Taylor Lautner and Michael Bay Team-Up to Auction Script Described as “MR. & MRS. SMITH Meets WANTED”

     February 16, 2011


Taylor Lautner and director Michael Bay have sent out an untitled script to the major studios.  The Twilight actor and Transformers director won’t discuss the story but insiders tell Deadline that “it’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Wanted.”  I’m interpreting this to mean that the movie is about a nihilistic couple who take their orders from a magic quilt, and that the story abruptly ends.”  Or, as is more likely, the movie involves elite assassins.  Huzzah.

Hit the jump for where Mr. & Mrs. Wanted might fit into Lautner’s busy schedule.

Lautner is a highly in-demand actor despite the fact that he has yet to open a movie based on his name alone.  It will be interesting to see if Team Jacob is enough to drive the box office of his first starring vehicle, Abduction, when it opens this September.  Lautner is also set to star in Stretch Armstrong (based off the toy you get bored with after five minutes) and the adaptation of the young adult novel Incarceron.  He also has an untitled spy project set up at New Regency.  Deadline reports that the potential project between Bay and Lautner would shoot in 2012 due to the actor’s limited availability in 2011.

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