Liam Neeson to Return for TAKEN 3 to the Tune of $20 Million

     June 24, 2013


Ah the power of the almighty dollar.  Though Liam Neeson owes his current status as a go-to action star to the success of the 2008 thriller Taken, when the Olivier Megaton-directed sequel opened last year to rather negative reviews, the actor was dubious about returning for another installment of the franchise.  However, Taken 2 brought in nearly $375 million worldwide against a modest budget, and so the studio parties that be were understandably high on the prospect of Taken 3.  Now Neeson has had a change of heart, it would seem, as he is reportedly in talks to return for Taken 3 for a whopping $20 million payday.  Hit the jump for more, including when the sequel might start filming.

Per Deadline, Neeson is currently in negotiations to reprise his role as Bryan Mills in Taken 3 with a salary in the vicinity of $20 million.  That’s a significant raise from the $15 million that Neeson was paid for Taken 2, a pic that Neeson was also initially reluctant to make.  Apparently Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen are already well underway on writing the script, and deals will now be attempted with Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen to return with an eye towards starting production in February.  A director has yet to be set, but Deadline says “don’t be surprised” if Taken 2 helmer Megaton steps behind the camera again.

Neeson has a number of projects coming up in the near future, as he recently re-teamed with Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra on the airplane thriller Non-Stop and he stars in Scott Frank’s thriller A Walk Among the Tombstones.  He also has a role in Paul Haggis’ dramatic ensemble Third Person, voices a character in The Lego Movie, and appears in Seth MacFarlane’s Western comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West.


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  • jack

    one of his skills from his particular set is not saying no to $20 million

  • Joe

    I’d TAKE this movie free off a torrent site.

  • Khan

    ;D I enjoyed both No.1 and No.2 more than ANY michael bay “movie” I have seen, bring it Neeson you’re just too AWESOME.

    • Khan

      BTW If I was the Writer, for the script I would come up with some dangerous situation arising related to his work as a bodyguard, IF the character is still working, simply because he has wiped out the guys after him, that situation has been dealt with, I’m confident they’ll bring us something new and Awesome.

      • Nick

        Where does Michael Bay come into this equation? That’s like stating that Liam Neeson is a better actor than Tom Green and expecting that to resonate with someone. And even so how does that justify this movie being made? Gp watch The Rock, Bad Boys and Pain and Gain and you will have 3 Bay movies that are better than these three. I say that knowing this third script is unwritten but there is no coming back from that sequel.

        I wish we had more people who cared about good movies instead of mindless drones going off to see Liam Neeson do what he did in the first movie AGAIN. just rematch the first one….. You’re all too busy feeding your money into the laziest corners of Hollywood while great action movies like dredd go over looked and have no change at a sequel!

      • The Truth About Bay

        Meh. Bay is no great director. You had to go back to his early career to find something that wasn’t abominable dreck, and nobody cares about Pain and Gain.

      • Khan

        WOW you liked Dredd ? What appealed to you most ? The reused and obvious cardboard hallways that looked straight out of Star Trek the Original Series, or the predictable and LAME “action pieces” that failed to impress or make a positive impact on me, from the motorcycle chase to the lame shootouts in the building, to the wife peeking through the door, for YES, I WALKED OUT of the movie the moment Lena died an underwhelming dead.

        Few things have left me laughing so hard as watching Karl Urban, the only reason I went to see this crapfest on feet (not even on wheels) both trying to pull aiming skills and fight moves in his clearly uncomfortable armour, especially the first one.

        I cared more about the characters in The RAID than any of the two clown-judges walking the building. Try working more your lazy and unoriginal ass (regarding both characters ad action pieces) and it will get you far no matter the budget, point being proven by Youtube shorts.

        So I attack your opinion as you have attacked mine, see what that gets you, better luck at a constructive argument regarding any subject next time.

      • GunzOfNavarone

        You don’t half pipe some serious shit dude, seriously.

      • derek

        WOW you should be thrown off the top floor of “Peach Trees” for your zany comment.

  • derek

    Liam Neeson can make 10 takens if he wants. I would have no problem with it. Even though Taken 2 was pretty bad. The guy deserves more than $20M. If you look at the profits of the movie, its quite clear that he is underpaid. unless they are not showing the backend percentage. Neeson is clearly driven to be a movie machine ever since losing his wife in a tragic accident. I just hope he is able to come out with some more Schindleresque movies.

    • Khan

      Totally what I’ve been thinking, the man is just a good man, and likeable, and he’s clearly buried himself in work.

  • Harry

    I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for a good sequel, I can tell you I don’t have it…but what I do have is the ability to sell-out, a skill I have acquired over a very long career. A skill that makes it a nightmare for movie-goers like you. If you forget I had a good career at one time, that’ll be the end of it. I will not make a good film for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will make a bad film, I will sell-out again, and I will disappoint you.

  • jonski22

    he needs to eat right?..i see Robert DeNiro accepting shitty roles and/or shitty movie for less money, …DeNiro just works works works. ..anyway, i mean $20 million is $20 million…Taken 2 is a little bit of a let down..hopefully Taken 3 has more action..and cool moves by Liam Neesson…because we already know the story..kidnapping/revenge…so a better and cool action movie…

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  • spongefist

    The central aspect that made Taken 1 so good. Unrelenting, uncompromising violence toward the ‘bad guys’ who ‘deserved it’ was neutered from Taken 2 thus rendering it a worthless pile shit.

    Taken 3 needs to be a hard R to save the franchise.

    A PG rating for a movie with these themes should be a criminal act whether the violence is shown or not.

    • Travis Gowen

      Man, I made basically the exact same comment before reading this. Totally agree.

  • wassupdude

    Didn’t the producers of Taken learn anything from Hangover 3? Why did Hangover 2 make so much money? Because the first hangover was great and the anticipation was very high on the second one. But after the second one sucked, nobody was really looking forward to the third one and now it’s under-performing. The same thing is gonna happen to Taken 3. The first one was great, that’s why the second one made so much money… BUT the second one was just plain bad, so what does that mean for the third one? People will just get tired of it and not go. The lesson to be learned here is, make the third one GOOD. Not just another cash-grab, which is what this seems to be.

  • Ozweego

    Don’t blame the man for taking the payday, but to hell with this movie. So sick of Studios overdeveloping movies into triologies, quadrilogies, octopolies, etc…. Taken was a great stand alone movie that is now remembered more for its shitty sequel then that thrill you got when watching it for the first time.

  • ervin

    the second one was crap… that daughter of his can’t act

  • Travis Gowen

    Neeson is a yes, Taken 3 is a no. The last movie was such a joke. Trying to play off a film that should grow some stones and be R rated and making it a soft PG-13 ruined all the first film had started. I have zero hope this one will be any better.

  • AManWithAKilt

    I would act in a shitty action movie for $20 million!

  • Derek

    Hollywood is kind of similar to the drug cocaine. They keep coming out with sequels to successful films, while tricking the audience into thinking that the next movie will be as good as the first one. And we all know cocaine is never as good as the first time. haha

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