TERMINATOR 5 Will Be Rated R

     January 26, 2012


Though Terminator 5 is currently without a director or screenwriter, a brief yet relieving update regarding the project was revealed a couple of days ago. Megan Ellison, who holds the rights to Terminator 5 and is the savior/financier of many projects including Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest effort, was asked on Twitter what kind of rating the fifth installment would carry. She responded simply:

“We can’t really tell you guys anything about Terminator BUT it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.”

Hallelujah! Following the disaster that was Terminator: Salvation, it’s refreshing to know that Terminator 5 will return to the less compromised quality of the earlier films. Fast Five helmer Justin Lin was onboard to direct, but was forced to drop out in order to finish out the Fast and Furious series. Hopefully we’ll hear more regarding Terminator 5 soon. Until then, fans can rest a bit easier.

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  • Mr. J

    well, i don´t care if it´s R or G, all i’d like it’s this movie to be good.

  • Richard

    Actually, “The Terminator films, let them all be rated-R” was God’s 11th Commandment. So McG is going to hell.

  • ozzie

    Salvation was an excellent retelling of the Terminator universe other than John Conner sounding like Batman.

    • L.

      Like Raylan Givens would say: “I would rather put my dick in a blender” instead of watching Salvation one more time.

  • Northern Star

    I have yet to see ‘…Salvation’, but my mantra on all things Terminator is; if it ain’t Cameron, it ain’t Terminator, period! Now, that would change if the big JC had some creative input on this one – I’ll even settle for a ‘creative consultant’ credit – plus i hope the recent rumours of it being a CGI animated motion-capture film are genuine, as are the rumours of Arnie’s involvement.

    Just for my two cents, the best approach to this would be to tell the canonical backstory of the rise of the resistance and the epic final battle that Kyle Reese described in the 1984 original, wherein we see both the 1984 Terminator and the T2 liquid metal one go back, as well as Kyle Reese, followed by the ‘good’ Terminator (which explains why Reese didn’t mention him, he’d already gone through), that would be one awesome movie if done as a CG-animated 3-D Terminator epic…


    I’m still waiting on that 30-40 minute longer version of Terminator Salvation. Mentioned here: http://collider.com/entertainment/interviews/article.asp/aid/11845/tcid/1

  • donkeyshow

    i agree…..i waited forever for that 30 to 40 mins version….bc i enjoyed salvation and im sure that extra half hour would have been amazing

  • Robbie

    Cameron intended for the terminator movies to finish at the end of T2, why they feel the need to drag his name out and piss on his legacy a bit more is beyond me.

    Note to producers: you’ve ran terminator into the ground, give up and go pay someone a stupid amount of money to write something new. In fact better still, go into the cupboard at the back of your office and read one of the thousands of scripts that you already have and use the money that were going to spend stupidly to finance a couple of school teachers instead.

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  • Steve F

    No more 20 minute fights between terminators and people. I could crush his skull in a second but I’ll throw him around until he wins is not clever programming. . No more McG. No more exploding fuel cells because if terminators are really bombs then no point in fighting hand to hand for 20 minutes. Oh yeah a story would be nice this time as well. Get some of the TV series people involved.