New Images from the Set of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Reveal Pre-CGI Turtles, Will Arnett, and More Megan Fox

     May 10, 2013


A new batch of images from the set of director Jonathan Liebeseman’s (Battle: Los Angeles) reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has landed online, giving us our first look at the actors playing the turtles.  As previously reported, the titular characters will be created using performance capture technology, and in these images we see the film’s cast wearing turtle-shaped mo-cap suits complete with mo-cap shells.  We also get a new look at Megan Fox as April O’Neill and Will Arnett as…a character we don’t know just yet.  It’s admittedly unfair to judge a film like this without seeing what the finished turtles look like, but everything about this reboot just seems really sad.  The prospect of William Fichtner as Shredder is certainly promising, so here’s hoping TMNT is a pleasant surprise.

Hit the jump to check out the set images.  The film also stars Danny WoodburnAlan RitchsonPete PloszekJeremy Howard, and Noel FisherTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opens on June 6, 2014. [Update: We've removed the unofficial images.]

removed image


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  • Matt got the scoop a day or two ago that Arnett is playing scumbag cameraman Vernon Fenwick. He has a press badge in one of those shots. Keep up!

    Now that we’re getting on set photos, it doesn’t look as sad as it used to.

    • Nerdgasm

      That has not been confirmed. Fenwick was Comingsoon trying to be ‘detectives’ just SHH was the one that mentioned Fitchner as Shredder two days ago but it doesn’t make it so. cause it hasn’t been announced by the film makers.



    • Prof


  • tmntfan1

    Were is Rafael ?

    • Shawn Buchanan

      Probably lost his cool and left. We know how Raph is lol

  • Steven Ray Morris

    It’s still weird that this is being made.

    • R

      i guess he has to save the rest of them

  • zen

    I was never a big fan of Megan Fox but her legs looks absolutely delicious in those pants.

  • Nathan

    Looks like o’neil lost her job.

  • Lance

    I think everyone knows I’m no fan of Michael Bay, but you really can’t judge anything by those suits, prior to the CGI being added in.

    It’s not like the situation with the new Robocop, where the costume really does give you a reason to worry.

    • Christopher

      The RoboCop suit is fine, it’s the script that’s absolute garbage.

  • Dobby

    Look at that. They even had to shackle the actors playing the turtles to keep them from running away.

  • The Sarnie

    Now this is just really sad. Really stupid.

    I can’t believe they even greenlit a film as stupid as this. Those actors must have no self-respect.

    • Nate

      Oh get off your high horse. No self respect?? Said the troll behind the anonymity of a keyboard. It’s a job. Try getting one, it might help assuage that bitterness.

    • Nate

      Oh get off your high horse. No self respect?? Said the troll behind the anonymity of a keyboard. It’s a job. Try getting one, it might help assuage that bitterness.

  • Sam Misner

    I will wait till I see the turtles with all the effects done before I make Judgement on this.. but I will say the actors suit’s look pretty cool and Arnett as Vernon Fenwick made my day even better

  • Bruce LeeRoy Fan Boy Dream Kil

    Man Looks like all you fan boy cry babies were wrong. The are making this
    film with more grit and the one shot Megan Fox on the trampoline was
    Meant to look lame LMMFAO! You had no say in the first TMNT movie
    And you still liked it but the problem is it’s old now and the ones after
    It sucked! When well just wait like normal critics do till it comes out and down
    Talk! And It has the weekend all to it self HAHA-HAHAHAHA!

    • Romsy

      Your comprehension of the English language is sadder than the state of this film.

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  • Christopher

    I don’t care what anyone says; Megan Fox is fucking attractive.

  • spongefist

    I think the new look of the turtles is great. I like the grey outfits and that they are using human faces. The mouth guard thing looks interesting, like a kind of massive brace or something. Really love the way this is going…

  • poppincherry

    Fox looks disgusted. The movie? Not my cup of tea.

  • Del Horton

    Flop…if history proves right.

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