ZOMBIELAND 2 Back from the Dead with New Writer; Ruben Fleischer Intends to Direct

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Could it be that Zombieland 2 might actually happen after all?  The 2009 comedy was a big hit with both audiences and critics, putting a smart spin on the zombie genre with an excellent ensemble and one of the best-used cameos in recent memory.  Sony Pictures was keen on making a sequel, as was some of the cast (most notably Woody Harrelson), but they were never able to come up with a script that everyone was happy with.  Last we heard—which was nearly two years ago—director Ruben Fleischer said there were no immediate plans for Zombieland 2, and Amazon even attempted a Zombieland TV series that was met with a resounding “no thank you.”

But now it appears that there’s life in the follow-up yet, as Sony has hired a new screenwriter to pen a script under the supervision of Fleischer, who intends to return as director.  More after the jump.

Ruben Fleischer Offers ZOMBIELAND 2 Update; Says There Are No Immediate Plans for the Film and Teases Storyline

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Zombies have invaded the zeitgeist like not much else over the past few years, but undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of this so-called “zombie craze” is director Ruben Fleischer’s 2009 comedy Zombieland.  Boosted by an incredibly strong cast, a whip-smart and funny script, excitingly refreshing visuals from Flesicher, and one of the best cameos in recent memory, the pic grossed over $100 million against a budget of just $23 million.  Shortly after its release, talk turned to a sequel, but development on the follow-up has slowed considerably over the past couple of years.

Fleischer is poised to make his big budget debut with the crime drama Gangster Squad, opening this coming Friday, and Steve recently sat down with the filmmaker for an exclusive interview.  During the course of their conversation, Fleischer offered an update on Zombieland 2, revealing that there are no immediate plans for the sequel and development stalled because they didn’t have a script that everyone was happy with.  Furthermore, Fleischer teased the storyline that they had come up with for the follow-up.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

Exclusive: Jesse Eisenberg Talks 30 MINUTES OR LESS, ZOMBIELAND 2, Woody Allen, THE SOCIAL NETWORK and More

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Coming to theaters today is Ruben Fleisher’s 30 Minutes or Less. The film, which reunites Fleisher with his Zombieland star Jesse Eisenberg, tells the story of a pizza delivery boy (Eisenberg) who is strapped to a bomb and forced to rob a bank as part of a harebrained scheme hatched by two hapless criminals (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) looking to inherent a fortune. Along the way, Eisenberg enlists his best friend, (Aziz Ansari) to help with the heist.

Recently, I got on the phone with Eisenberg to discuss the film. Unlike most actors, who seem to have been coached to death on what to say to every question, Eisenberg comes off as a genuine and intelligent person who actually considers the topic, rather than just reverting to scripted anecdotes. He even sources his jokes back to their originators. He’s an interesting guy who seems to be interested in acting far more than he is in being a “star”. During our interview, we discussed the pitfalls of action filmmaking, his approach to characters, how he would handle a bank robbery, why he doesn’t think Zombieland 2 will happen, Fred Durst as a director, Woody Allen, the pitfalls of being famous in the age of camera phones and much more.  Hit the jump for the full interview.

Exclusive: Director Ruben Fleischer Talks 30 MINUTES OR LESS, GANGSTER SQUAD and ZOMBIELAND 2 at Comic-Con

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Ruben Fleischer 30 MINUTES OR LESS, GANGSTER SQUAD comic con slice

At Comic-Con last weekend, I got to speak with director Ruben Fleischer who was there to promote his new comedy, 30 Minutes or Less.  Here’s our recap of the panel and all our previous coverage.   During the interview, Fleischer talked about being at Comic-Con, the difficulty in editing a film that has so much improv, deleted scenes and what will be on the DVD.

Of course with Fleischer getting ready to direct Gangster Squad (which is going to star Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Michael Peña, Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi, Holt McCallany and Robert Patrick), we also talked about where and when they’re going to film, the incredible cast, his approach to the material, and the script.  Finally, for all the Zombieland fans, we talked about if there will ever be a Zombieland 2.  Hit the jump to read some of the highlights or watch the interview.

