George Nolfi to Direct Darren Aronofsky-produced Facebook Thriller XOXO

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After picking up the project nearly a year ago, Lionsgate has now attached The Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi to helm and oversee a rewrite of the social media thriller XOXO.  The project was initially written by Black Swan scribe Mark Heyman on spec, and was pitched as a modern day Fatal Attraction that explores the dark side of virtual relationships as it follows an up-and-coming executive who blurs the line between his real-life fiancé and his online affair.  The pic will utilize “stylized visual sequences” to portray the online interactions, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “poke.”

Hit the jump for more on this “Facebook thriller” that has Darren Aronofsky and Michael London (Sideways) onboard as producers.

Lionsgate Picks Up Facebook Thriller XOXO by BLACK SWAN Scribe Mark Heyman

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A spec script for a contemporary thriller by Mark Heyman (Black Swan) that had been circulating for a few months has been acquired by Lionsgate. XOXO, pitched as a modern day Fatal Attraction, explores the dark side of virtual relationships as it follows an up-and-coming executive who blurs the line between his real-life fiancé and his on-line affair. XOXO will use streaming video and social media platforms on a cinematic scale to emphasize the concept (or misconception) of the truth behind our digital identities.

Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky will produce through Protozoa Pictures, as will Michael London through Groundswell Productions and Kelly Mullen, who brought the project to the studio. Although Aronofsky has directed from Heyman’s sceenplays before, no director is attached at the moment. Hit the jump for more on Heyman and Aronofsky’s upcoming projects.

BLACK SWAN Writer Mark Heyman Shopping Facebook Stalker Pic XOXO; Darren Aronofsky to Produce

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Mark Heyman (Black Swan) had so much success with his last creepy/obsessive/possibly insane protagonist that the scribe is returning to familiar territory with his latest script. Heyman is currently circulating a “Facebook stalker” pic entitled XOXO around several Hollywood genres labels with Darren Aronofsky set to produce. Per 24 Frames, the script centers on a twentysomething male whose digital relationship with a female peer takes a turn from “Wow, this online dating thing is really cool” to “Wow, thanks to this online dating thing I now have a stalker.”

The report also claims that XOXO will not exist solely on Facebook but will make use of streaming video and other social media platforms as well so as to create a digital world that acts as an extension of the physical one (sound familiar?). In addition to XOXO, Heyman is also writing a teen-centric apocalyptic tale for director Marc Webb entitled Age of Rage. Moreover, he’s also developing a project called Machine Man which is described as being in the vein of Robocop as it centers on a man who undergoes a titanium body upgrade and becomes a target as a result.

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