March 26, 2014


The Star Wars casting game has been going on for a long, long time now, but the latest bit of casting rumors offered up an exciting possibility for one of the leads: John Boyega.  The young British actor had his breakthrough role in the excellent 2011 sci-fi film Attack the Block, and he seems like an inspired choice to lead this new Star Wars universe.

However, director J.J. Abrams remains undecided on the young leads in Episode VII, and now it appears that another major franchise property has Boyega in mind as well: the reboot Terminator: Genesis.  Moreover, the role that Boyega is being eyed for in Genesis is Terminator canon, as he would be playing the son of Skynet creator Miles Dyson.  Hit the jump for more.

terminator-2-miles-dysonTHR reporter Borys Kit tweeted this tidbit of news the other day, saying Boyega did indeed test for Star Wars but he’s also wanted to play the role of Miles Dyson’s son in Terminator: Genesis.  The problem is that Boyega can’t commit to Genesis until the final word comes down for Star Wars, which has yet to happen, and the films will be in production at the same time so it’s impossible to say “yes” to both.  It’s a tricky predicament, albeit not a terrible one, as he’s caught between franchise jump-starting films from two beloved franchises.

The reveal that Miles Dyson’s son plays a role in Terminator: Genesis is just the latest confirmation that director Alan Taylor’s reboot will deal heavily with the series canon.  Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke leads the film as Sarah Connor with Jason Clarke playing John Connor and Jai Courtney playing Kyle Reese, and the time travel aspect allows Arnold Schwarzenegger to return as the T-8000—though the Governator himself recently revealed that we’ll also see a younger version of the T-8000.

Production on Genesis is poised to get underway next month, so hopefully Boyega hears one way or another about Star Wars soon.  Personally, I’m happy to see the talented actor getting his due three years after the release of Attack the Block.


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  • HeSaidSheSaidMv

    Attack the Block was released 3 years ago. Why is this kid suddenly a thing the last 2 months?


      He was young back then not even out of high school now he can commit full-time. He was the standout of that film for damn sure,so it’s about his time. He also has the roll of Jesse Owens too.

      • HeSaidSheSaidMv

        Young people can’t commit to making movies now?

      • Strong Enough


  • Royale With Cheese

    Don’t do it, man! You have a promising future and this terrible toilet of a movie is not the way to go!

    • Jebus

      He has my vote to be Black Panther whenever they get around to making it

      • Royale With Cheese

        Hells yes. +1 to that.

  • Jan

    Just waiting for the announcement that Earl Boen’s character will be played by Justin Bieber. Damn, they’re going young with this reboot.

  • Pk

    Don’t understand the hype around this boyega kid or the attack the block. Both he and the movie were terribly ordinary. Hope he doesn’t get cast in the Star Wars movie

    • Royale With Cheese

      He looks like a young Denzel and displayed very good acting ability at a young age. Studios want to pull him in now so they can start plugging him in to their other films whenever they get a chance.

    • BigJimSlade

      His performance was half the reason I wound up turning off Attack the Block within the first hour. Though the movie really didn’t have much going for it besides.

  • Bheyea Emortalis

    Myles Dyson in the movie makes the reboot a little more fascinating. I hope this kid gets the role but him in Star Wars is also fascinating. Attack the Block was a suprise for me because you can watch the characters in the film evolve and grow which is terribly rare for a movie of this age and extremely rare for a sic-if flick. If you don’t like character(s) driven films with solid, simple, straightforward plots then I understand why people don’t like Attack the Block.

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