Watch the Comic-Con Teaser for THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

     September 26, 2013


Though Comic-Con’s Hall H is always host to plenty of panels that get attendees riled up, nothing quite shook the room this year like the Avengers sequel teaser video that announced Ultron as the film’s villain.  The footage shown in Hall H is rarely released to the public by Marvel, but it appears that they’re making an exception with regards to the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser, as it has been made available in HD via the Iron Man 3 Jarvis App.  The full video actually includes behind-the-scenes footage of Joss Whedon getting ready to take the Comic-Con stage to announce the teaser, so it’s a pretty fun watch.

Hit the jump to check out the video, and if you haven’t picked up Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray yet click here to purchase the 2D combo pack and click here for the 3D combo pack.


  • bidi

    so can we assume that Jarvis goes haywire and becomes Ultron? i know i’m making a lot of inferences there, but that’s what it seemed to suggest

    • EndlessChris

      that is what my first thought was, but then they hired a different voice actor for Ultron so who knows.

      • NICK НΛRT

        i think its more likely that jarvis becomes vision and has to take down ultron in the end

  • Migz13

    I wonder what phase two movie will they ‘introduce’ this threat? It is clear now that this is the reason why Tony would have to put back on the suit. Is this Jarvis turning bad bot or a different AI that Stark created solely for battle kinda like Skynet and became all too self aware?

    • Jamesy

      I think Tony will create Ultron and it will go awol…I have a feeling Whedon is gna kill someone off also.

    • ʝoe Ģnaśher ßloggs

      Good question. From the teaser, it’s clear that the IM suit will evolve into Ultron – hence Tony will create it as his proxy given the events of IM3. Tony will create Ultron based on his armoured suit tech incorporated with Pym’s AI tech. This was necessary because the fully automated IM suits lacked full offensive/defensive capability without Tony inside.

      One potential plot point is that while Ultron maintains an illusion of cooperation, he has created the Vision to attack the Avengers. The conclusion of the story deals with the grand reveal with Ultron as the villainous chief architect and in order to take him down, someone will die – which hopefully will be Pepper Potts, eventually driving Tony to completely quit the Avengers and enter into a self-destructive downward spiral (not covered in the film).

    • Bob

      Prob Cap 2 Ultron/some type of threat will be revealed.

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  • pro346

    joss is going to rip off the iRobot plot!!!

  • LEM

    It’s strange that even though they have an Ant-Man movie coming they couldn’t figure a way to have Pym involved in this Avengers and the creation of Ultron.

  • Will

    im thinking that tony makes ultron to basically be a super hero so he doesn’t have to any more, basically ultron would be the new iron man, so to speak, and then it maybe has a Jarvis spin on it, or could just go the way of the comics and eh gets a mind of his own. I don’t think hank will have much of a role with ultron especially since this will be coming out before the ant man movie, so I doubt he will even be in avengers 2, if he is its gonna be a little cameo to help set it up.

    • LEM

      It makes sense that if he doesn’t want to be Iron Man he would create a substitute using jarvis and then it becomes sentient somehow. I’m guessing the Avengers will be fighting a load of Iron Man suits.

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  • ahfsfjp

    Using the dumb android design after all. Hook, line and

    • Bob

      How is it dumb. It looks freaking awesome.

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  • Andrew Sanders

    Gave me goosebumps,…especially with the audience cheering at the end.
    2015 is such a long time away but i’m sure,with Joss at the helm,it will be more than worth the wait.

  • croc

    wait, what the heck is happening with Thanos then? Don’t tell me Rocket Racoon’s gonna take him down…

    • Bob

      Avengers 3.

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  • poppincherry

    I just fucking came on myself!

    • Aquartertoseven

      That’s kind of redundant; what, did you expect to cum on someone else?

      • Cheeseburger

        Ideally, yes.

  • Bob

    The epic crowd screaming at the end just puts the cherry on top.

  • fifth ov element

    Failing to immediately realize it was the hall h crowd screaming with excitement, my first thought was that they added screams of terror for eerier affect. Spader’s addition could be special. BTW, I’ve heard Bettany hasn’t ever seen a Marvel movie; just collecting a check, that’s disappointing…

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