Téa Leoni Joins Brett Ratners TOWER HEIST; Will Star Alongside Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy

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Director Brett Ratner’s upcoming film Tower Heist is attracting quite a few names. Variety is reporting the latest addition to the already large ensemble cast is none other than actress Téa Leoni, who will join Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle in the film. Leoni’s arrival comes hot on the heels of Murphy’s, who joined the Universal comedy last week.

Leoni was last seen in 2009’s The Smell of Success, and more famously in 2005’s Fun with Dick and Jane alongside Jim Carrey. Newcomer Nina Arianda, who can be seen in the upcoming Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris, is set to join the cast as well. With the two actresses locked, production is set to begin in November for a 2011 release.  Hit the jump for more.

Leoni is an intriguing actress, one who has yet to fully establish herself in Hollywood. Despite starring in big name features such as James L. Brooks’ Spanglish opposite Adam Sandler and Michael Bay’s Bad Boys alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the actress has never found her niche the way, say, Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan have.

I’m not sure if starring in a Brett Ratner production is a good move for someone looking for A-list status, but at least we know she can hold her own against the likes of Stiller and Murphy, having endured Carrey’s antics surprisingly well in the 2005 caper comedy.

What do you think? Is this a good move for the actress?

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  • Anonymous

    Tea Leoni is set to reunite with her “Flirting With Disaster” co-stars Ben Stiller and Alan Alda, as the actress has joined the cast of Universal’s “Tower Heist,” the studio announced on Thursday.
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  • Lone Golfer

    This is hardly a good move for Tea Leoni if she seeks to find her way into the A-List, but a reasonable move if she needs to go to work badly, given that The Smell of Success (2009) did so pathetically it even had to be renamed (from Manure), while You Kill Me (2007) and Ghost Town (2008), though cute, were hardly prominent or earners, and the latest success (i.e. money-earner), and that a relative one, too, was in 2005 (Fun with Dick and Jane).

    I am surprised that TL agreed to be directed by Brett Ratner, given her proclaimed-from-rooftops distaste for him, esp. over calling her “totally still doable”. Does she really need to go to work so badly, I wonder? Let’s just hope Brett Ratner finds her “totally still doable” some ten years on. I do :-)

    Or, is it an old friends thing? Ben Stiller, etc. It may be just damn nice to work with pals, eh?

    TL is truly an intriguing actress, in that she does comedy and drama (People I Know; 2002) equally finely. At one point, she should have ranked equal to Meg Ryan, say, but she appears to be just too independent and too family-oriented to rush in and press on with her acting career. Regarding her past choice of parts and flicks, there could have been just a bit of bad judgement; then again, that might have been all she could land in the mud torrents of Hollywood.

    IMHO, what Tea Leoni truly needs is a drama part in a movie like Wild Strawberries and a comic part in something akin to her Flirting with Disaster. I wonder if she could also do an action flick; she seems athletic enough. Yes, action flicks are mostly shite but they earn good mon, after all.

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