LOST Showrunners and Cast Talk Fan Theories, Favorite Easter Eggs, Deciding on the Final Outcome, and More at Paleyfest 2014

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For more than 30 years, PaleyFest has held panel sessions and screenings that connect the worldwide community of television fans with the casts and creators of their favorite TV shows.  One very special evening included a reunion with some of the cast and creative team behind Lost, one of the most talked about shows to ever be on television, which also currently happens to be celebrating its 10-year anniversary since it debuted.  Collider was there to attend the panel, and we’ve compiled some of the highlights.

During the evening, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as actors Josh Holloway (“Sawyer”), Yunjin Kim (“Sun”), Jorge Garcia (“Hurley”), Henry Ian Cusick (“Desmond”), Ian Somerhalder (“Boone”), Maggie Grace (“Shannon”) and Malcolm David Kelley (“Walt”), talked about what they took from the set, their favorite fan theories, what the auditioning process for the pilot was like, why they decided to withhold information from even the actors, why they decided not to kill Jack in the pilot, that the characters were not dead the entire time, how doing a limited-run series now would have changed the show, what their intention with the outrigger was, their favorite Easter eggs, an aspect of the show they wish had turned out differently, and how they decided on the afterlife in the finale.  Check out what they had to say at the Lost PaleyFest panel after the jump.

TV Casting: Matthew Rhys Set Opposite Kerri Russel in THE AMERICANS; Yunjin Kim Joins ABC’s MISTRESSES

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We’ve got a couple of television casting stories to share with you this weekend. First up, Deadline reports that Brothers & Sisters star Matthew Rhys has nabbed the male lead opposite Keri Russell in FX’s period drama pilot The Americans. The series centers on two KGB spies posing as a married American couple in the suburbs of Washington, DC in the 1980s. Complicating matters, the couple has two children who are unaware of their parents’ true identities and the husband grows an affinity for America’s values and way of life. This is one of the more interesting pilots in development this season, and while I’m unfamiliar with Rhys’ work, I’m eager to see how the series will play out. The project comes from Falling SkiesJoe Weisberg and Justified showrunner Graham Yost.

Hit the jump for casting news regarding Lost star Yunjin Kim.


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We’ve heard a lot about dirty shenanigans in the financial sector over the last few years, but if you really want to know about a high-risk investment that hardly ever pays off, forget about the Ponzi scheme — look no further than the serialized television drama.

Much as we all love to snigger at the stereotype of the housewife or credulous college student weeping over her soap opera, there are good reasons that shows like General Hospital have lasted for decades, and chief among them is the unique pleasure of following characters and storylines over an extended period of time. The networks dress it up in different outfits each fall, but it’s that same enduring promise that lures viewers into new serialized series every year, and if you’re any kind of television fan, you’re well acquainted with the pain of giving yourself over to a show’s arc, only to watch it land with a thud — or worse, find that the show’s been canceled before it can reach a satisfying conclusion. (This writer is still smarting over the way NBC pulled the plug on Journeyman under cover of the writer’s strike.) Read more about Lost: The Complete Collection after the jump:

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