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Ever since Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, zombies have become synonymous with lifeless, dead-eyed beings, a void – existential nothingness in its simplest form. Zombies, as characterized, exhibit no human emotion, feeling, remembrance – and it’s been that way through Dawn of the Dead (1978) to Dawn of the Dead (2004) to The Walking Dead (2013). This Friday’s release Warm Bodies attempts to redefine the zombie not as death incarnate but merely as a lost and lonely soul… Sure the zombies still want to eat human brains but it has less to do with hunger than a need to connect. It should come as no surprise that the cure for all that brain munching, lethargic walking and indecipherable growling – as posed in Warm Bodies – is quite simple: love.

Nick Hoult stars in the picture as R, a zombie who slowly comes back to life after he falls in love with the beautiful ex-girlfriend (Teresa Palmer) of the guy he’s just eaten. Complications obviously then ensue. In the following interview with Hoult, he discusses imbuing the living dead with personality, transitioning from being a child actor (he was the titular boy in About A Boy), and his bevy of future film projects (Jack The Giant Slayer, Mad Max: Fury Road and X Men: Days of Future Past). For the full interview, hit the jump.

Bryan Singer Set to Direct X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

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We recently reported that Matthew Vaughn, director of X-Men: First Class, was stepping down from heading up the sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past.  On the shortlist of replacement directors was one Bryan Singer, who was already acting in a producing capacity for the sequel.  Singer has now been confirmed as the director for X-Men: Days of Future Past.  There is still no explanation as to why Vaughn stepped aside, but he is in the process of inking a deal to stay on with the project as a producer.  (He did turn in the film’s screen treatment after all.) Hit the jump for more on Singer’s attachment to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Bryan Singer Talks X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, the Possibility of a Cross-Over from Previous Films and His Future Directing Career

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Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men and X2 and producer of the upcoming sequel to X-Men: First Class, has confirmed the title of the follow-up film.  Singer said in a recent interview that the title would be X-Men: Days of Future Past, a nod toward a storyline in the comics that ran in the early 80s.  It would certainly fit in with Singer’s claim that the sequel’s story is bold and ambitious, as the comics involve alternate timelines and a dystopian future in addition to meaty social conflicts like internment camps and assassinations.  Much more from Singer follows after the jump.

Simon Kinberg Talks Producing ELYSIUM and Writing the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel at Comic-Con

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Over the last few weeks, Sony has finally started to reveal details about director Neill Blomkamp’s (District 9) sci-fi pic Elysium.  Just as District 9 tackled issues of segregation and xenophobia, the first synopsis for Elysium reveals that the sci-fi, future-set story will be delving into the immigration debate.  Set in 2159, two classes of people are roughly divided: the wealthy live on a man-made space station called Elysium, while the rest of the humans inhabit an overpopulated and ruined Earth.  For more on the film, here’s Matt’s recap of the Comic-Con panel, the viral campaign, and Comic-Con interviews with Blomkamp and Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley.

Shortly after the panel, I got to speak with producer Simon Kinberg.  We talked about how he got involved in the project, how they decided what footage to bring, the recent test screenings, why they didn’t do 3D, and more.  In addition, with Kinberg writing the X-Men: First Class sequel with Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman, we talked about how that’s been going and what fans can look forward to.  Hit the jump to watch.

Matthew Vaughn to Option Max Barry’s Thriller LEXICON

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Even though director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) has two upcoming sequel projects on his schedule, he’s chosen to add an original film into the mix.   After landing a sneak peek at the book, Vaughn put up his own money to option Lexicon, a thriller from author Max Barry that is due to hit shelves next year.  Vaughn would also write (or at least co-write) a script he plans to direct if the picture goes through development.  Set in a world where words can literally kill, Lexicon includes Barry’s signature riffs on branding, identity and government control.  Hit the jump for more on Lexicon and a recap of what else Vaughn has on his plate.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel to Shoot in January to Avoid Scheduling Conflicts for Jennifer Lawrence

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Who would win in a fight between Mystique from X-Men: First Class and Katniss from The Hunger Games?  The answer: Jennifer Lawrence.  While 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate studios were busy scheduling the shoots for their respective mega-franchise sequels, they got in a bit of a tussle over Lawrence’s availability. I’m sure the bankable young lady loves to have movie studios fighting over her, but luckily the conflict has been resolved. The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, will shoot with Lawrence this fall; after that, she will film the sequel to X-Men: First Class the following January. Hit the jump for much more on both projects.


