Tarsem Singh to Direct KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW

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With his Greek-inspired epic Immortals currently in theaters and his take on Snow White, Mirror, Mirror, slated to release in March, director Tarsem Singh is setting his sights on the future. Singh is now reportedly attached to direct Killing on Carnival Row, a spec script by Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans) that was originally set up six years ago. The noir fantasy-thriller revolves around a serial killer loose in Burgue, a future city that resembles 18th century London and is inhabited by both humans and other creatures.

Producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson previously had the project set up at New Line and were close to production with directors Guillermo del Toro, whose Pacific Rim was also written by Beacham, and Neil Jordan (The Brave One). Hit the jump to hear what they had to say about Singh and Killing on Carnival Row.

tarsem-singh-imageDeadline first reported on Singh’s new project and the Kopelsons are happy to have him. Arnold Kopelson is currently in talks with a studio (but won’t reveal which) and is starting to cast for the film. He expects production to begin in New Orleans in June. Here’s what Kopelson had to say about Singh:

“I am thrilled that Tarsem will direct Carnival Row, which we’ve been developing over the past six years. His extraordinary visual sense and use of light and color can be compared to that of the great 16th Century Italian painter Michelangelo Caravaggio.”

While his visual styling is undeniably unique, the man is making movies, not paintings. I found Immortals to be a chore to get through and the trailer for Mirror, Mirror, in my humble opinion, is nigh unwatchable. If you’d like to hear the director discuss those projects in his own words, check out Steve’s interview with Singh here.

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  • Strong Enough

    Well isn’t it the job of the director to make a visual amazing movie and the job of the screenwriter to make a amazing story? or am i missing something.

    they say screenwriters never take the blame nor the complement. Tarsem just needs to pick better scripts but i guess he looks for scripts that are visually amazing instead of a deep story.

    • George Otwori

      A director needs to be able to pull of a strong narrative. There tons of good scripts that ended up bad because a director has no talent.

      • Strong Enough

        Not really but i respect your opinion. a amazing script always saves a movie. Tarsem isn’t the problem. its the scripts.

      • JewelD

        No, an amazing script can still be ruined on set. Seen it happen myself.

  • Nick Barrone

    IMMORTALS was amazing, easily Tarsem’s best film yet. Where he has always failed is with structure and narrative. Immortals had a beginning, middle, and end. Which is the first time Tarsem has ever done that. Maybe he is hitting his stride. But I agree, MIRROR, MIRROR looks pretty bad.

  • AlmostReal

    Tarsem Singh is a terrible director he’s just so full of himself

    • JewelD

      Have you seen The Fall? Just amazing.

  • Tarek

    Tarsem Singh = (Night Shyamalamalamalan + Zack Snyder)/2

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