Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Lea Michele, and Evan Rachel Wood in the Running to Play Eponine in LES MISERABLES

     November 30, 2011

Director Tom Hooper is readying his big budget musical adaptation of Les Miserables to go in front of cameras early next year, and with Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway locked in as his leads (as Jean Valjean, Javert, and Fantine respectively), he’s setting his sights on the role of Eponine. The filmmakers have apparently whittled the contenders down to Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Lea Michele, and Evan Rachel Wood. It’s an eclectic mix of actresses, and each one brings something different to the role. Hit the jump for more.

lea-michele-imageJohansson would certainly bring some acting gravitas to the part (she has singing experience too), while Michele is the Broadway veteran of the bunch. The Glee star played Young Cosette on Broadway and played Eponine in a 2008 concert version of the musical at the Hollywood Bowl. Swift definitely has music experience, but her acting is a bit lacking and I’m not sure she has the vocal range to take on a musical of this caliber (though I could be wrong). Wood has some musical background as well, not to mention her work in Across the Universe.

The news comes courtesy of the NY Post (via The Playlist), whose source claims that Michele “knocked it out of the park” when she auditioned for the King’s Speech director. It’s important to note that the NY Post can be a little unreliable at times, so this shortlist isn’t necessarily a sure thing. That being said, of this group I think Michele and Johansson are the two best choices for the role. They’re both excellent actresses and bring a certain “X-factor” to the part that makes the casting choice that much more intriguing.  All-in-all, Hooper’s adaptation is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of 2012. In addition to Jackman, Crowe, and Hathaway, his stellar cast also includes Eddie Redmayne as Marius. Les Miserables opens December 25th, 2012.

  • Anthony

    hopefully its evan rachel wood. shes the only decent actress out of the bunch

    • Maeve

      UHHHH did you guys HEAR evan rachel wood sing that justin bieber song? she changed keys like 5 times, it was awful. I mean honestly, I wish they would pick someone who hasn’t been heard of before, someone who would be new to the screen. but since that isn’t going to happen, my choice would be lea michele. She has the chops to sing on my own (unlike taylor swift and scarlett johansson and evan rachel wood) and knows how to play the part of eponine, and is comfortable with the role. Honestly, if anyone else gets the role of Eponine other than lea michele, I won’t see the movie, with eponine being my favorite character, and such. heck, i’d rather play eponine than any of the actresses, the directors have a terrible choice to pick from.

  • zootcatchy

    none of them can act.

    • Sam

      I suggest to you to watch Thirteen, The Wrestler, even Across the Universe, and you would notice that Evan Rachel Wood not only can act, and sing, but is also the best out of the bunch.

    • Matt

      The only one that can’t act is Taylor. SJ is fine. Evan is very good and Lea is perfect as Rachel and has potenial and with the right director I think Lea or Evan would be good. I think in voice, and appearance Lea is a clsoer fit.

  • I cry u smile

    Taylor Swift… hmm i don’t see it…

  • Sara

    Lea Michele is perfect, she already knows the role and has the voice. Scarjo can’t sing the same level than Lea Michele, maybe Evan Rachel Wood can sing like Lea Michele. But the best voice is from Lea Michele, no doubt.

  • Jeff T.

    Lea Michele all the way.

  • Agarina Madsen

    Isn’t it supposed to be released on December 7 next year?

    • Maeve

      lol thats what i was thinking..

  • Her brother

    find out more about real Scarlett by typing Scarlett Johansson actress clone in Google search bar and you would see much more then in The Island movie..

  • AnaB

    Well, since it’s going to be a musical, they better pick someone who can sing. So maybe Lea Michelle really is the best pick (even if she’s not the best actress of the bunch)

    Taylor Swift would make a great Cosette though. Just saying… =)

    • Joe

      Cosette has to hit a high C. Taylor doesn’t have that range.

      • Maeve

        lol agreed

      • Maeve

        lol right? taylor swift sucks, to be honest. she can put on a show, but when it comes to talent she hasnt really got any

  • Joe

    Lea is the best fit for this role. Plus she has worked with the materiel a lot so knows the part well. Not to mention her voice fits the best too.

    • Maeve


  • Lottie

    For all of you who think Johansson or Michele would be right for this….consider this….

    Can they really play 19 on a movie screen? Also….Eponine is a street urchin….she is poor and starving. She is supposed to look waif like.
    Ahem….Lea Michele may look like a stage Eponine, and indeed that is the look they usually go for in the stage show…but this is a movie, a film!
    There is a gritty reality that has to be present to make this movie reverberate the way it should.

    Wood is the best choice hands down….and although Swift can act….she looks way more right for the part then Lea Michele.

    This is a very expensive and important film being director by an Academy Award winner….not a T.V. show or a play.

    • Maeve

      sorry there lottie, but in the case of who should play eponine, you are incorrect.
      1. Taylor Swift probably looks the LEAST like eponine. Eponine is supposed to be a beautiful but poorly dressed brunettte. Taylor swift is blonde.. in most cases in the show, eponine is brunette. now there may be A FEW exceptions, but for the most part, eponine has been portrayed by a brunette.
      2. Lea Michele has already played the part. Whether it’s a movie or play, she’s comfortable with the role and knows how to act in it. The role isn’t suddenly going to change just because it’s a movie not a broadway stage production.
      3. Taylor swift can’t sing, or act. HOW IN THE WORLD is that going to work. Sure, she has a good work ethic, and can put on an exciting concert for pubescent females, and make them feel like they deserve the greatest guys in the world, but let’s face it. That kind of stuff cant land you a part in a movie as grand as this.
      4. Lea Michele looks about 18! Of course she can portray Eponine! I mean, she plays a high school student… duh.

  • Lottie

    Sorry….I meant Swift can’t act….as was proven in Valentine’s Day.

  • Jane

    I suggest to you to watch Thirteen, The Wrestler, even Across the Universe, and you would notice that Evan Rachel Wood not only can act, and sing, but is also the best out of the bunch. [2]

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