Terry Gilliam’s DON QUIXOTE Lives!

     May 14, 2009

terry_gilliam_will_direct_for_food.jpgWay back in January we reported that the unstoppable Terry Gilliam was back at work on “Don Quixote”.  If you are a Terry Gilliam fan – or just a fan of incredibly ill-fated film productions – then you will recall that Gilliam first went to work on an adaptation of the Miguel Cervantes classic about eight years ago with Johnny Depp starring.  Let’s just say that things didn’t work out.  I would tell you the story but that would rob you of the chance to see “Lost in La Mancha”, the tragic-comic documentary about Gilliam’s “Quixote” quest.

When the director announced that he was going to be taking on “Zero Theorem”, a sci-fi tale starring noted cyberpunk Billy Bob Thornton, it looked like “Don Quixote” would be put on the back burner – again.  But not so fast…

Variety is reporting that, not only is Terry Gilliam going ahead with his plans for a “Don Quixote” do-over, but that he’s already convinced a producer and a distributor to tilt at those legendary windmills along with him.  Gilliam has updated the “Don Quixote” script with his original screenwriter Tony Grisoni.  The result is now called “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” and revolves around a film director who is ‘charmed’ into becoming a modern day Sancho Panza.  Don Quixote is nothing if not charming.

Jeremy Thomas’ Recorded Picture Co. is producing with Hanway Films handling international distribution… so let me be the first to wish them all good luck with all that.

As for the big question – whether or not Johnny Depp can be induced to rejoin the “Don Quixote” cast – Gilliam is said to be “in negotiations” with the actor.  If you’ve been following Depp’s roster of upcoming projects, however, you know that it will take some serious scheduling sleight-of-hand to make these particular stars line up for the production .  Then again, it was a million to one that a Gilliam version of “Don Quixote” would ever get going again and that seems to be working out so – stay tuned!

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