TERMINATOR Reboot Rumors: STAR TREK-Style Alternate Timeline? Paul Walker as Kyle Reese?

     June 6, 2011


Arnold Schwarzenegger put his acting career on hold when it was discovered he had a in-no-way-surprising secret love child with his housekeeper.  That threw a wrench into Justin Lin’s Terminator 5 but producer Megan Ellison, who now holds the rights to the franchise, isn’t going to sit around waiting until the public moves on to the next scandal and forgets that Schwarzenegger is no hero.  With that in mind, What’s Playing has some interesting rumors to report on the film.

First up, the new film may bring back original characters Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor but it may do so in a Star Trek-style alternate timeline fashion where new actors could play the roles and take them in a new direction.  Since the franchise has always included some element of time travel, a fractured timeline wouldn’t be a crazy idea (especially since they already used that premise to spin off the short-lived The Sarah Connor Chronicles).  That’s a solid way to reboot the franchise and it would be even better if they could just cut out Schwarzenegger entirely.  But I could live with his casting if it didn’t mean another disturbing rumor coming to fruition.  Hit the jump for more.

arnold-schwarzenegger-terminator-photoWhat’s Playing also reports “this Terminator would mostly be anchored by a new, younger male lead (Paul Walker’s name keeps coming up – could he possibly be Lin’s pick for Kyle Reese?).”  While Lin and Walker have worked together on the last two Fast and Furious movies, the only time Walker has ever shown a spark of personality and charisma was in Running Scared and that was a ballsy film that took some serious chances.  Lin has shown he’s a competent action director, but I doubt he’s going to shake-up the visual style of Terminator franchise and that will likely leave Walker as a wet dishrag protagonist.

While it would be cool if the reboot could figure out a way to bring Anton Yelchin back into the fold to reprise his role as Kyle Reese, it looks like Terminator Salvation was effectively the end of that direction for the franchise and the only way forward is to look back.  That’s why I have a problem with Schwarzenegger coming back.  He’s an albatross hanging around the next of the new film and the series needs to grow beyond him.

The compromise may be to reduce Schwarzenegger’s screen time in this movie, “so it’s less work and less of a commitment for him and thus, it’ll be easier to talk the big guy into doing something this year.”  I can live with Schwarzenegger moving into a supporting role.  I just don’t want another Rise of the Machines.


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  • David

    It hardly bears repeating that the series hasn’t progressed much since the second film. While I can see the advantage of a split timeline, why wouldn’t the filmmakers want to move forward rather than backward with it? Terminator: Salvation certainly wasn’t the future war movie we wanted or deserved. If the studio can’t make good on the implicit promise of the original film, then why bother?

  • gcm443

    I may be alone here but i was incredibly intrigued by the war setting of salvation and where that was heading. I actually thought salvation was pretty good. Not as great as the original or T2 but good. Wasn’t salvation supposed to be the start of a new trilogy? Why can’t we actually see the humans defeat the machines? How can there ever be a conclusion to the story if it just goes right back the beginning with sarah connor?

    • jamais

      You are not alone. Most of backlash against Salvation seemed to have more to do with who was in it than the actual quality of the film. Luckily at that time I was up to my eyes in work and thus blissfully unaware of all that hounding of Christian Bale that was going on, and watched the film unbiased. Really enjoyed it for what it was.

      And yep, Anton Yelchin was fantastic in it.

      • Wolstenholme

        Are you joking? Salvation sucked…RotM was millions of times better. John Connor getting a fucking heart transplant…seriously. F*ck McG and anybody else that pays for tickets to those kinds of movies, Hollywood will just keep churning out crap…i still can’t believe theres people who think T4 was good, what a joke

      • gcm443

        and i’m sure once i say this someone will come find me and murder me in my sleep but i thought christian bale was a pretty spot on bit of casting

    • Dogg

      Watch Kyle Reese future flashbacks in T1 and tell me Salvation did that justice. Those flashbacks were scary and desperate–humanity seemed hemmed in by the machines in ruined cities. In Salvation everything was so spread out and remote with what seemed to be just one distant enemy base. I would love to see a reboot of just the salvation movie done with James Cameron’s original vision.

  • Ryan

    Technically every time a character is sent back in time in becomes an alt timeline. I just don’t know what they can possibly do with a present day setting that hasn’t already been done in the series. Id like to see Arnold left on the way side from now on tho. What is skynet doing? Making 60 yr old terminator models now? Look I mean I’m still interested in the franchise no matter what..Wait scratch that. If Paul Walker is in as Kyle Reese than you can officially count me out.

