TERMINATOR 5 and 6 Ideas From TERMINATOR/T2 Scribe William Wisher

     February 11, 2010


Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day are among the best action movies of all time.  Rise of the Machines and Salvation are not.  But there may be hope yet for the next installment in the time-traveling-killer-robot saga.  According to Mike Fleming at Deadline, William Wisher (who collaborated with James Cameron on the first two films) is making a strong case to potentially write the next two movies in the franchise.  Wisher has already written a “detailed, 24-page treatment for Terminator 5” and a “4-page concept outline for Terminator 6.”  Fleming goes on to say that there will be “several new villains and plenty of firepower.”  One more note of interest:  There’s a part for Linda Hamilton and even Arnold Schwarzenegger in Wisher’s stories.

To get my thoughts on the project, hit the jump.

Terminator 2 movie image Arnold Schwarzenegger (2).jpgWhat’s somewhat surprising to me is that instead of rebooting the franchise a la 2008′s Incredible Hulk, Wisher is apparently integrating the stories of T3 and Salvation.  While it’s not likely that we’ll see Cameron come back to direct, I would think that with his connection to Wisher, he would be willing to work as a contributing producer.  As a lover of the first two movies, the idea of Cameron being involved at all is borderline arousing.

Leading up to Salvation, I was admittedly skeptical of McG’s ability to direct a non-shitty movie.  But in his defense, there wasn’t a lot to work with storywise.  Bringing in someone who was so involved in the genesis of the story is a huge step forward in rescuing the franchise.  Though I am optimistic about the potential for the new stories, there’s one part of the Deadline article that worries me.

“Also fresh off the Skynet assembly line are new shape-shifting cyborgs that can morph together in Transformers-like mode, and are more lethal than anything we’ve seen in previous Terminator installments.”  I’m not certain just how much more lethal a murdering robot can be, but that’s beside the point.  Among the many, many issues I had with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, you know beside the racist caricatures and general lack of making any sense was when one of the Decepticons took the form of a hot co-ed.  I didn’t go to Transformers to see a Terminator-type robot.  And I don’t want to see Skynet’s version of Megatron traipsing about the ruined battleground of Los Angeles.  It’s a nit-picky point, but what kind of fanboy would I be if I didn’t expect some part of this story to let me down.

Terminator 2 movie image Arnold Schwarzenegger.jpg


  • http://ciclotimia.blogspot.com [A]

    ..question is: will this ever be made..?

  • Corin Prendiville

    I thought Salvation was rather good myself, not as good as the first two, but it was SOO much better than 3 and it was fun to watch.

    One complaint is why don't they bring Edward Furlong back as John Connor, they should've done it in 3 and 4 or something like that. It would make the films much more connected.

    Well, it will be cool to see him in The Green Hornet anyhow.

    • Cara Stone

      I wish they could do that too, but have seen recent pics of him…in court? He’s looking BAD….

  • David

    I hope McG has another chance to direct, I know a lot of people hate Terminator Salvation, but I rather liked it and I thought that McG did show that he at the very least has an eye for a cinematic and exciting movie. I'd say that the biggest problem with Salvation was that they started out with a bad script and instead of trying to completely rewriting it, they just brought in more writers to 'polish' it.

    In the end I'd easily give Salvation a 80% and if McG did have a chance to come back I think it'd be even better. After watching the BD-Live screening of Salvation I can say that McG has a quality that a lot of other directors lack: the humility to admit when they made a mistake. He openly admits that he could have and should have done better with Salvation and is asking fans what they want to see. My answer to which is more done in the same setting, but with more focus on characters and a story with a more singular goal.

  • junierizzle

    With the exception of The Terminator saying “talk to the hand” I loved T3. I don't know why people crap on it so much. It was entertaining, had great action and an amazing ending.
    Personally I think this storyline has run its course. We've already seen the future in Terminator Salvation. And it looks weak. That's the problem with post apocalyptic movies. They all look the same. And watching action scenes take place in empty streets and highways is just getting a bit boring. Never underestimate set design.

    If they really want to spice it up they should do another time travel story.
    Maybe a Terminator is sent back to kill Sara Conor when she is a kid.
    I'd hate to see a reboot though.

  • johncenases

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  • kor

    i wish they could save the franchise

  • http://ciclotimia.blogspot.com [A]

    Here's an idea for the next Terminator movies: make them good!!! Salvation is s**t — makes T3 look awesome

  • http://ciclotimia.blogspot.com [A]

    ..maybe they should send someone to the past

  • Gavilan1972

    G'day Corin,

    I belive Edy was cast of it but he wasn't keeping with the program and literally feel of the wagon..
    I love continuity but he was spending to much time partying..

  • owaishshah

    Arnold is very famous personality and every body know him and he is so famous for his hard work and he is acting is finominal and he is also famous for his body.

  • owaishshah

    Arnold is very famous personality and every body know him and he is so famous for his hard work and he is acting is finominal and he is also famous for his body.

  • Edna_love_tamez

    i dont want Arnold S. in the 5th movie he is going to ruined it I want Sam Worthington yeah he is the man

  • kelanwood

    I think that the latest 2 terminator films were good the third one is better then most people think and I am not sure what I prefer Rise Of The Machines or Salvation. I am looking forward towards the next 2 and I really want to see Arnolds returnas the T-800 I think the next one will have at some point John Conners wife reprograming The T-800 for when he goes back to Rise Of The Machines. Terminator Salvation is a sequel to the other films but I think that T6 will be more of a prequel since it will end with The T-800 and Kyle going back in time to 1984. The appearance of The T-800 in T4 made it seem much like a prequel to the first one since he was killed ages back but that,s what,s so mysterious about Time Travel in movies if they made a 4th Back To The Future it would seem like a prequel at parts(but it would be terrible). The Transformers type Terminators sound corny but I think I can ignore that.

    • Mors

      It wasnt the T-800 that was send back. That was the model T-101. Remember Arnold behing terminated by sarah by going into the lava. In T4 the T-800 is being hit by the lava and still not defeated.

      • Jeff

        ” Remember Arnold behing terminated by sarah by going into the lava.”

        No. Because that never happened. It was crushed by a machine press. Jesus, watch the movie!

      • Jeffrey

        Wrong also, it was a T-800 Model 101 who was crushed by the press in T1 and lowered into the molten steel in T2. In T4, it was the T-850 that older John Conner fought.

    • Mors

      It wasnt the T-800 that was send back. That was the model T-101. Remember Arnold behing terminated by sarah by going into the lava. In T4 the T-800 is being hit by the lava and still not defeated.

  • kelanwood

    I would like to see Arny in the final but probably not the 5th. Sam Worthington will be Marcus in the next one but this time he will probably play a more emotional role. not sure about Christian Bale because he got really stressed out in the film and shouted at some guy also so far every Terminator film has John Connor as a different actor. Chris might return though.

    • Defenderred

      The character Marcus Wright is a fictional type whose purpose is about redemption and ultimately sacrificing himself or dying. You can find Marcus Wright in several fiction novels and they’re all more or less the same character. In Salvation, he sacrificed himself so John may have a new heart. There will be no more Marcus Wright in Terminator.

  • kelanwood

    The T-800 will be reprogrammed to be sent back I have thought about it and I think Arny should be the T-800 but only a cameo he will be sent to stop the T-X but you will not see much.

  • Andyalvarez17

    I tell you. Terminator Salvation needs exactly that… Salvation! I honestly didn't like a bunch of things in T4, and yes people might say I'm nit picking.. and YES! I am. If it were just another movie i wouldn't… I mean, John Connor openly puts his life in danger going after his father in a city built by the robots, where theres a robot factory, and yet we only saw maybe a couple of them walking around?? I mean the robots knew he was coming, why didn't they send in the whole calvary of robots? why didn't they just kill Reese the moment they found him? WHERE THE HELL IS THE EPIC NESS OF IT??? i mean if robots do run the world, WHERE WERE THEY??? and why the hell do the humans have a surfaced based military base? don't robots patrol and survey the land?? what's up with the hydro bots? I was hoping laser powered rifles by now… The Humans seemed well organised might I add, and trained. How did that happen? haha.. I know, I'm making a big deal about it, but I expected a lot more suffering from the humans than what i saw….

    • Reese

      Very good points i was asking myself the same question….tho i believe the infiltration of the skynet base was because skynet was planning a trap…yet I do believe they should of added more suspense, more terminators less t3 robots and transformers, mototerminators and the lame hydrobots…salvation had amazing terminators tho the best looking than in any movie I might add…MCG had flaws in the movie, but there were positives and the movie was better than i expected…I would of liked to see the machines taking over being almost everywhere and people hiding in the ruins trying to survive attacks better….maybe we can see that and more in terminator 5…i want more terminator 1 than any other terminator for the next two films…come on Cameron…just produce it or oversee it…we know u can, check out Avatar…I want another terminator within a year if possible…

  • Zeeekemo

    Mc G is a clueless idiot! He wants to make T5 about the past, bringing us back into the same old and tired ideas of the first three films and show us the same things we’ve seen before. Terminator Salvation was entertaining primarily because it took the story in the direction we had all been waiting for, the war in the future that we kept getting promised. The story of TS was awesome because it introduced us to entirely new story elements and avoided time travel, which freed up the story to tell its self rather than have the same hang-ups as in the previous films. How many times do we need to be fed the line “I’ve traveled back in time to protect you” before the writing starts to lose creativity and begins to boor us. TS worked because we were delivered something new, not perfect, but new and fun. The original buzz on-line was that T4 and T5 were going to avoid time travel and that we were going to see the war between Skynet and Humanity and that in T6 we would have the elements that lead us to the first film laid out for us. That is the story that needs to be told, new ground with us moving forward not backward.

