Kevin Feige Explains How IRON MAN 3 Paves the Way for THE AVENGERS 2; Says the Script Is “a Notch or Two Above the First Movie”

     May 4, 2013


There’s no such thing as too much Marvel news, right?  With Iron Man 3 hitting theaters this weekend, a bevy of details regarding Marvel’s upcoming films have been making their way online.  While it’s exciting to look ahead to Marvel’s Phase Two slate post-Iron Man 3, all roads lead to one of the most anticipated sequels in recent memory: The Avengers 2.

Steve recently spoke with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, and during their extended conversation Feige talked quite a bit about how Iron Man 3 gives audiences an idea of what to expect from The Avengers 2.  He also talked about writer/director Joss Whedon’s script for the follow-up (which he describes as hilarious, awesome, and moving) and whether or not the film will have a subtitle.  Hit the jump to read on.

kevin-feige-the-avengers-2As The Avengers grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide and received a positive reception from critics, one imagines that there’s quite a bit of pressure on Marvel to deliver the goods with the sequel.  Steve asked Feige how they even go about trying to top the first film, and the Marvel executive said that Iron Man 3 provides a clear picture of their outlook on that front:

“Well Joss has said it on the record in the past, it’s not about going bigger.  It’s not about, ‘And this time there will be five more explosions in this section!’  I mean certainly you want to up the ante, you want to exceed people’s expectations, but I think there are various ways of doing that and Iron Man 3 is a very, very good test for us of doing exactly that.  The first movie we make after The Avengers has our hero spending more time out of the suit than any of the other movies; that seems potentially counterintuitive to some people, but that was exactly why we did it.  We didn’t want to say, ‘Oh now it has to be bigger and he fights 100 people in armored suits.’  Yeah the action sequences are big, there’s more action in Iron Man 3 than in the other two movies, but at the same time it’s a much deeper and a more exploratory character journey on the heels of our biggest spectacle with The Avengers.”

the-avengers-2-sequel-robert-downey-jr-mark-ruffaloSpeaking specifically to The Avengers 2, Feige said their focus—as always—is on character and even added that the character-centric scenes in Whedon’s script top the first movie:

“We’ve been consistent in talking about this leading up to The Avengers: what is most interesting to us and why we hired Joss Whedon in the first place is the interaction between the characters.  That’s more fun to us than the massive action scenes that are gonna have to come with it that we’re gonna have to figure out, and we’re gonna have to be clever and raise the bar, but already the scenes that Joss has of just the characters sitting around and interacting are hilarious and are awesome and are moving and a notch or two above the first movie, and to me that’s where you wanna top yourself.”

Those are strong words from Feige, but if anybody can top Whedon’s work on The Avengers, it’s Whedon himself.

Steve also took the opportunity to ask Feige if The Avengers sequel will be called The Avengers 2 or if it will have a subtitle, and the Marvel executive seems keen on the latter:

“I would say that if you look at the trend of our upcoming movies, Iron Man 3 is the only one that has a number.  I like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi instead of Star Wars 2, Star Wars 3.”

Look for much more from our interview with Feige here on Collider soon.  If you missed what he had to say about a Doctor Strange movie, click here.


  • furion77

    I’m sorry but although the movie was good, it was not most of the times. It was simple a joke all the time and a disgrace to mock the villain the way it was done in IM3. Also, way too kiddie and Dora the Explorer like.

    • sajsdfhbf

      I agree about how distasteful it was to mock such a beloved villian. But this movie was not at all childish.

      This movie at some parts pushed the PG 13 rating. They showed some disturbing imagery during The Madarin video’s. Plus Tony Stark’s goal for half the movie was to murder the Mandarin. RDJ also mocked a kids Dad who had abandoned him.

      Ultimately the movie was a big disappointment but still better than Iron Man 2.

