though there were plenty of blockbuster action movies in the 1980s, Die Hard is unique in how it constantly puts its hero at a massive disadvantage.  To the extent that a blockbuster will allow, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is the everyman.  Schwarzenegger and Stallone were the physically imposing heroes, but Willis brought a scrappy quality to McClane even though the character’s actions verged on superhuman.  Although he’s very hard to kill, McClane is both the reluctant hero and the ideal 1980s American hero.  From its unforgettable protagonist, Die Hard took on an identity that made it distinct and enduring.

Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Robert Loggia, Jeff Goldblum, Will Forte, William Atherton Confirmed for TIM AND ERIC’S BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE

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Rumor came in last week that John C. Reilly will star (with an impressive cast of supporting players) in Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, the first feature-length film from comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.  Reilly is indeed on board, joined by Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell,  Robert Loggia, Jeff Goldblum, Will Forte, and William Atherton.  Sadly, the rumor that Harrison Ford will make an appearance is false.  I’m disappointed that Bob Odenkirk’s name didn’t make it from the rumored cast to this updated list, but I hope that’s merely an oversight.

Heidecker and Wareheim revealed the plot for Billion Dollar Movie: their characters “literally get a billion dollars to make a movie, and we make it, and things go awry, and Tim and I just decide to get out of Hollywood and become businessmen in an abandoned mall.”  Principal photography started Friday on what is by far the biggest Tim and Eric production ever.  Read what Heidecker and Wareheim had to say about the transition after the jump.

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