TBS May Put MY NAME IS EARL On Their List

     June 8, 2009

headline.jpgNBC had a hit show in “My Name Is Earl” four years ago.  One would think with so few hits in their line-up, NBC would nurture such shows but when annoucning their primetime lineup for the 2009 – 2010 season, it appears that the peacock gave Earl Hickey and his karmic pursuits the axe, which would be fairly impressive for an actual peacock.

But it looks like Earl and his white trash friends and family may get to go on doing humorous good deeds on TBS.  According to THR, talks are currently underway between 20th Century Fox and TBS to give the show a fifth season of 13 episodes.  Talks are still in the early stages and the presumably lower-budget pick-up (seeing as TBS is a basic cable network) means that the full cast may not be returning if the show does come back.

With networks almost eager to pick up each other’s dead shows, where was this openness when “Arrested Development” or “Firefly” were trying to find new homes?