  • Droncz92

    Okay but the thing that hurts this movie is they are casting STARS.

    They need to get some no name people in there, wait for Arnie to come back, and do the movie.

  • battleangel

    I think this franchise is dead. The finale for the TV show is about as good as it gets. Salvation was definitely decent, but after T3, greatness is what is needed. Fortunately the SCC got really motivated by the story possibilities of the franchise and brought it to a satisfying conclusion. Unless they are willing to give us a Thomas Dekker alternate timeline movie, I can’t imagine how this could be brought to life with any real gravitas. File “The Terminator” under the ‘next generation reboot’ category. This series is going to need to REALLY cool down if its to restore any cool factor… and by then, it’ll be what, 5+ years after Judgment day was supposed to take place? =P The premise is a few generations of technology away from being totally dated.

  • Dave

    I’m not fond of the reboot idea at all and think the story should move forward, not back. While I appreciate the name recognition Arnold brings to the movie, I think the series needs to move beyond him.

    The only credible story I can think of that might involve him is how Skynet selected him as a template for the Terminator program. That would be a good story to have him in & might even make sense if he was a soldier that was captured or killed during the war and harvested for genetic material.

    I can easily envision his character going to great lengths to save a human enclave and then falling before the machines while the survivors escape. It could be a pretty gripping, yet tragic, tale if done right.

    I would rather see other stories of the fall of man and the battle against Skynet. New characters are fine. Even reusing some of the old ones is fine – Kyle Reese needs a few missions under his belt before he makes his legendary journey back through time.

    I can maybe see Paul Walker as a Terminator … sort of. Maybe he can be one they reprogram?

  • fabrice

    paul walker as kyle reese?? HAHAHA FUCK NO THIS IS INSANE


    no james cameron no terminator

  • XxvJK47vxX

    Running Scared was a great movie which i think Paul Walker did awesome in. I think Walker needs a Successful Franchise that isn’t a fast and furious film. Michael Biehn’s Performance in the first Terminator was very good and i think Walker Resembles him in looks when Beihn was younger. I think they should Just leave Schwarzenegger out, No one wants to wait for this movie to come out. I think they should use someone that is a similar size to Schwarzenegger like ( Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson ) I am a big fan of the Fast and Furious Franchise and i think Diesel and Walker could really kick of there career if they Star in the Terminator Franchise.

  • TheTrickster

    Make it a comedy.

  • Jake

    WOW, so they are not only still making shitty terminator films, now they are getting a fast and furious director and paul walker to go back in time and rape James Camerons first 2 films. What a bag of wank.
    And why the hell is Goldberg STILL hating on Arnold? i don’t care if he had a child with his maid, the man is a legend. And Rise Of The Machines was a BILLION times better than Salvation.

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  • chris

    this franchise is so fragmented at this point i don’t even know how anyone would re-boot it.

    The first 3 movies all have good aspects in them … the tv series had good storylines but were plagued by not enough budget for this type of production. Anton Yelchin was spectacular in Salvation but Christain Bale’s batman voice ruined the feel of the movie.

    It may be time for this franchise to rest.

  • Hannah Torres

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  • Fag

    You are being a faggggot. T3 wasn’t that bad. get over yourself.

  • P money

    Isn’t Arnold getting kinda old for this stuff ?

  • T-Fan

    As a fan of the franchise, all this latest talk about a possible next instalment has been both exciting and frustrating. Exciting because of the prospect of another Terminator movie, and frustrating because of Lin’s attachment. Sure, he can direct action with a sense of ease and flow, but the Terminator is much more than just action. T1 & T2 work so well because they balance action and drama excellently.

    I find T3 more enjoyable than Salvation, even though both films are equally as bad as each other. Two of the main problems with both these films are not really the cast involved, but the films’ directors but more importantly, writers. Both Mostow and McG are somewhere on the C-list, and those that wrote the films haven’t written anything as good or as interesting as T3′s ending, which was only welcomed because T1 & T2 had similar endings.

    I’m rambling s**t now, but what I basically but without a top-notch writer, or writers, attached, and an exceptional director, T5 is not worth our time or money. And that saddens me.

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  • MW

    Paul Walker’s in – I’m in.

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  • Brian

    Let it die.. The first two movies are classic! We dont need another reboot! Reboot just means money for the studios. Reboot to me means BS!!!

  • Brian

    Question: Has nobody got any news ideas for movies? Why f**king reboot all the classics? Oh yeah right I have have said why already…. MONEY!!!!!