YOUNG ADULT Blu-ray Review

     March 15, 2012

Even though Jason Reitman is the director of Young Adult, and Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswalt are the leads, writer Diablo Cody comes across as the star and auteur of the film. She wrote Juno – which won …

Top 10 Posters of 2011

     December 25, 2011

The best movie posters come from Mondo, other art-boutiques, and individual artists who take their passion for a film and turn it into something that every fan has to own.  Studios don’t have that luxury.  They need to sell a …


     December 9, 2011

“Magical” may be an odd word to describe a dark comedy as intentionally depressing, uncomfortable, and mean as Young Adult.  But there is a magic in watching a writer, a director, and an actor craft a captivating character who keeps …

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