      • spongefist

        I genuinely don’t get the hate for Iron Man 2, it’s the only one that I personally thought was good. Iron Man 1 was mediocre at best, Iron Man 2 was a lot of fun, and Iron Man 3 was just irritating.

        Let Whedon write them all. Avengers was light years ahead of all of them.

        Thor was great, Cap America was even worse than Iron Man 3….

      • Guy Smiley

        Iron Man 2 was terrible. Mostly, it was just a giant commercial/setup for The Avengers, and yet nothing in IM2 was so important that you needed to see it before seeing The Avengers. Two villains in that movie, both over the top and neither one as even half as menacing or frightening as Obidiah was the first IM. Cheadle’s Rhodey had no personality in that movie, and the running gag of Hammer being an incompetent blowhard made it ridiculous to believe he was somehow Stark’s main competitor.

        Having said, I just saw IM3 last night and the loud, dumb, big Lethal Weapon ripoff it turns into actually made me appreciate IM2 a little bit more (just a little). I really had high hopes for IM3, but the whole Mandarin thing just killed the movie for me. After that, it was hard to take anything in the film seriously. I wanted to see Iron Man battle the Mandarin. Not Tony Stark and Don Cheadle in a buddy/cop action flick with more and more explosions to make up for the lack of a coherent plot.

        Nor did I find Tony’s constant armor failures amusing. His armor could stand up to Thor’s hammer, and the alien assault on NYC, but everyone he fought in IM3 had no trouble ripping his armors to shreads.

        IM1 is a great movie. It establishes the characters perfectly, balances characterization, plot, and action flawlessly, and was just loads of fun without being stupid. It came out the same year as TDK, and while I think that’s a great movie too IM1 was the perfect complement to it. It also laid the groundwork for everything that’s followed, leading up to The Avengers, perfectly. RDJ has been pitch-perfect as Stark, and Paltrow has great chemistry with him. They’re sort of a Tracy/Hepburn for the 21st century.

        Just a shame the scripts to IM2 and IM3 have let them down. RDJ and Paltrow deserved better, and by better I mean the scripts to IM1 and The Avengers.

        Don’t get the hate that either Thor or Cap sometimes get. Neither one is perfect, but both are lots of fun and do a lot of things right. Thor made the character far more accessible than I expected, and Cap’s really good up until the third act. We never got much background on Red Skull, nor did we get a satisfying showdown between the hero and villain. What happens to Red Skull in the end is completely unexplained, and since Hugo Weaving isn’t interested in returning we’re unlikely to ever find out.

    • Ru’afo

      This is why i hate jj abrams, the kid shit and villain shit was his idea. They asked jj for ideas and that is the shit that he came up with, another way he shits with star wars and star trek, jj go away you useless ugly, dumb shit!

      • Guy Smiley

        Can I have what you’re smoking? Sounds like some potent shit.

  • Eric

    Ahem. “The Wonderful World of Disney’s Marvel’s The Avengers: The Middle Part”

  • Lance


    When it’s revealed the Mandarin is really just a washed up actor, it’s funny. Ben Kingsley’s performance gets laughs — at least the first time around.

    But I still think making the Mandarin a joke was a mistake. Because it’s the sort of thing that doesn’t wear well the third or fourth time you watch the movie. By then it’s just going to induce groans.

    I smell the influence of Joss Whedon in this decision. Or at least, it’s the kind of thing Whedon would do in his movies. And it’s a mistake.

    • Ash Talon

      I don’t think that was a Whedon decision. I’m not a Whedon fan, but I think he did more for the character of Tony Stark than the last 2 Iron Man movie did. He seems to get character and can give a character one scene that gives them more of an arc than an entire film dedicated to them can do.

    • Jones

      But really. Beside Loki, have we had a good villain in Marvel movie’s yet? I didnt like the one in Iron man 1 and 2, didnt like the one from Captain America. Hulk was Meeh. And i haven’t watched Iron man 3 yet :)

      • Lance

        In all three movies, you have instances where Tony’s suit is weakened because of power loss or whatever, or the villains are ridiculed to the point where they’re not threatening. Or both.

