Possible Test Footage of THUNDERCATS CGI Film

     February 13, 2011

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Twenty-five years ago, Thundercats aired a made-for-TV movie composed of five episodes of the highly popular series. We already know that 2011 looks to feature a re-imagined version of Thundercats on the small screen. What’s more interesting is that possible test footage from a proposed Thundercats CGI film project was recently released.

We’ve previously reported that the Warner Bros. had video-game art director Jerry O’Flaherty (Gears of War) set to direct the Thundercats movie as far back as 2007. While it seems as if this project is still shelved, we found the footage to be worth a look.  Hit the jump to check it out.

Here’s what may (or may not) be actual test footage from the Thundercats feature film (via flixist)

You’ll notice a couple of things right off the bat, mainly the Warner Bros. logo and theme. Yes, this could easily be faked, but the transition of the WB shield to a sort of landscape formation is an interesting touch. After some generic sword clashing sounds, the camera zooms in on the money shot: the Sword of Omens. That’s the point I started to get excited.

While I’m not crazy about the look of the animation or the vocal work, at least the developers tried to put Lion-O’s childlike personality into an adult body. Watching him working on refining his clumsy sword work is a nice touch. Even the villainous Slithe makes a comment about Lion-O’s immaturity…just before he gets knocked unconscious.

The movie footage has a drastically different look from the upcoming series, which has more of an anime styling. For those of you who aren’t pleased with this new look, producer Ethan Spaulding might put your mind at ease.

Again, we can’t confirm that this is official footage from the project, but with the animated series rebooting later this year, I for one am anxious to soak up as much Thundercats eye-candy as I can get.

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