Terrence Malick Will Edit His Upcoming Films Simultaneously; KNIGHT OF CUPS Is about the Movie Biz; THE VOYAGE OF TIME Still a Ways Off

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Terrence Malick doesn’t talk about his movies.  He films them and then he lets others do the interviews.  His latest picture, To the Wonder, is making the festival rounds, and producers Sarah Green and Nicolas Gonda recently spoke about the director’s upcoming projects, Knight of Cups and an untitled music scene picture formerly titled “Lawless” (Malick graciously gave up the title to John Hillcoat‘s new movie).  With regards to Knight of Cups, the movie, which stars Christian Bale, recently wrapped production and is about the Los Angeles movie business.  The subject matter explains why every week there seems to be a new name attached to the project; they’re probably just small roles or cameos.

Hit the jump for more on Knight of Cups, the untitled music scene project, Green Blade Rising, and the ambitious documentary The Voyage of Time.

knight-of-cups-terrence-malick-christian-baleAs we previously reported, Malick’s other non-documentary project stars Ryan Gosling, and Rooney Mara as parts of two intersecting love triangles in a story of sexual obsession and betrayal set against the Austin, Texas music scene.  Green tells Screen Daily that shooting on the untitled picture is set to begin in a few weeks.  Malick was doing pre-production on the film at last year’s Austin City Limits music festival, so I wonder if he’ll be returning to this year’s festival for the actual shooting (ACL takes place from October 12 – 14th).

Both Knight of Cups and the untitled film are set in the present day, and Green says that the movies will be edited simultaneously.  For a regular director, this might mean editing in 2013 for a 2014 release.  But Malick is a director who will spend years in the editing room if need be, so while he may doing back-to-back pictures, it doesn’t mean we’re going to see them in theaters in a timely fashion.

tree-of-life-dinosaurMoving on to The Voyage of Time, you may recall back in 2009 we reported that Malick was considering an IMAX documentary that would cover “the birth and death of the universe.”  Voyage grew out of a project called “Q” Malick was developing back in 1995, and his Tree of Life star Brad Pitt would narrate the documentary.  Like the rest of Malick’s work, I’m sure it would be gorgeous and fascinating, but we shouldn’t expect to see it any time soon.  According to Green, “There are large parts shot already but it’s a multi-year project so there’s a way to go yet.”

However, there is another Malick-related project that will be going in front of cameras in the very near-future.  Last month, we reported Diane Kruger was set to play Abraham Lincoln‘s stepmother in “The Green Blade Rises“, which will be co-produced by Malick.  Gonda tells Screen Daily that the film, written and directed by A.J. Edwards, is actually called “Green Blade Rising“, and shooting is schedule to begin in a few weeks.  The project will reportedly “focus on the formative days of Lincoln, the tragedy that ended his life, and the women who guided him along the way.

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  • Tommy Girl

    Malick cut Wiesz out of his most recent film thereby continuing a strange pattern.

    Perhaps someone is a little too full of himself.
    Maybe someone has a grudge against actors in general.
    He relishes in taking people down a peg or two?

    Could his behavior all be by design?

    God help if Daniel Craig gets ahold of him

    • Bill

      I respect Malickfor treating actors as what they – pieces of the story. He writes one film. Directs another. Then edits the one that’s released. If an actor has a role that isn’t needed or integral to the film coming out of the edit bay then he cuts them out. Nobody whines or complains when “Unknown Bit Player Actor” is cut from a film for the story. Why should we care he cut out famous faces?

      Weisz by the way was presumably on set for a day or two. It was never an integral role.

  • Chris

    Sorry, don’t get Malick’s appeal, Tree Of Life was one of the most pretentious BS movies I had seen in a long time. His recent movie with Affleck seems to repeat the same pattern of focussing on beautiful pictures but no story, and everbody who hires Affleck, who is a terrible actor, seems to not want any decent acting in his movies anyway. I prefer character driven movies with great actors and great performances and a great story/script.

  • joe

    Fuck you Chris. Your comment is BS. Why don’t you try saying something a little less superficial.

  • Fles

    Malick is breaking the mold,something Kubrick always talked about.
    check out this link..

    http://ebiri.blogspot.com/2013/01/to-wonder-i-write-on-water-things-i. html

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