Taylor Lautner to Star in Parkour Actioner TRACERS

     May 14, 2012


Remember that one time when Taylor Lautner was poised to be a big action star with his breakout role in Abduction only to have the film absolutely bomb?  Well apparently Lautner is ready to give the whole “action star” thing another go, as it was announced today that the Twilight star will topline Tracers with Daniel Benmayor (the Manhunt) onboard as director.  Lautner stars as a New York City bicycle messenger who is “the hottest thing on two wheels” (this is literally how the character is described).  He’s in debt to an organized crime organization, but he crashes his bike into a “sexy stranger” and becomes seduced by the world of parkour.  Apparently picking up parkour as a hobby magically gets you out of debt.  Hit the jump for more, including the full press release that features a wonderfully absurd logline.

taylor-lautner-tracersI understand that Lautner is eager to break out of the Twilight typecasting, but Abduction crashed and burned and this project sounds absolutely ridiculous.  Lautner’s Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson is actually making some fantastic acting choices (Cosmopolis looks splendidly trippy), but this Tracers thing sounds like a fake movie from Funny People.  Sadly, the project is very, very real.  Read the press release below.

Los Angeles, May 14, 2012 – FilmNation Entertainment will introduce the action thriller TRACERS to international buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. From the producers of Twilight and Dear John, TRACERS will star Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga, Abduction) and will be directed by Daniel Benmayor (Bruc, the Manhunt). Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill Entertainment will produce. WME will handle sales in the US.

New York City bicycle messenger, Cam (Lautner) is the hottest thing on two wheels, but is in debt to an organized crime gang.  When he crashes his bike into a sexy stranger, Nikki, Cam is immediately seduced by her and the thrill of the world of parkour.

At Cannes, FilmNation Entertainment is also handling international sales on THE BLING RING from director Sofia Coppola. In addition, FilmNation has two in-competition titles: LAWLESS from director John Hillcoat starring Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy; and Jeff Nichols’ MUD which is also produced by FilmNation’s Aaron Ryder, starring Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon.

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  • cap

    That title brings up some Chasing Amy memories. ‘Your mother is a tracer!’

  • Jazzy Jace

    Taylor has one f–ked up face man; should have been in Planet of the Apes.

    • Gemini

      Hahahaha! That’s hilarious…and sooo true. If he was in Planet of the Apes though, I probably would have skipped it.

    • Jake

      He looks like MANBEARPIG, no joke.

      • Jay McKells

        Sorry bro, that was an attempt at a joke and a real bad one, no joke.

        This movie sounds hilarious and horrendous too.

      • Jake

        I’m not your “bro” and that was not a joke you moron, look at a sketch of MANBEARPIG, he looks the same as Taylor Lautner.

      • Jay McKells

        Wait, you’re not my “bro”?!?? Mummy done lied to me again… And sorry for ruining your dead serious reference to a character from South Park – LOL!

        Another wannabe internet troll butt-hurt they cant even score laughs in cyberspace… Awww diddums :(

  • mattinacan

    that sounds absolutely awful… perfect for him!

  • Dre Dre

    That sounds like the dumbest idea for a movie…just an excuse for Taylor to look cool doing Parkour and for him to make out with somebody hot, who he will wind up dating for a few months, but then break up.

    • Darrin

      holy crap this guy could see into the future

    • LOKI

      but taylor is gay

      • Madel from Phils.

        So What!!!as long as he can act…who cares! but we still like him as an ACTOR!!!!

  • lovetron

    Is it bad that I have no idea what “parkour” means?

    • lovetron

      Wait a minute, I just went and wiki’d this. THIS piece of crap is supposed to catapult him into action star status?? Uh… huh. This dude is one role removed from Lifetime and SyFy leading man status.

      • KB

        This sounds like a desperation move to me. Who do they think will buy this. Yeah good look at Cannes. It is going straight to DVD. He is one and done. He is not even goodlooking.

  • amy

    He’s all about the cash grab, and doesn’t care if the movie’s any good, but who’d give him money to make this?

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  • Jenelle

    Oh, God. This really does look like a hot mess.

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  • terry

    His next, next movie will be a male escort in ” Anal Scorched:The true story of Bucky bukkake”.

  • Natalie

    Why is everyone being so hostile? I rented Abduction and it was pretty decent. This movie Tracers hasn’t even come out yet. Did Taylor Lautner kill your family pet or something? He is barely 20 years old and deserve a break. He was Peoples Choice break out star and now all the sudden it is in to bash him. I like him.

    • Madel-Phils

      U r right Natalie! everybody deserves a break! insecure lang sila..hehehe

  • UnoQueSabe

    This is the Cannes Festival teaser of the film. (TRACERS)


  • Madel from Phils.

    U r right Natalie! (im glad to know that there still some kind of people like you!who are openminded :) )everybody deserves a break! I like Taylor too..me & my hubby bought abduction dvd…and its really nice movie..we are looking forward to watch Tracers..

  • nancy

    I thought he did great in Abduction and is a great actor too. Not sure about this movie for him, but certainly not gonna hate or cut his throat. I wish him all the best!

  • melissa

    A fucked up face? Really. No. He is one of the most beautiful men on the planet. Even his ball bag is prettier than you. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE.