Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson and Margot Robbie Test for Sarah Connor in TERMINATOR Reboot; Tom Hardy Eyed for John Connor

     November 8, 2013


Director Alan Taylor will audition a trio of young actresses for the role of Sarah Connor in Paramount’s Terminator reboot.  Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Brie Larson (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) will test for the part next week, along with another unnamed actress.  Margot Robbie (Neighbours) has also been mentioned in connection with the role.  Originally played by Linda Hamilton in the 1984 James Cameron sci-fi flick, Sarah Connor is the mother of John Connor, the leader of the human resistance against the cyborg menace.  Taylor is also looking to cast the part of Kyle Reese, and John Connor is expected to feature as well.  Hit the jump for more.

Heat Vision reports terminator posterthat Clarke, Larson and an unnamed actress will test for Terminator next week.  As for Kyle Reese, those auditions will occur at a later date.  Sources have Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) on the short list, but also mention that Boyd Holbrook (The Host) is not vying for the part.  Taylor has Tom Hardy on his wishlist of actors who could play John Connor, but they have yet to have a meeting at this point.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to return to the franchise that made him a household name.  He’ll play “a Terminator robot in a time-spanning story that sees him tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up.”

Annapurna Pictures acquired the franchise rights back in May of 2011, and then teamed up with Skydance and Paramount in June.  The production trio plans to make a trilogy. Terminator is expected to open July 1, 2015.

  • The Flobbit

    What’s with the scary blonde-white hair? Have these guys considered Aubrey Plaza, or Evangeline Lilly? Oh and, YES to Tom Hardy for John Connor!

    • Norrtron

      Aubrey Plaza? Really?

      • The Flobbit

        It’s a thought. Not as much of a stretch as Margot Robbie…

      • jack

        She’s blowing up…going to be the female lead in Wolf of Wall Street and Focus

    • Bob

      Scary blond hair? That hair on Clarke is actually the best hair in the entire world….

      • hallen

        Since it’s a wig, it probably is.

  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    Sarah Connor? Kyle Reese? Wait, so this is a remake? Guess that’s better than Terminator 5 though.

  • LEM

    Just stop it already.

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  • Daniel O’Reilly

    Yeah. Not necessary.

  • eternalozzie

    they should go back to a younger John Connor or call it quits

  • Harry

    Jessica Chastain would be the ideal Sarah Connor.

  • Batzombie

    I mean, I like their casting choices well enough (Hedlund is bland, but he looks like Michael Biehn), but I can’t think of a scenario where this will be something I need to see. Taylor is definitely an improvement over McG, and making it a reboot is better than T5, but other than snazzy new FX, it has no reason to exist other than money.

  • The_Smirking_Revenge

    Leave it the fuck alone. We really don’t need or want another Terminator. Especially if it’s a shitty reboot.

    Christian Bale was perfectly cast as John Connor…Why recast with Tom Hardy? Dude is becoming the go-to reboot guy.

    This will suck…Mark my words.

    • doc

      IF WE STAY THE COURSE WE ARE ALL DEAD!!! Yeah, that worked out.

  • 80sRobot

    So, Batman played John Connor, and Bane may play John Connor.

  • 80sRobot

    I’ve resigned myself to the likelihood that every movie or TV show I grew up with will be rebooted for better or for worse. I’ve mused that this phenomenon could be a byproduct of the computing age, where the public is used to software being constantly updated and improved. So someday before I truly become old, I expect to see Star Wars 2.0 will happen. (After all, Disney doesn’t own ANH — Fox does. So maybe it would be to Disney’s best interest to remake it.)

  • T1000

    This movie is a great idea and sounds awesome. – nobody.

  • 80sRobot

    What I foresee in the trailler:

    Lots of car chases in an urban environment during the day.
    Arnie, John, Kyle and or Sarah on a motorcycle.
    The music score pounding BOOM, BOOM a lot.
    Somebody being thrown out a skyscraper window, in slo-mo
    Brief glimpses of the future where exoskeletons are terminating.
    Plumes of fire in above future scenes.
    Close-up on Arnie wearing Raybans.
    Twist: This time it’s John who says I’LL BE BACK!
    Shot in Vancouver on a tight budget.
    Rated PG-13.

  • anthonyg1500

    Emilia Clarke as Tom Hardy’s mom? Seriously? IF she’s older its by like 6 months at best

    • Strong Enough

      what the fuck did you read? lol

    • Herb

      Because there’s no time travel in the Terminator universe or anything.

  • Ridge

    Great news! a reboot it’s the only way Terminator franchise can go and Hardy as Connor will be awesome!

  • Jack

    If they are going for a battle hardened John Connor, then under different direction I think Christian Bale would have been perfect and they should give him another shot. If they are going with a younger and John Connor, one closer to a grown up version of Edward Furlong, then I say cast Chris Pine!

  • Kurtis

    Yes to Chris Pine!

  • Steven

    As long as Arnie is in it I could careless who else is in it.

    People underestimate the importance he has in those movies.

  • ZAR

    Time to finally ruin this franchise from the ground up?

    First lousy sequels, then a lousy prequel and now a lousy reboot. :(

  • Nicole

    I thought Lena Headey was an excellent Sarah Connor on TSCC,..

  • Arnold

    Rather than a reboot, just re-release it with updated effects (and then later release it on Blu-ray with the original version including all the stop-motion animation goodness so people can appreciate both). Can’t see the point of this remake….and get rid of Schwarzenegger…hate to say it, but he’s too old for this part.
    If they are insistent on a remake, write three movies so it has one story arc, rather than going from movie to movie and screwing it up like the last two; they just seemed like it was made up as they went along.

  • Ripley

    They’d better not touch ALIEN!!

    • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

      They will… They will.

  • cobrazombie

    Time to stick a fork in Hollywood.

  • cobrazombie

    Time to stick a fork in Hollywood.

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  • doc

    This sounds terrible! Why F with a classic?

  • doctor_robot

    and it will be PG-13. smh

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