New TERMINATOR Film Set for Release on June 26, 2015; Reboot Will Be First in a Trilogy

     June 27, 2013


He’ll be back in 2015.  Paramount, Annapurna Pictures, and Skydance Productions have announced that the new Terminator movie will be released on June 26, 2015, adding yet another massive release to that year’s calendar.  The pic is described as a “rebooted Terminator movie,” and the press release notes that the new film will be the first in a stand-alone trilogy, so it certainly sounds like connectivity to the previous films will be light if not absent altogether.  Despite this fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger has repeatedly said that he’ll be in the film and the most recent rumors have Dwayne Johnson possibly going toe-to-toe with The Governator.  The press release doesn’t lie, though, and it sure does make this Terminator sound like a wholly separate thing.

Laeta Kalorgridis and Patrick Lussier wrote the screenplay, and with a firm release date set, the next order of business will be attaching a director.  Let the speculation begin!  Hit the jump for more.

terminator_1984_movie_poster_01But seriously, you guys, 2015 is going to be nuts.  In addition to The Avengers 2, Independence Day 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Finding Dory, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, The Fantastic Four, Ant-Man,  Jurassic Park 4, possibly Star Wars: Episode VII and probably Man of Steel 2, we now have a new Terminator movie slated for release.  You should probably start saving up now.

Here’s the press release:

Skydance Productions, Annapurna Pictures and Paramount Pictures have jointly announced they will partner on a rebooted “TERMINATOR” movie, to be released by Paramount Pictures on June 26, 2015.

The first in a stand-alone trilogy, “TERMINATOR” will be produced by Megan Ellison of Annapurna and David Ellison of Skydance. Dana Goldberg and Paul Schwake of Skydance will serve as executive producers. Laeta Kalorgridis (“Avatar,” “Shutter Island”) and Patrick Lussier (“Drive Angry”) are attached to write the screenplay.

Launched in 1984 with star Arnold Schwarzenegger as the title character, “TERMINATOR” spanned 3 subsequent films, which have earned over $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

David Ellison most recently executive produced, along with his partners at Paramount, “World War Z,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”. A 5th installment of in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise is in active development, along with a 3rd film in the “G.I. Joe” franchise, among other films.

Megan Ellison most recently produced the Academy Award®-nominated “Zero Dark Thirty,” “The Master” and executive produced “Spring Breakers” via her Annapurna Pictures banner and has David O. Russell’s “American Hustle,” Spike Jonze’s “Her,” and Bennett Miller’s “Foxcatcher” set for release later this year.

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  • scottish_punk

    JURASSIC PARK 5..erm, 4? :)

    And once more, you leave out STAR WARS EPISODE VII. 2015′ll be bigger than you thing…and then some.

    Attack of the Franchise 2015! I say BRING IT!

  • kmccarney88

    I think you forgot to mention a little film called Star Wars Episode VII.


    Hmm so I guess Christian Bale’s not coming back, huh? :)

    • Ozweego

      I’m Batman!

      • RiddleThemThis

        He would be perfect for the terminator/batman crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

      • GrimReaper07

        Him playing John Connor AND Batman? That I’d pay to see

      • Duke

        Yes, and Skynet found Bane’s body and resurrected him and rebuilt him as the new and best, boss of all the bosses terminator that gets sent back in time to kill Arnold Schwarzennegers character because Skynet found out that Kyle Reese is not John Connors daddy but Arnold is. And that would also explain why Batman (John Connor) really survived the nuke in TDK because Batman is really a… tu tu tu tudu… a terminator.

        Now, because of the new Baneminator is the most powerful terminator of all times, the movie will end with a cliffhanger and will movie will actually be bridged to the new Star Wars movie where the new jedis will together with John Connor travel back in time to kill Baneminators real parents – Darth Vader and Sean Connery.

  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    Can’t they just leave this franchise alone? Franchises don’t get better the more and more sub-par sequels you make. I even think T3 is ok, but neither that nor T4 is even close to the quality of the Cameron movies.

    • RiddleThemThis

      You do have a point but sometimes when the franchise is left alone for a long time and the star comes back for the new one it can be a good thing. My examples being Rocky Balboa & Rambo. I’m not sure how well it will work for terminator but I am pretty excited to see a new Conan.

  • NowhereMan78

    Jurassic Park 5?? Did I miss something?

  • SalJ

    Hope its good

  • cedartreeradar

    when theyre in the future it better be lasers and nighttime and fake looking terminators with halloween masks

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  • Bigzilla

    More than one of those titles will move dates. That’s way too many huge titles for one summer. Guarantee it.

  • AS

    Are they gonna make this back-to-back because the rights would be reverted back to JC in 2019 or 2020. Hopefully they don’t rush it and when the rights reverted to JC, he would act as at least producer or consultant if not director for the sequel. DON’T RUIN THIS FRANCHISE !!!!!!!

    • Roy Batty

      too late

  • Godot18

    For 2015, don’t forget the new Mission Impossible, another Pixar movie in the summer (which I’m more excited about that Finding Dory), Assassin’s Creed, probably a new James Bond movie, possibly Prometheus 2, and if Zoe Saldana is correct, Avatar 2.

  • BORED.COM!!!

    2015…the year of reboots and sequels.
    I’ll be avoiding every single one of them. What a joke the film industry is at the moment…..

    • nom79

      Is that the only year for reboots and sequels? Hmmm sounds like they are starting some kind of trend. Looking forward to it. :)

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  • StevenFOX

    That’s good. Hope it has nothing to do with John Connor or Kyle Reese. No Arnold, different time setting and different mythology.

    It can work. Let’s face it T3 and T:S were good movies, just not nearly as good as T1 and T2. McG really messed up with his bad directing in T:S and the script was dreadful at times. T3′s only flaws were the female Terminator and some awkward Arnold lines and scenes(seriously a male strip joint? “Talk to the hand” WTF?)

    • KillTheAcidThrowers.

      T3 looked like a Nickelodeon live action kids show. Disgusting camera work and a recycled, lame story, stupid comedy, that damaged the franchise. That talk to the hand thing was already out of date in 1995 when the movie was released in 2003. T:S was a horrifically bad screenplay with no real lead character, no character development, and no point, it didn’t look or feel like ‘the future war’. I think they were both pretty shitty movies that fail hard on their own even when not compared to T1 and T2.

      • RightyO

        T3 was indeed incredibly lame, but he makes a valid point about this being good news that it might not have any connection to the first two. That’s what they should have done with T3 to begin with.

  • Jamesy

    Was hoping they’d bring in Dwayne Johnson, seems like the only possible way to resurrect the franchise! Called this a few weeks back, wishful thinking seems to work.

  • terminator fan

    Get a solid director please, a director who has a passion for terminator and make a great terminator movie because the writer Patrick Lussier worries me and Laeta Kalogridis isn’t that great.

    • RiddleThemThis

      Are you doubting the man who wrote the cinematic masterpiece called “Drive Angry”?

    • LT

      Laeta Kalogridis wrote Shutter Island which I thought was a great film. Then again, without Scorsese’s direction, it probably wouldn’t have been as good. I definitely agree about Patrick Lussier though, he’s fucking dreadful.

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  • terminatorfan

    Why a reboot? Why not continue into the “future war” premise and go with Bale? THey are going to kill this franchise!

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