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With director Steven Soderbergh’s spy-action pic Haywire opening this weekend, I recently got to speak with most of the cast to talk about making the movie.  Starring MMA fighter Gina Carano as a burned spy who takes revenge against her handlers, Haywire also stars Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Michael Angarano, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, and Bill Paxton.  I’ve seen Haywire twice now and it’s fantastic.  On top of Carano’s star-making performance, the action scenes are some of the best I’ve seen in years.   It’s absolutely something you should see in a theater.

During my exclusive phone interview with Michael Fassbender we talked about how he got involved in Haywire, how he prepared for the role, the amazing fight scenes, how the script changed along the way, and if he remembered any of his training in real life.  In addition, we talked about whether or not he still has to audition, when he realized he’s won the actor’s lottery, what’s up with Twelve Year’s a Slave and the X-Men Sequel, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to either read or listen to what he had to say.

Fox Executive Tom Rothman Updates on the Status of a Sequel to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and Reboots for DAREDEVIL and FANTASTIC FOUR

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Ever since 2008′s Iron Man, Marvel Studios has carved out a profitable niche in Hollywood independently financing the film adaptations of the Marvel comics.  However, because of the nature of film rights, a few of Marvel’s most popular properties are housed at other studios.  Fox has three: X-Men, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four.  In a recent interview, Fox executive Tom Rothman stressed the studio is eager to continue development on the next chapter in those respective stories—a sequel to X-Men: First Class and reboots for Daredevil and Fantastic Four.

Hit the jump for the interview clip (plus quotes) to see what Rothman had to say.

Michael Fassbender Talks SHAME, A DANGEROUS METHOD and the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel

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Michael Fassbender shame a dangerous method interview slice

With A Dangerous Method hitting theaters on November 23rd and the NC-17 rated Shame opening on December 2nd, Michael Fassbender is busy promoting both films and his truly excellent performances in each. In A Dangerous Method, he plays Carl Jung, a doctor seduced by the challenge of an impossible case who tries the Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) method of treatment known as psychoanalysis on a patient (Keira Knightley) who has been diagnosed with hysteria. In Shame, he plays Brandon, a handsome and successful New Yorker who is consumed with his sexual obsession, on an inevitable path towards self-destruction. Although very different films, both explore themes of sex and sexuality, and what is culturally accepted behavior in the bedroom.

During our exclusive chat, Michael Fassbender talked about how lucky he feels to be working with the people he’s working with, that he spends a lot of his preparation time for a role just reading and absorbing the script over and over again, and how both Steve McQueen and David Cronenberg are great leaders that love what they do. He also talked about what he’d like to see in a possible sequel for X-Men: First Class, and then played it coy when it came to his next collaboration with McQueen – Twelve Years a Slave, co-starring Brad Pitt and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Watch the video or read the transcript after the jump:

James McAvoy Taks ARTHUR CHRISTMAS, Danny Boyle’s TRANCE, the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel, Showtime’s SHAMELESS, FILTH and More

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In the animated family film Arthur Christmas, hitting theaters on November 23rd, actor James McAvoy voices Arthur, the awkward but enthusiastic youngest son to Santa Claus (Jim Broadbent). When the ultra-high-tech Christmas gift delivery system fails, missing one child out of hundreds of millions, Arthur embarks on a rogue mission, with the help of his rather naughty Grandsanta (Bill Nighy) and a giftwrapping-obsessed elf (Ashley Jensen), to deliver the last present before Christmas morning.