Columbia Pictures Seeking a New Star To Cameo In ZOMBIELAND 2; Updated

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Columbia Pictures has another “superstar cameo” up their sleeves for Zombieland 2, the sequel to Ruben Fleischer’s hilarious 2009 zom-com. The news is tantalisingly sparse but hints that the studios are searching for another famed movie icon to briefly feature in the new film and presumably echo the hilarity of the mind-blowing surprise cameo in Zombieland. Also, we’ve news that in their second undead-bashing misadventure together, zombies aren’t the only blight for Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg to combat, as the script requires a ‘lead villain’ who’ll inevitably cause some trouble, and Harrelson’s character finds himself in hot competition with a “hunky rival”. Is it possible that this rival may transpire to be the ‘love interest’ we heard talk of in the past?

Hit the jump for suggestions of who might cameo. Spoilers and speculative spoilers follow.

UPDATE: Screenwriter Rhett Reese has denied the Zombieland 2 cameo rumors.  Hit the jump for more.

Director Ruben Fleischer Chooses an Untitled Action-Comedy as His Follow-Up to ZOMBIELAND

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Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer has settled on an untitled buddy-cop action-comedy as his follow-up to his highly successful action-comedy-zombie film.  According to THR, Mike Arnold and Chris Poole are writing the project based on an idea by Fleischer. Nicholas Stoller (director Forgetting Sarah Marshall) will produce alongside Gavin Polone (who also produced Zombieland)

Fleischer, unsurprisingly, has been a hot ticket as his $23 million zombie movie ended up gross $75 million domestic and registered an 89% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  The director was offered to do Mission: Impossible 4 as well as 30 Minutes or Less, a comedy starring Danny McBride.  However, Fleischer has said he will do Zombieland 2 and intends to shoot in 3D.

Ruben Fleischer Wants to Film ZOMBIELAND 2 in 3D – Plus an Update on THIRTY MINUTES OR LESS

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Ruben Fleischer recently sat down to discuss his career and he talked about the sequel to his comedy hit Zombieland.  When asked in a recent interview on IconvsIcon about the upcoming sequel, he said he wanted to film it in 3D and not do it in post:

Nothing has been determined yet but just from the little that I know about 3D, I would greatly prefer to shoot it in 3D.

He’s on the right track with this, as movies shot in 3D look much better than when you do add it in post production.  Think Avatar versus Alice in Wonderland.   Ruben also went on to talk about an upcoming dark comedy heist film called Thirty Minutes or Less.  Hit to jump to read more about the story and my thoughts on Ruben’s upcoming projects.

ZOMBIELAND Writers Talk Sequel, 3D, Potential Love Interest for Tallahassee

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Zombieland scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have been a hot commodity recently, with news that they would not only write the upcoming Deadpool film, but also pen the G.I. Joe sequel. However, they recently sat down with MTV to discuss their sequel to Zombieland and had some interesting things to say.

Most notable is that they are interested in giving Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) a love interest, though they haven’t worked that out yet. Additionally, while they plan to keep the core group of Tallahassee (Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone), and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) together, there are plans to introduce new characters.

After the jump, see what they plan for 3D and the further adventures of Little Rock.

Hollywood to Continue Sending 3D at You

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With the expected success of James Cameron’s Avatar, a 3-Dimensional craze has begun to sweep Hollywood according to Waxword columnist Sharon Waxman over at The Wrap. Although filming completed some time ago and despite a trailer already online, director Ridley Scott is apparently seeking approval from Universal executives to create a 3D version to his $200 million Robin Hood reimagining. A deal is currently in the works with Studio Canal-the studio that owns the rights to Cameron’s legendary “Terminator 2″-to fast track a screen-popping version of the film.

Hit the jump for more directors looking to send audience’s eyes into a frenzy.

3D Sequels to ZOMBIELAND and JACKASS Confirmed

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While we reported in the past that the second Zombieland and the third Jackass movie would both be in 3D, Variety now confirms those reports.  The trade also provides new details on both films.  First, they confirm that Zombieland director Rueben Fleischer will definitely return for the sequel and Sony is already talking to Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg to reprise their roles.  Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are back as well and currently writing the sequel.

But 3D is not just for horror; it’s also for watching people abuse the shit out of themselves and others for your entertainment.  We’re going to get a 3rd round of Jackass with filming set to begin on January 25, 2010 with the film to be released later that year.  While Paramount confirmed that Jackass 3 will be 3D, they didn’t mention how it would be employed.  My guess: being able to see a dude destroy his scrotum like you’ve never seen before.

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