Shocking News: Disney Confirms THE AVENGERS 2 Is in Development [UPDATED]

     May 8, 2012


In case anyone was worried that Disney and Marvel wouldn’t make a sequel to the film with the highest opening weekend gross of all-time (by far, I might add), Disney CEO Bob Iger is here to alleviate your concerns.  Per Deadline, Iger announced that the studio is developing a sequel to The Avengers, adding that the film’s success “is a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much.”  Anyone who sat through the film’s credits should have a good idea of where The Avengers 2 could go villain-wise, but I think the key to a follow-up will be the return of Joss Whedon as writer/director.  He is the reason The Avengers is a good film as opposed to simply an expensive film, and his recipe of humor, character development, and pure entertainment made for one of the most enjoyable moviegoing experiences in a long time.  Hit the jump for more.

[Update: It appears Iger's quote was taken out of context, and he actually said that there will "hopefully" be another Avengers.  Nevertheless, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point.  More after the jump.]

the-avengers-2-sequelMarvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already talked extensively about building towards The Avengers 2, and during an interview with Steve he mentioned that they have an option to bring Whedon back as director for The Avengers 2Steve asked Whedon himself if he would consider returning for the sequel, and he confirmed that Marvel does have an option.  I sincerely hope that everyone at Disney and Marvel understands how integral Whedon was to the success of this film, and I’m crossing my fingers that he comes onboard to develop The Avengers 2 from the ground-up.

You can catch up on all of the development towards The Avengers 2 right here, and be sure to check out the latest episode of our podcast The Collision in which we talk about all-thing Avengers and where things might go for the sequel.  Also, if you missed it, check out Matt’s rundown of which Avengers rumors turned out to be true and which ones were way, way off.

[Update: Coming Soon hipped us to the actual interview between Iger and CNBC where said Avengers talk took place, and here's the quote of interest:

“From The Avengers we get a chance to make Thor 2 and Captain America 2 and Iron Man 3 and hopefully another Avengers movie.”

So in essence, Disney hasn't officially announced the commencement of development on The Avengers 2, but it's still going to happen.  There's still an untitled Marvel movie slated for release in 2014, so hopefully at this year's Comic-Con the studio will announce that property and possibly confirmation of (or a release date for) The Avengers 2.]


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  • Dodge_hickey

    “Shocking News”……Sarcasm?

  • your dark knight ends

    They better bring Whedon back.

  • JP

    “[It should be] smaller. More personal. More painful. By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself.”

    Yeah,Whedon needs to direct this one too.

  • Rickey G

    I could completely see them going with some cheap ass director cause Whedon is for sure gonna want a pay raise. They’ll pull the “oh people will see it no matter who’s behind the camera, get McG on the phone.” Messed up thing is…they’d be right. Teens these days don’t care who does what. They only want Michael Bay levels of explosions.

    • Luka

      I doubt that they’ll pull off that trick. I think The Avengers being one of the biggest grossing films ever just shows that Marvel won’t mind giving him a pay raise, given that he’s provided them with their biggest hit within just 13 days. The choices of Favreau, Branagh, Johnston and Leterrier (maybe not him) also show an inspired choice of directors who have provided us far from mindless entertainment. Also, the fanboys would be pissed if someone like McG was summoned to direct, and Marvel wouldn’t risk the wrath of the fanboys, let alone the quality of their films be compromised by someone with his low calibre. Marvel won’t let go of Whedon yet and this definitely won’t be another Gary Ross/Hunger Games incident, given the even more immense gross involved and the larger gap in time between the release of this and the production of Avengers 2.

      • Eric Nixon

        “…Marvel wouldn’t risk the wrath of the fanboys…”?

        The same fanboys who’d see the movie anyway, if for no other reason than to say how terrible it was?

        I agree that a change in director would be awful, but I wouldn’t put it past any movie studio to do it. In all honesty, Marvel/Disney would be hurt more by loosing Whedon as a writer than a director. The directing seemed about as good as anyone else. It was the writing was what was so good.

      • scott

        Marvel did exactly this when they allowed Brett Ratner to destroy the X-Men Franchise.

  • batman

    In Whedon we trust

  • mark

    They realize that Whedon’s role helped the movie in some way. Even if it’s just it’s critical success, I think that’s slightly important to the Mouse (hopefully). It’s just whether they think it’s worth hiring him back for what he’s asking. I don’t see him being overly greedy, like say Michael Bay would likely be in a situation like this. But let’s be real; the man created one of, if not THE best comic book movie of all time. For the love of God, give him a raise.

