James Vanderbilt Hired to Write THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

     March 24, 2011

We’re still over a year away from Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, but Sony knows that the best way to kick off a sequel is to make sure you have a script ready to go.  With that in mind, they’ve hired The Amazing Spider-Man screenwriter James Vanderbilt to start work on a sequel.  Heat Vision reports that Vanderbilt outlined his take for the sequel to studio execs yesterday and received the go-ahead to start work on the script.  Of course, there’s no guarantee that Sony will use Vanderbilt’s script, especially if their upcoming 3D Spider-Man reboot tanks.  But the studio clearly has a lot of faith in the screenwriter whose past credits include Zodiac and The Rundown.  Not only did he write Amazing Spider-Man, he also worked on Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 before the studio decided the project was taking too long to go into production and it was better to start from scratch.

There’s no word on what the sequel will be about (we’re still not even sure what The Amazing Spider-Man is about), but hit the jump for some of my amazing speculation.  The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans.  It’s due out July 3, 2012.

It will be interesting to see how much of the sequel’s groundwork has been laid in The Amazing Spider-Man.  Recently we’ve seen a trend of superhero movies leaving their larger villains for the second movie.  Sherlock Holmes set-up Moriarty for the second movie, and while Sinestro is being introduced in Green Lantern, it’s widely assumed he’ll be the villain if Warner Bros. goes ahead with Green Lantern 2.  Will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 bring in Green Goblin?  Or will they go with a villain we haven’t seen previously seen in the movies like Mysterio or Vulture?  And then there’s the question of Mary Jane.  Fans were surprised to learn that the red-headed Stone would actually be playing blonde love-interest Gwen Stacy and that Mary Jane would be absent from the reboot.  Will the sequel leave the character our and forge a new path with Gwen Stacy as the constant love-interest?  What’s great about all these speculative questions is that they’ll be equally valid a year from now when we still know nothing about this sequel.


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  • joe kerr

    “the spectacular spider- man” maybe?

  • J.R.

    Wow they haven’t finish the first one and they are announcing a second already?……….trash!

  • moviesmoviesmovies

    Wow, is the studio putting the cart before the horse on this re-boot?

    I meaning some of these re-boots have done great things in some of the other franchise movies (great article on re-boots and franchises (http://linkedinhollywood.com/2011/03/21/top-5-film-franchise-reboots/) but still this is a bit of a gamble.

    I mean by the time the first one is released there maybe Super Hero fatigue with so many Super Hero movies coming out this year alone.

  • GoldTeef

    Who cares? Sony sh*t all over Raimi. This movie is tainted. And, it won’t make enough money to warrant a sequel.

  • t

    it’s only a script, ppl! some movies have been re-written a handful of times, some scrapped all togother.

    writing the second one now is just “in case” the first one becomes a hit.

    who cares about the first series of Spiderman. look at the Batman franchise… the second time around might be a whole lot better.

  • GoldTeef

    Some people might argue that very first Batman was better than the Nolan take. He’ll, Nolan even cribbed Burton’s entire film for Dark Knight (Joker crashing into dinner party with his gang, Bruce slipping out to become Batman while Joker terrorizes Vale/Gyllenall; Joker takes over mafia). And, Burton’s Joker is a much more fleshed out character. You understand where he’s coming from; he’s not some magical daemon who comes out of nowhere knowing everyone’s secrets and can transport himself all over the city without being noticed, planting high end explosives in his path. And, let’s get one other thing very clear, Marc Webb is no Chris Nolan or Tim Burton. From all accounts he’s giving us a mopey Peter Parker who has a whiny voice ala Hayden Christiansen in those ill conceived Star Wars prequels. At least Sam Raimi is an iconic and legendary American filmmaking voice who breathed new life into the superhero film genre, making Sony untold billions in the process and giving them their most successful franchise in their entire history; only to have the ungrateful bastards at Sony screw him over @ every turn. So, yes, I do care about the first series of Spiderman films and I’m dumbfounded why some people don’t.

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  • Rob

    Amazing Spiderman was Freakin awsome! So how are you guys gonna talk crap about a movie if u havent even seen it? Like really? You guys are pissed cus its a reboot, we need fresh movies. we cant keep going on with the same old story, it gets boring and tired. So…Watch the movie, then talk about it.

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