        In one of these movies I’d love to have Tony in the best suit he can come up with, powered to the max, and still be the underdog in the fight because the villain is just that awesome. The closest we got to that was the final battle in New York in Avengers. None of Iron Man’s own movies has ever given us that kind of fight.

      • Guy Smiley

        Man, Jeff Bridges doesn’t get enough credit for how good, and by “good” I mean terrifying, he was in the first IM. Once he’s revealed to be the villain of the piece he turns up the chills. It’s almost too bad he played Stane, because he would’ve made a perfect Lex Luthor for the new Superman films.

        Had they not fucked up the whole Mandarin/Ten Rings thing in IM3, bringing that whole aspect of the story full circle would’ve paid off nicely too. As it now stands, the connection of the Ten Rings between IM1 and IM3 is confusing at best.

        Red Skull was pretty disappointing in the Cap movie, I’ll give you that one. Hammer and Whiplash in IM2 together weren’t half as intimidating as Obidiah was in the first one, and Abomination was OK in Incredible Hulk. Because of how much of the serum, and gamma radiation he was pumped up with, he was actually more powerful than Hulk.

        Loki’s definitely been the best villain of the Marvel U. so far, but Obidiah doesn’t get enough credit.

      • Jones

        @Lance You are so right. Iron Man movies are funny, entertaining etc, but he doesn’t have this awesome “boss fight” at the end of his movies. He is flying higher than his opponent, or shoot at him together with War Machine. You are right, i wanted him to fight with someone equaly as strong as him, with some nice action scenes.
        @Guy Smiley Obadiah was actually pretty cool for the first part of the movie now you mention it. I have to see it again maybe. But that “fight” at the end.. Meeh. he couldn’t fight at all.

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  • Danny

    Why does Feige always feel he has the need to inform the fans about the next steps. I think he has some sort of Tony Stark envy. Let the directors and writers talk about what’s going on with Avengers 2. Feige should sit down and research about making good movies again. Apart from Sir Ben’s performance IM3 was dumb, noisy, patronising and full of worn out shtick. Iron Man and Avengers were great movies, the rest of the Marvel stuff was mostly lame and ordinary.

    • Zen

      actully Obidah was pretty flawed like the rest of them,and I liked iron man for the most part, iron man 2 was i think everyone said it best, the “batman & robin” of the series, and Iron Man 3 was pretty kick ass, i’m not a comic book fan so maybe thats why I liked the twist. it was interesting and even the post credit scene i didn’t see coming a mile away. I like that. it was amazing for the most part. you don’t like it fine, however TASM 2012 Was a crappy movie and people seem to love big dumb piles of flashy and crap. Makes you think, it was good for the most part and while It could been So much more, it was better then IM2, and its fine, as for Feige telling us this stuff, its mainly because we live in a world where privecy is non-exisitent. So, its his little update/twitter whatever.

  • Stormin

    What about A.I.M. its dead forever. I’m sick of Marvel letting Writers & Directors use Comic Book names of people or organization only to see them destroyed and never be able to use them again just for a few nods & winks to the comic book fans. A.I.M. has a huge history with different Marvel characters now its gone.

    • Jesus

      Who says A.I.M. is dead? Companies can’t survive past their founder’s death? Who even says the 10 Rings is dead? Hydra doesn’t own the rights to the “you cut off one head and two more will grow in its place” concept. Did Al Qaeda die when we killed Osama Bin Laden? Did Apple die when Steve Jobs did (although this is debatable)?

  • CheeseWhiz

    A notch or two above -
    Scene 1: Bunch of dudes in tights fighting each other and making cool poses.
    Scene 2: Bunch of dudes in tights standing around acting like they’re clever.
    Rinse and repeat.

    Wow, what will they ever come up with next!?

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