Millennium Films Moves Forward with TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Sequel

     January 8, 2013


I guess this was fairly inevitable.  Coming off the opening weekend box office success of the sequel Texas Chainsaw 3D, Millennium Films is now moving forward with a follow-up film.  The news was first reported by Bloody Disgusting, and Deadline now confirms that production on the untitled sequel is set to get underway later this year in Louisiana.  Producer Carl Mazzocone and executive producers Mark Burg, Avi Lerner, Tobe Hooper, Trevor Short, John Thompson, Danny Dimbort, Lati Grobman, and Christa Campbell will all return.

Despite scathing reviews, Texas Chainsaw 3D bested the likes of The Hobbit and Django Unchained to land the number one spot at the box office last weekend with $23 million.  BD’s report notes that the producers have acquired the rights to make up to 7 Texas Chainsaw sequels, so depending on how further installments fare, Leatherface may be sticking around for some time to come.

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  • yurine


  • Old Soldier

    Two of shit, is shit.

  • ScaredForMovies

    Why America? Why do you reward terrible movies? The system won’t fix itself.

  • TotesMcGotes


  • Mr_Skyfish

    I can’t wait not to see this one!

  • James

    Chainsaw 3D was absolutely terrible. I just hope they can make the next one better. Start with new writer(s) and director.

  • Carlos


  • Max

    I didn’t really like Texas Chainsaw 3D, but there have been both good and bad films in this franchise. The next one could be better, could be worse, but in the end it’ll just be dumb fun

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  • PresidentObama

    Seven fucking sequel rights? Haaaahahahaha! They should shoot all 7 sequels back-to-back, so we can get a new sequel, for the next 7 years! Are Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey returning by any chance? Just Kidding!

  • Um, Sure

    January and February are the dumping grounds for Hollywood movies. Let’s not get too worked up over Chainsaw’s success. These movies are cheap to make, require little or no plot and are gobbled up by an audience that quite literally doesn’t have anything better to do around this time of year. Let them have their ultra gory, ultra violent franchise. Better movies are on the way.

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