  • Aracelyelizondo

    I like the terminator movies specially the terminator salvation and sam worthington
    what i dont like is transformers

  • Aracelyelizondo

    im a movie lover and imagine how many moview have i not seen and i think Terminator salvation is the best and the more that has impressed me more than any other so all the peole that tell stuff to terminator and Mcg they dont know shit

  • ravingpunatic808

    yes the Terminator franchise should definitely go back to the creative team that wrote T1 and T2. If they can incorporate 3 and 4, so be it, but frankly, while they weren’t bad movies, i was let down. i knew the storyline deserved better. here’s to bringing back full circle…

  • Reese

    Salvation was dope in many ways, with techology and less CGI MCG used real actors to motion capture the terminators, and gave them a real dirty gritty look, they looked realistic as to the ol classic terminator on a background screen in part one….MCG wanted a mad max look and designed the terminators very realtistcly and well styled…The thing I wish I would of scene was more terminators, the machines being more of a threat, people living in fear in the ruins, laser pulse rifles…HKs and the huge tank robots with the conveyor belt wheels crushin over skulls like in the first terminator and of course the awesome 80′s soundtrack that made the original amazing…sound plays an important part..sam worthington was awesome but he shouldnt be the main focus on the next film…and Terminator 5 should plant us deep into war and humans losing, it should be like The Empire Strikes Back…to where the humans lose hope and Connor develeps new weapons…they should stick to the main robots of old and less of the robots that were in Terminator 3…yes the T1000 and Kristanaa loken comin back as one would be awesome…I would like to see less of mototerminators and transformers…yet it was essential to show how the machines were capturing humans…I think MCG took a more natural approach to his vision of terminator..and the CG Arnold. t800 was amazing….same for the battles inside of skynet with all the terminators…that was the best part of the movie….and did anyone see Marcus Wrights clone laying down on that bed when marcus wright walks up to him and touches his arm?? it was a duplicate…just like the other t800 that was standing in the background before marcus broke the computers screen and jumped down a level to look for kyle and john connor…anyway 5 should be about story and about battle…war….period…t6 time travel and going back into the 80s…I hope they keep the authencity of havin terminators difficult to kill with regular bullets and the y develop the laser/pulse rife…I would like cameron to oversee the next two films…MCG wouldnt be a bad choice…justin lin…i dont know look what he did for the mummy? yet fast five looks amzing…I think they should stick with MCG…he gots the designs on lock down and showed promise salvation was at least a B+, A-…but a definate B movie….stick to t1, t2, and salvation…..bring back the original scriptwriter and we should be good…bring back hamilton, rob patrick, swartz, and henriksen for T6….also bill paxton as the punker who gets his heart pulled out in part one…”wash day tomorrow, everything clean right?” lol…plus the epic start fo the movie with machines taking over with music and the story being written across the screen like t1 and salvation….enough for now…

  • Reese

    Anton Yelchin And Sam Worthington were awesome in terminator salvation and anton by far the best choice to play a young Michael Biehn aka Reese….and Christian Bale wasnt a bad choice, yet he could of done better…if they could bring back Edward Furlong it would be amazing…Please bring back Michael Biehn!!!

  • TinLV

    Terminator Salvation was the best sequel after T2. I know it has its haters, but I liked it. Sam Worthington stole that movie. Bale was supposed to be the star, but as I watched the movie, I cared less and less about what happened to John Connor and was rooting for Sam. Too bad he sacrificed himself to save Conner. I’d rather see him in a movie with Arnold than Bale. I personally thought they should have case Edward Furlong as Conner for continuity. I hope Anton Yelchin returns for the next movie; he was really good, as he has been in everything I’ve seen him in.

  • hollywoodluv1

    If this Terminator 5 & 6 happen. I hope my favorite actress Celeste Thorson is in the film as a Leading Lady of this action film. she would have a great job as an actress.

  • Paul

    Marcus Wright should’ve lived in that last movie. John Connor should have died on that table…..He had a good run, time for a new and stronger leader to lead the resistance….Thats the way T5 should have ended.