TEENAGE PAPARAZZO Sundance Video Review – Adrian Grenier’s Documentary

     January 24, 2010

Adrian Grenier.jpgI walked into Teenage Paparazzo yesterday with little hope that Adrian Grenier (Vince on Entourage) would deliver a great documentary on the paparazzi scene and why everyone is obsessed with celebrity culture.  So when I tell you I thought Teenage Paparazzo was great, you’ll know I mean it.  Unlike some documentaries that use the footage they’ve shot to take a specific angle on a story, what’s great about Grenier’s doc is the way the story seems to shift naturally as the events unfold.  I really didn’t think Vincent Chase had it in him.

If you haven’t heard of the film, Teenage Paparazzo is about Grenier befriending a 13 year old named Austin Visschedyk in the paparazzi scene.  The film features interviews with people in the scene and magazine editors, as well as showing Grenier trying to be a paparaazi to see what the job is really like.  Trust me, this is a great documentary about our celebrity obsessed culture.  For more of what I thought, hit the jump to see a video blog that I did with David Chen from Slashfilm right after the screening ended.  And if you’re not at Sundance and want to see this, I’m very confident the film will get distribution.

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