Teaser Trailer for Michael Moore’s New, Untitled Film

     June 12, 2009

michael_moore_untitled_bailout_movie_image_01.jpgI used to be a big Michael Moore supporter.  I bought “Stupid White Men” and “Dude, Where’s My Country?” but over the years, I’ve found Moore’s agitprop tiring.  It’s not that I disagree with his points, but the way in which he chooses to make them has undermined the argument.  Furthermore, his personality continually proves larger than the work itself.  So no matter how crucial the issue, whether it be responsibility for 9/11 or the health care crisis, the matter becomes instantly polarizing and Moore, who I hope will one day learn the value of the argument over the value of showmanship, will learn to remove himself from the narrative.

Judging by this brief teaser for his upcoming as-yet-untitled film about the economic collapse, that day isn’t coming soon.  Moore, in his that tired, gentle sarcasm we’ve seen since “Roger & Me” (still his best film), asks viewers to donate more to the CEOs.  I don’t mind Moore having a point-of-view.  I don’t mind Moore making an argument or using humor to make that argument.  I mind that he’ll take this serious issue and go for the obvious jokes and observations.  Hopefully, his film will be more probing and far less glib than this teaser which you can check out after the jump.


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