Terry Rossio Set to Write PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5

     January 13, 2011

In obvious news, Disney has officially hired Terry Rossio (Shrek) to write a fifth installment of their Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Even though the fourth film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, doesn’t hit theaters until May, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make a bajillion dollars so Disney is getting a head start on the next flick. We previously told you that Disney had been mulling over the idea of shooting Pirates 5 and 6 back to back, a la Pirates 2 and 3, but it’s currently not known if they’re still going ahead with that plan. Rossio has written all four previous Pirates films with his writing partner Ted Elliot, but it looks like he’ll be going it alone this time.

Deadline also reports that Disney is working on bringing On Stranger Tides helmer Rob Marshall (Chicago) back as well, and Depp apparently has a “deal structure” to bring him back for a fifth time that Disney will obviously attempt to close. Needless to say, lots of people are going to be making lots of money. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides stars Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane and Geoffrey Rush and will be released in 3D on May 20th.

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  • grapenutsrbt

    They really just need to stop with these movies.

  • Tommyk123123

    Shut up grapenutsrbt. These movies are awesome. I don’t care how much the second and third ones sucked (which was probably a lot) because Davy Jones was and is the best cgi character of all time up to now (and yes that’s including Avatar). Did you fucking see his tentacle beard in Blu-Ray? Shit my pants.

    • grapenutsrbt

      I love Bill Nighy, and Davy Jones was cool, but I need more than good cgi to be impressed (and yes that’s including Avatar).

  • Collin V.

    Why are they writing a fifth film already? The fourth one isn’t even out yet, what if it sucks?

  • johnno101

    I really do hope that Pirates 5 and 6 storylines would be its own thing, kinda like indiana jones sequels………. not including Crystal Skull :(

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