First Trailer for TAMMY Starring Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon

     February 12, 2014


Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for director Ben Falcone’s upcoming road trip comedy Tammy.  The film stars Melissa McCarthy as a woman who takes a road trip with her diabetic/alcoholic/foul-mouthed grandmother (Susan Sarandon) after she’s laid off from a fast food restaurant and discovers that her husband is having an affair.  This first teaser focuses squarely on McCarthy, who appears to be doing her best Shia LaBeouf impression right off the bat.  It’s a great example of a teaser, since only the barest bones of a plot are on display.  If you like the humor in this minute-plus, there’s a good chance you’ll want to check out the full movie.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Allison Janney, Gary Cole, Mark Duplass, Toni Collette, Nat Faxon, Dan Aykroyd, and Kathy BatesTammy opens July 2nd.

Click over to Apple to watch in HD.

Here’s the official synopsis for Tammy:

Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is having a bad day. She’s totaled her clunker car, gotten fired from her thankless job at a greasy burger joint, and instead of finding comfort at home, finds her husband getting comfortable with the neighbor in her own house. It’s time to take her boom box and book it. The bad news is she’s broke and without wheels. The worse news is her grandma, Pearl (Susan Sarandon), is her only option—with a car, cash, and an itch to see Niagara Falls. Not exactly the escape Tammy had in mind. But on the road, with grandma riding shot gun, it may be just what Tammy needs.


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  • Angel of Death

    Is anyone else tired of the female Kevin James and her repetitive “fat lady is a crass slacker who does physical comedy” schtick? You get nominated for an oscar for doing it, and you have to do it again and again and again on every movie and tv show you’re in? Really?

    • grapes9h5

      I mean its clearly what people want, or at least what the studios think people want. McCarthy clearly isnt sick of doing it, or sick of the money. If you don’t like it, don’t see the film. I know I probably won’t.

    • Armond White is my master now

      Yeah, Adam Sandler has found a disciple… Gross.

      • Faptain America

        A Sandler-Mccarthy movie would be somewhat funny, and a huge hit.

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  • Pingback: 'Tammy', with Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon, releases its first trailer - Sound On Sight()

  • LL

    Melissa McCarthy’s grandmother is Susan Sarandon. Because she has grey hair. mhm..
    Ageism exists for just about any part, eh.

    • vividsoup

      That’s the first thing I thought when I read the description. I don’t buy Sarandon as the grandmother of a 43 year old woman! I can buy McCarthy maybe playing down to mid to late 30′s but that still doesn’t make it work for me.

  • Giovanni Luis Jiminez

    Shia LaBeouf ?

    • grapes9h5

      the paper bag on the head?

  • Merlin235

    Guilt Trip. Identity Thief. Due Date. And now Tammy. Aren’t these the same movies, with a few minor details changed?

  • Jamesy

    I really can’t stand Melisa McCarthy, no disrespect to her but she’s the same in every movie. I’ve never found her funny, just annoying. It’s become predictable she just has a formula and sticks to it.

  • Hamburger Helper

    I think she’s funny, as long as the jokes are good and the physical comedy matches. I’m sure she’ll venture into an indie film or two and stretch her acting chops but for now she’s got a good thing going. Audiences respond well and I’m sure she likes the phat cheques she’s cashing.

    Hate the game not the player ……. bitches!

  • Matty

    I laughed but yeah, Melissa McCarthy does seem to recycle the same character over and over again. I think it’s the improvisational humor that causes the repetition.



  • Voodoo Cables’s Mom

    At least she’s changing it up this time.

  • Faptain America

    It would’ve been funnier if, after he says “I’m a veteran,” she actually shot at him. Don’t hit him because a) that’s not nice and b) she’s so dumb she can’t even shoot at point blank range. That would’ve been funnier. But that’ll never happen.

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  • Ruprect

    This was almost agressively NOT funny.

  • Ruprect

    This was almost agressively NOT funny.

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