During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, James McAvoy talked about his desire to want to do more films for kids because they’re the best audience around, that he responded to the integrity and humor in the story, the challenge of voicing a character that is always so enthusiastic and nice, and that, if given the choice, he would likely go with the simple and classic ways of doing things versus the high-tech ones. He also talked about how freaky it was to watch even 10 minutes of the Showtime remake of Shameless (he starred in the original), his hopes for the X-Men: First Class sequel, which has not been greenlit yet, the amazing experience he’s had working with director Danny Boyle on Trance, for which he has one day left of shooting, how good the action-thriller Welcome to the Punch turned out, and shooting the fantastic but twisted script for Irvine Welsh’s Filth, starting in January 2012. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

SHERLOCK HOLMES Writer Simon Kinberg to Pen X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel?

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Word on the street has it that the follow-up to Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class will be written by Simon Kinberg (Sherlock Holmes). The scribe will have to try and match or outdo the first film, which has grossed over $350 million to date and was well-received critically. Some of the films in his resume suggest he’d be a good fit: Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Sherlock Holmes. Then, some make my head hurt: xXx: State of the Union, X-Men: The Last Stand and Jumper.

Kinberg was a producer on X-Men: First Class. He was also the writer behind the 2012 releases This Means War and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which he is also executive producer on. Hit the jump for more on the sequel to X-Men: First Class.

Exclusive: Marvel’s Tom Cohen Talks X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequels, THE WOLVERINE, ANT-MAN and More at the Saturn Awards

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x-men first class slice marvel logo

While at the 37th annual Saturn Awards, we were able to speak with Marvel Studios VP of Production Tom Cohen. He spoke about X-Men: First Class, possible sequels, The Wolverine, Deadpool, Ant Man, Marvel’s strategy for introducing comic book characters that may be unfamiliar to mainstream audiences, teased a bit about the studio’s presence at Comic-Con this year, and more.

Hit the jump to watch the interview. If you missed our previous coverage from the Saturn Awards, don’t forget to check out our interviews with Let Me In director Matt Reeves, makeup artists Rick Baker and Dave Elsey, Brandon Routh, Fringe’s Lance Reddick, producer Dean Devlin, Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd from The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan.

James McAvoy Talks X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequels

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While it continues to rack up wildly positive reviews, Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class doesn’t hit theaters until Friday but already the talk has turned to sequels. Vaughn himself isn’t exactly secretive, as he recently revealed that he’d like to open the sequel with the JFK assassination. Now star James McAvoy has joined in on the sequel talk, speaking about a possible trilogy:

“Ideally you have a story arc that lasts three movies and at the end of the third it leaves you ready for the story in X-Men 1. It would be nice to explore things in two more films.”

Now a Matthew Vaughn-helmed period X-Men trilogy is something I can get behind. While he didn’t necessarily spill important plot details regarding a sequel, McAvoy talked quite a bit about what he’d like to see in a follow-up and what he thinks makes First Class work so well. Hit the jump to check out what he had to say. And don’t forget to check out Matt’s review of X-Men: First Class here.

Matthew Vaughn Talks X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, Possible Sequel, JAMES BOND, and the X3 That Could Have Been

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With the early reviews of director Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class positively glowing, anticipation is growing even more intense for the Kick Ass director’s take on the franchise. Earlier today, Vaughn took part in a number of interviews with various publications, and contrary to most pre-release press he was actually surprisingly forthcoming. In addition to talking about First Class, Vaughn confirmed that he would definitely be willing to return for a sequel, and he even has an idea of what the opening scene would be:

“I thought it would be fun to open with the Kennedy Assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto.”

That’s definitely one way to open a superhero movie. But it’s conducive to the 1960’s setting for First Class and the threading of the X-Men with other historical figures/events. To check out a roundup of some of the best (spoiler-free) quotes from Vaughn’s interviews today, including further talk about a First Class sequel, the possibility of directing a Bond film, and his version of X-Men: The Last Stand that never got made, hit the jump.

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