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Filmmaker Tate Taylor took his time in deciding on his follow-up project to 2011’s The Help, but it appears that he’s moving a bit more quickly this time around.  The director most recently completed the James Brown biopic Get on Up, opening this August, and now THR reports that he’s settled on the alternate reality pic In the Event of a Moon Disaster as his next film.  Penned by Mike Jones, the movie was inspired by a speech discovered after the death of Pulitzer Prize winning author and presidential speechwriter William Safire.  Titled “In the Event of Moon Disaster”, the speech was to be read by President Richard Nixon if the July 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon ended in tragedy.

Taylor’s film will present an alternate reality in which the outcome of the Apollo 11 mission is different, though exactly how different is unclear.  Taylor and producers are currently casting, and the FilmNation pic will start production early next year.  It’s quite an ambitious choice of material by Taylor, and it’ll be interesting to see how this one shapes up.

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  • g

    wasnt he supposed to do a Stephen King film

  • g

    wasnt he supposed to do a Stephen King film

  • RedMercury

    As I understand the history, during the Apollo 11 mission, one of the astronauts accidentally broke the switch which would re-light the Lunar Module ascent engine. When NASA told Nixon that there was a chance that the astronauts would not be able to return, he had Safire write the speech.

    The switch was not destroyed, however, and I believe it was Buzz Aldrin who figured out a way that he could flip the switch using a pen.

    It’s an amusing what-if, though. Apollo 12 went up in November of 1969. Would they have landed by the Apollo 11 LM to recover the bodies?

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