Thursday TV Ratings: PARKS AND RECREATION and COMMUNITY Hit Series Lows; THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Tops NBC and ABC’s Programming

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The TV ratings for Thursday evening’s programs are in.  Here’s a brief look at the highlights:

  • A fantastically funny and heartfelt wedding episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation sadly scored a series low for the comedy, hitting a 1.3 rating and 3.03 million viewers and a 1.4 rating and 2.91 million viewers for two back-to-back episodes.  The first installment is a drop of 13% from last week’s 1.5 rating.
  • Season four of Community continues to struggle, as last night’s Comic-Con-inspired episode notched a 1.1 rating and 3.08 million viewers.  That’s down 8% from last week’s episode and marks a series low for the show.
  • On the flipside, The CW’s The Vampire Diaries bested all of NBC and ABC’s programming in its timeslot, earning a 1.3 rating and 2.89 million viewers for a rise of 30% from last week’s 1.0 rating in the demo.

Hit the jump for the full ratings report for Thursday, February 21st, including Elementary, Two and a Half Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Zero Hour, The Big Bang Theory, and more.

ZERO HOUR Episode Review: “Face”

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Last week Zero Hour gave viewers plenty to chew on — Nazi devil babies, clones, secret societies, “new” Apostles — and while it was still completely ludicrous, it seemed worth checking out just for the fun.  The pilot went, in professional lingo, “balls out.”  It essentially jumped into the fifth season of Lost, and most everyone seemed fine with it.  This week, “Face” revealed all of Zero Hour’s many, many problems without fun things like devil babies (although we did hear them crying).  Mostly, it’s just really, truly terrible writing.  I don’t know how you can ruin a premise so swollen with potential as one focusing on Nazi conspiracies, but somehow Zero Hour has managed it.  For more on my evisceration of this hour of television, hit the jump. 

Thursday TV Ratings: COMMUNITY Suffers Huge Drop for Series Low, ZERO HOUR Premieres with Record Low, SCANDAL Eclipses GREY’S ANATOMY

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Thursday night’s TV ratings are in.  Here’s a brief look at the highlights:

  • It wouldn’t be Community without drama.  Following last week’s promising numbers for the show’s long-delayed season four premiere, the comedy fell hard last night with a 1.1 rating in the demo and 2.75 million viewers.  That’s down a whopping 42% from last week’s premiere, but it’s also important to note that TV viewing as a whole was down last night in lieu of the Valentine’s Day holiday.
  • The series premiere of ABC’s Zero Hour (read Allison’s recap here) didn’t drum up much interest.  The Anthony Edwards-led mystery adventure drama scored a 1.3 rating and 6.29 million viewers, which is ABC’s lowest rated premiere in the 18-49 demo ever.  On the bright side, it scored the second most-watched series premiere this year behind The Following.
  • ABC’s soap Scandal surpassed lead-in Grey’s Anatomy for the first time ever, scoring a 2.8 rating in the demo versus Grey’s’ 2.7 rating.  The show netted 8.04 million viewers.

Hit the jump for the full ratings report for Thursday, February 14th, including The Big Bang Theory, Glee, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and more.

ZERO HOUR Pilot Recap: “Strike”

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There’s only thing people love more than conspiracy theories, and that is hating Nazis.  Luckily, Zero Hour has both, plus the long-buried secrets of the Christian church, ancient languages, clockmaker secrets and international terrorist organizations.  Yes parts of the episode were clunky and broad, but it’s a broadcast network pilot, what do you want?  Did you not hear?  Conspiracies!  Nazis!  Anthony Edwards!  Zero Hour comes from the mind of Paul Scheuring, who created Prison Break, and is clearly no stranger to drawing things out.  But if ABC is smart the show will not fall prey to what happened to both Lost and Prison Break, and instead deliver a tight and coherent series.  We can only hope.  I’m getting ahead of myself — hit the jump to talk about the first episode and  what we learned from it.  Put on your tinfoil hat, comrades! 

ZERO HOUR Executive Producers Paul Scheuring, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Zack Estrin and Dan McDermott Talk About the New ABC Drama

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The ambitious new ABC drama series Zero Hour tells the story of Modern Skeptic Magazine publisher Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards, in his return to TV), who has spent his career following clues, debunking myths and cracking conspiracies.  But, when his beautiful wife, Laila (Jacinda Barrett), is abducted from her antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into one of the most compelling mysteries in human history, stretching around the world and back centuries, and finds himself racing against the clock to not only find his wife, but to save humanity.

While at the ABC portion of the TCA Press Tour, executive producers Paul Scheuring (who also created the series), Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Zack Estrin and Dan McDermott talked about the genesis of the show, wanting to deliver something big, setting up a construct that will reset every season, providing a lot of information but making sure it’s easy to follow, and making their shooting location of Montreal look like various countries, all over the world.  Check out what they had to say after the jump. 

ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee Talks New Shows S.H.I.E.L.D., RED WIDOW and ZERO HOUR, Plus HAPPY ENDINGS and DON’T TRUST THE B IN APT. 23

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As part of the TCA Press Tour presentation for ABC, President of ABC Entertainment Paul Lee took some time to talk about the network’s current and upcoming line-up.  During this interview, he spoke about the network’s philosophy that TV should be made for bigger screens and how some of their new dramas (i.e. Red Widow and Zero Hour) fit that bill, what could happen with both Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23, why he feels 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort didn’t perform as well as expected, how they approach the handling of violence on the network, how they might position the Marvel series S.H.I.E.L.D. from Joss Whedon to attract both male and female viewers, if that moves ahead from the pilot stage (how could it not, right?!), and that they were able to give Shawn Ryan the opportunity to wrap up the story for Last Resort, once they made the decision to cancel the freshman thriller.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.


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nashville abc slice

ABC announced their Fall 2012 schedule this afternoon, and followed up with trailers for the 10 new series.  We’ll start with the dramas:

  • 666 Park AvenueTerry O’Quinn stars as the manager of The Drake, an apartment building that offers the ultimate luxury yet “maintains a dark hold over all of its residents.”
  • Last Resort – This is the latest tense thriller from Shawn Ryan, who created The Shield.  After the captain (Andre Braugher) and commanding officer (Scott Speedman) of a submarine defy firing orders, they flee with the sub’s patrons to find refuge at an exotic island.
  • Nashville – The country music drama centers on an aging legend (Connie Britton) who must deal with a scheming young talent (Hayden Panettiere).
  • MistressesAlyssa Milano toplines the soap about the “scandalous lives of a sexy and sassy group of four girlfriends.”
  • Red Widow – After her husband is brutally murdered, Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell) “takes on the gangsters and the FBI to unveil the truth about her husband’s death.”
  • Zero HourAnthony Edwards stars as a skeptic who gets sucked into an ancient mystery—the kind that involves treasure maps symbol-deciphering—when his wife (Jacinda Barrett) is abducted.

The comedy trailers are here.  Hit the jump for the trailers and series synopses.


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In addition to the series renewed by ABC, we’ve got some new series pick-ups, along with a couple more renewals and some unfortunate cancellations.  Here they are at a glance:

Hit the jump for more.

TV Casting: Michael Nyqvist Gets Evil in ZERO HOUR, Brad Garrett Joins Comedy PARENTS, and Zach Gilford Heads to Medical Drama

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We’ve got a trio of TV casting stories to share with you this evening. First up, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the Swedish one) star Michael Nyqvist has landed the villain role in ABC’s drama pilot Zero Hour. The show comes from Prison Break scribe Paul Scheuring and centers on a skeptics magazine editor who is pulled into “one of the most compelling conspiracies in human history.” ER vet Anthony Edwards is set to play the magazine editor, and THR reports that Nyqvist will play one of the villains at the heart of a global conspiracy. He’s a mercenary who shares a special connection to the show’s protagonist.

Nyqvist has already done the “foreign star takes on American villain role” bit in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but Zero Hour will make his US television series debut. I’m a big fan of Edwards and the premise sounds interesting enough, so it’s safe to say I’m sold on checking out the pilot should ABC pick the show up to series. Hit the jump for casting news concerning Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett and Friday Night Lights alum Zach Gilford.

TRON LEGACY Viral Campaign Begins; Matt Races to the First Location but Is Too Late! – UPDATED

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Let the Tron Legacy viral game begin.  After creating a countdown clock about a week ago, we’ve now reached “Zero Hour” and the website has gone from binary weirdness to a clear mission.  A list of cities has gone online with each location becoming “active” by providing a link to a PDF file that lists a location, a description of a contact, and a password you’ll need to provide to the contact.

I discovered that Atlanta had gone online so I raced over to the location, the Midtown Bowl.  The location was only a few minutes from where I live, but alas, I was too late!  I was “Drop 8″ and two girls that arrived just after me were 9 and 10.  Sadly, our contact, “John,” had nothing for us.  He informed us that he only had something for the first person.  He would not reveal what it was, but I believe it was a code to bring back to the Zero Hour website.  Once entered, a new piece of a 6×10 grid is revealed with an image from the 1982 film, but once clicked it flips to part of a larger image.  Finally, at the bottom of the screen there is a list of “Field Operatives,” with names like “Avatrix” and “Blackmot…” but I don’t know what these mean.

Hit the jump to see a photo of the Midtown Bowl and our contact.  Hopefully this viral campaign will be as fun and as intricate as the best one for a movie thus far: The Dark Knight.  We have about ten months ahead of us as Tron Legacy hits theaters on December 17th.

UPDATE: has discovered what the “operative” received if they were the first person to meet the contact.  It was a package that included a cell phone.  When called, the operative received further instructions to find another package.  Inside the second package was a Tron wallet with two coins and a code to be entered at]

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