Aaron Taylor-Johnson Frontrunner to Play Quicksilver in THE AVENGERS 2

     June 7, 2013


Some kick-ass news not related to Kick-Ass, except to say that Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) is the reported frontrunner to play Quicksilver in The Avengers 2.  Marvel may have been feeling the slightest bit of pressure surrounding the character after X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer recently announced that Quicksilver would be in his own sequel, played by Evan Peters (American Horror Story).  No final decision has been made as to the casting but reports have Taylor-Johnson out in front for the moment.  Hit the jump for more.

The Wrap reportsquicksilver-scarlet-witch-avengers that Marvel is interested in Taylor-Johnson for Quicksilver in The Avengers 2.  Quicksilver is a mutant capable of moving and thinking at superhuman speeds and is the son of Magneto, along with his twin sister Scarlet Witch.  There’s no mention of who is being courted to play the latter role as of yet.

Late last month, Joss Whedon revealed that both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch would appear in The Avengers 2, and Kevin Feige later confirmed it.  Both Marvel and Fox posses the right to include Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in their feature films, but the two studios don’t own the same rights.  Marvel doesn’t have the rights to X-Men so they can’t mention the fact that Magneto is Quicksilver’s father or the use of the term “mutant,” since those traits belong to Fox.  Regardless, the way Quicksilver is used in each film will certainly be interesting to discover and, no offense to Quicksilver fans, but this little competition may ratchet up some more interest in the character.

So who wins: Peters or Taylor-Johnson?

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  • Romsy

    Singer and Whedon should just get together outside of the studio system and cast the same Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. These 2 directors in particular always say it’s all about the fans and blah blah blah every time they open their mouths. So give us what we want and start linking your universes. The studios will keep their pissing matches going forever and ever with the Marvel characters, just circumvent them guys. You can do it, I believe in you!

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      It doesn’t matter, the movies aren’t connected, and you can’t connect them at this point. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superpowered people are a recent thing. Not so in the X-Men universe.

      • Lex Walker

        There’s always been something of a dichotomy though between “superpowered” folk and mutants. It’s an arbitrary line, but it’s one the Marvel universe has played around with. Does getting superpowers from a radioactive spider make you a mutant? Or do you have to be born one? So the two sides aren’t irreconcilable, and to the credit of Marvel there have been similar reactions in both the MCU and the X-Men movies to the presence of super beings. In X-Men a senator is trying to pass the Mutant Registration Act and in Iron Man 2 the government wants to seize Tony’s suit and SHIELD gets tasked with reining in the superpowered characters only to let them go (which we see the shadowy SHIELD cabal is very unhappy with).

      • Random Bystander

        Those born with powers are mutants and theos who gain powers are mutates. I think there are other minor distinctions but that’s it in a nutshell.

    • Lin

      couldn’t agree more

  • RiddleThemThis

    Whedon should just substitue quicksilver and scarlet witch with characters he actually has access to.

    • Lex Walker

      …he does have access to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

      • RiddleThemThis

        Well yes, but he doesn’t have full access to the Quicksilver character for example, I’ve read that he can not mention that he is from the x-men, he is the son of magneto or the fact that he is a mutant. There is no point in altering the character if they can just use someone else.
        I also just have a distaste for Quicksilver, so that may also be a reason why I don’t want him to be in the film.

      • Lex Walker

        With all the characters on-screen in this sequel, there’s not going to be time to cover anyone’s backstory but Thanos’s. It’s gonna be quippy dialogue sandwiched in between tragedy and action beats. I think worrying about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s history is going to be the furthest thing from most people’s minds (unless you’re actively wondering how they’d cover it going in). And yeah, I’ve never been a huge fan of the character either.

      • Agent777

        Well if they learn from Game of Thrones, they can always introduce characters and then add the back story in later films. Not my favorite method in the short term, but can work great in the long term. And Marvel should think of the long term.

      • Agent777

        Well if they learn from Game of Thrones, they can always introduce characters and then add the back story in later films. Not my favorite method in the short term, but can work great in the long term. And Marvel should think of the long term.

      • Sparky

        Well you see, word from the grape vine is that DC and Warner Bros are planning a Justice League movie. A key character in the League is Barry Allen, aka the Flash. Marvel is trying to get their quick character out in the spotlight before the fastest man alive. It’s also a big reason Thanos is villain for the second movie. Why go so big? They need to get in before Darkseid.

        They’re trying to put their competition into an awkward writing position so that any attempt Warner Bros. makes to put together a Justice League movie looks like they are “copying Marvel.” It’s a smart business strategy.

  • tara

    I read Saoirse Ronan was being courted for Scarlet Witch.

    Both guys are awesome, who can choose!

