Director Tarsem Singh and Isabel Lucas Talk IMMORTALS and THE BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE at WonderCon

     April 5, 2011

Tarsem Singh and Isabel Lucas interview IMMORTALS and THE BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE WonderCon slice

At WonderCon this weekend, Relativity Media premiered an awesome looking teaser trailer for director Tarsem Singh’s (The Fall) Immortals.  In the film, Henry Cavill plays Theseus, a mortal chosen by Zeus (Luke Evans) to bring down the power-hungry King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). The film also stars Isabel Lucas, Frida Pinto, Kellan Lutz, Stephen Dorff, and John Hurt.  You can read more about the WonderCon presentation here and you can also watch our video interviews with Cavill & Evans and producer Mark Canton.

While I was happy to be able to interview Cavill as he’ll be playing Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, I was just as excited to meet and talk with Tarsem Singh.  All too often people use the term visionary.  It’s like just because someone got a cool shot in their last film they’re a visionary director. But if you saw either The Cell or The Fall, you know that Tarsem is the real deal.  And after getting to see the teaser for Immortals, the world is about to discover this amazing talent.

During the extended interview, Tarsem and Lucas talked about WonderCon, filming in Montreal, Lucas describes her approach to playing Athena, how will Immortals raise the bar for moviegoers who think they’ve seen it all in terms of action, the 3D, how the film draws the line between style and narrative, and I got an update on his next project The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.  Hit the jump to watch.

immortals-movie-poster-ariesHere’s the quote on Snow White followed by the video interview with a time index.

Question: Could you sort of talk about what drew you to the next project you’re doing (The Brothers Grimm: Snow White)  and how excited you are to tackle that story?

SINGH: I’m very rarely attracted to a genre or anything of the like. I usually look at it and say, “Do I have a take on this one that lets my DNA through?” and it can be a disaster movie, a serial killer movie, a Greek epic, I really don’t care, or a fairy tale. So, for me, they asked me ten times before if I would be interested in doing this Snow White thing when I was tied to this film and I just said, “Well, it doesn’t really sound like me right now where I am” and I carried on with Immortals. At the end of it, the experience with the studio was phenomenal in the sense that they let me make a movie of this size without a single known name. At the last second I went with Mickey for that so it’s kind of like now it seems like everyone’s risen to the top and is about to explode, but when we started, no.

So, from there I came and I just said they let me take this and make it mine. Would they do that with something like Snow White? I said, “Okay, let me read what you’ve got.” I just said, “Well, funny enough, it’s not what I want, but I have a take on it.” I told them the take and they said, “Do you want to do it?” “Yes.” And I said, “Okay,” they let me do this with no names and the other one was actually interested in some names so that really checked all of their boxes and, low and behold, we are making it in ten weeks.

Tarsem Singh and Isabel Lucas

  • 1:20 – Talks about premiering footage at WonderCon and actors seeing it for the first time.
  • 2:50 – Discusses how the film draws the line between style and narrative
  • 3:50 – What initially led to filming in Montreal and what was that experience like
  • 5:20 – Lucas describes her approach to playing Athena in the film
  • 6:35 – How will this film raise the bar for moviegoers who think they’ve seen it all in terms of action
  • 7:30 – Describes how 3D is used in the film
  • 8:40 – What drew him to take on his next film, The Brothers Grimm: Snow White



  • DoubleA

    The Fall was all visuals and no story. In fact, the best word to describe that movie is arrogant. The dude should be an art director only.

    • Guest

      It’s your comment that’s arrogant. The story is there. And it happens to be remarkably rich. Alas it didn’t register with you.

    • LOLA

      Dude, What exactly is arrogant about spending YEARS of your own time & all your own money, with a dedicated crew of friends & people all committed to the project- to create something exactly the way you want it to be, the way you envision it-
      not kissing butts or doing focus groups to make sure that your work is “mainstream” enough for the masses.. Knowing that it will never make anywhere near the money back that you put into it (because you didn’t do the butt kissing to get it picked up by any major studio)..??

      Leaving yourself open to criticism for something that was clearly a passion project (have you seen it? does that look cheap enough that you would want to spend all your own money on it??), for some couch critic to pick apart & call arrogant?

      It drives me crazy when someone makes an original piece of art & the words used are arrogant, or pretentious. Pretentious is sitting on the sidelines calling someone else’s art pretentious. Now, the ARTIST can be pretentious, truly. But all you have to do is see one interview with the guy to tell he is not that. He knows lots of people will think his stuff is crap, & hopefully some will like it or even love it & he is ok with that.

      And for the record I am not some die-hard Tarsem fan. I think he has a mad talent, & at the same time some weak spots I hope he’ll hone. But The Fall is neither arrogant, nor vapid- regardless of whether it floats your boat or not.

      hmmff. Ok I’m done :)

    • AlanD

      …OR you are just a an arrogant parrot repeating others. The story is simple but solid. If you don’t get it, then it is just you are too slow.

  • PetarB

    The Fall is one of my favourite movies ever. It’s a beautiful story, the acting – especially from the little girl – is amazing and there are images I will never, ever forget.

  • Brooklyndood

    Nice interviews and everything, but where the hell is the teaser? We’d like to see it instead of readin’ about it.