  • sammy

    Just leave it they’re boring characters and if you can’t call them mutants or say they’re the offspring off Magneto leave it

    Black Widow, Hawkeye, Quiksilver and Scarlet witch…..Big event

    • Johnson

      there’s nothing boring about either of these characters

      • Agent777

        I think it’s the fact that Hawkeye is a interesting character. Yet in the film all the life and purpose is sucked out of him. So if we know they can’t use there back-story…
        Besides, Hank Pym and Wasp are the emotional core of the Avengers, they really should come before Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch.

  • Jimmy James

    It sounds to me like Quicksilver will be just another throwaway X-Men character in a Bryan Singer movie. Like Jubilee and Colossus and Kitty Pryde in the earlier X-Men films — they were just cameo roles with hardly more than a line or two of dialogue. Especially when you consider that an unknown actor like Evan Peters was cast in the role.

    On the other hand, Joss Whedon seems intent on making Quicksilver a major addition to the Avengers. For this reason, Whedon was absolutely right in NOT letting Singer dictate his Avengers casting choices. In fact, I suspect that the only reason Quicksilver was included in the next X-Men was to sabotage Whedon. There was never any mention of Quicksilver being included in Singer’s Days of Future Past until after Whedon announced his interest in the character.

    • chris gault

      Unknown actor? seriously? Do you know how many eyes watch American Horror Story?

      • jack

        twice the number of people that watch it?

      • goop

        Wow, jack! You are assuming a lot about how many eyes people have. Try considering the Snake Plisskens of the world you heartless bastard.

      • prathap

        i don’t think anyone outside the american horror story fan base will recognize him. yes i know he had a small role in kick ass alongside Aron. plus i think atj is better fit for the character than peters

      • Random Bystander

        Try thinking of the triclopses goop, you heartless bastard. Just because they don’t get the exposure of the mono eyed people doesn’t mean you can just write them off.

  • Murdoch

    2 Quiksilvers in 2 separate big studio Comicbook movies? Damn. His only notable quality is that he can run fast. Meanwhile, WB is still trying to figure out how to avoid “GL’ing” their first FLASH movie.

  • thewriteguy

    Has anyone considered that maybe this is just a fun thing that Singer and Whedon are doing to unofficially connect these two Marvel movie universes? I doubt each has been talking directly to the other, but maybe reading off of what is being reported about each director’s movie. And there’s probably a legal thing where they cannot cast the same actor. But wouldn’t it be cool that after watching Days of Future Past, then seeing Avengers 2 the following year, it happens to appear that Quicksilver’s and Scarlet Witch’s story arcs in both films don’t conflict?

  • Dan

    Heh heh. Frontrunner.

  • Dan

    Tom Felton and Alexander Skarsgard would have been my choice, but this is excellent. Both Johnson and Peters I think will be outstanding. If they get Rooney Mara to play Scarlet Witch, then my dreams will have come true!

    • Prathap

      Tom Felton was perfect for quicksilver

  • Angel m

    He looks like the Boston bomber

  • Something

    Interesting…they were both in Kick-Ass and both have the exact same haircut…Variety always wins!

  • nom79

    The Marvel Universe has a huge array of characters so to see 2 different film companies make different versions of lower-tier superheroes is absurd. Put focus on more important players like Black Panther, Dr. Strange to incorporate the magical aspect of the Universe, or Adam Warlock to expand the “cosmic” side of it all especially since Guardians of the Galaxy will be one of the next movies within the Phase 2 strategy. Let X-Men take Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch since they are children to Magneto and it would be a waste of time to include them into the Avengers movies without a good origin story.

    Final thought: Although Marvel Studios has had great success with the Avengers movie, the integrity of their movies as a whole have decreased IMO. Iron Man 3 was suppose to jump start the “Phase 2″ and they included zero information or easter eggs as to how they would introduce the new material. What they did do however to comic book fans is give them a big smack in the face with their rendition of “The Mandarin”. If Marvel Studios thinks what they did was a genius idea, then this will be the start of a slow death to a great brand.

    Hopefully, Man of Steel makes them rethink their plan of attack!

  • Hop

    Singer: *adds Quicksilver* “Up yours, Whedon!”
    Whedon: *casts Quicksilver* “It is on, Singer!”

  • poppincherry

    whatever they do with A2 it will be just more of the same shit. A bunch of goddamn superheros fighting within a few city blocks some crap enemy talking shit about taking over what? Um, let me see…. THE WORLD!

  • poppincherry

    whatever they do with A2 it will be just more of the same shit. A bunch of goddamn superheros fighting within a few city blocks some crap enemy talking shit about taking over what? Um, let me see…. THE WORLD!

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