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  • T. Van

    This is likely why Feige and co. were reluctant to commit to a precise release timeline for some of Marvel’s upcoming movies (Ant-Man, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.). As they’ve already announced sequels for movies starring the Avengers’ “big 3,” he may have wanted to keep their schedule faily flexible— just in case his main boss made an Avengers sequel a priority.

    For some reason, I now think that Jeph Loeb’s job just became a *lot* more important… as television may have to become a bigger “feeder” that develops single characters for use in Marvel ensembles. I also wonder if the suddenly-introspective Kevin Feige (just read some of his recent quotes) is, as rumor suggests, being courted for a promotion to the head of Walt Disney Studios.

  • LEM

    So how bad does DC want to do a Justice league Movie now? and also can you imagine if they start doing crossover movies maybe throw Spiderman in the next Avengers. They have so many stories they can explore that would make mountains of cash if they put it together as good as they did with The Avengers.

  • dogg

    Joss Whedon: Leader of the Avengers.

  • Mad Dog Tannen

    I hope you all sat through ALL the “Avengers” credits. Worth your while.

  • Max

    My bet is on May 2015

    • Strong Enough

      nope. too soon.

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  • Alexx

    First of all I think you praise Whedon too much. Guy who practically destroyed Alien franchise, and who actually started crappy vampire stories like we have today with Buffy, guy who desperately wanted to mix cowboys and space with horrendous Firefly.
    WTF, any director could have done the same or even better with Avengers given the material. Avengers was for years one of the hottest properties anyone wanted to see made. So I had no surprise it broke records. But lets be honest – there’s absolutely nothing to Avengers we haven’t already seen. Superhero crap, superhero egos, superhero conflict, superhero secrets, superhero cliches…. This is exact kind of movie which satisfies short attention spans of US teens these days – superhero story, Scarlet’s tits, some explosions and thats it. If you made the EXACT same movie, with some OTHER “secret team” (not Avengers), result would be completely different. But since these are Avengers – it broke records. I still cant figure on what did they spent 220 million dollars making this movie.
    Whether you like it or not this movie falls into same category like Transformers, Battleship, John Carter etc. – a blockbuster, no-brainer with eye-popping CGI. But everyone keeps glorifying it just because its about iconic US superhero team. All I see is continuous brainwashing with these kind of superhero movies. Idiocracy at its finest.
    At least we will have an intelligent movie this year, the one movie which will hopefully restore SciFi genre to its former glory, from the superhero pit it has fallen into. The movie is Prometheus. I suggest you go see it. Although I think for most of those who liked Avengers, they gray matter they call brain just cant cope with something intellectually more challenging.

  • Sugreev2001

    Hopefully,Disney wont run the series into the ground like POTA…something that the company is infamous for.

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  • seito

    omg, give us a moment to breathe! avengers breaking bespoke records, avengers plugging target, avengers selling insurance, avengers on general hospital. you’re raping my eyes!!

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  • Brandon A

    What do you think of the list I compiled?

    Iron Man 3……………………………2013
    Thor 2……………………………….2013
    Captain America 2……………………..2014
    Black Widow/Hawkeye……………………2014
    Black Panther…………………………2015
    The Incredible HULK 2………………….2014/2015
    Dr. Strange…………………………..2015
    Guardians of the Galaxy………………..2016
    The Incredible HULK 3………………….2016/2017
    The AVENGERS 2………………………..2016
    Thor 3……………………………….2017
    Captain America 3……………………..2017
    Iron Man ……………………………….2017

    This would be lovely for the future. Plus if The Avengers are going to face Thanos they definitely need to power up!

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  • the ultavenger

    please tell the producers to take their time. This movie better not suck like iron man 2 did.

  • Dragoon11792

    The new Spider-man has some convenient timing. Do you think he’ll be in the next, or possibly a later Avengers movie?

    • Savior0420

      no not convenient at all. After everything fell though with Rami and Maguire they had to put the rush on a reboot, or else Sony would lose the rights and they would revert back to marvel. Sony will not let go of spidy. Even if they have to reboot again, they will hold it tightly, maybe they can work something out to get him in the Marvel cinematic universe, but I doubt it…..

  • El_tigre

    What do u guys think about any of the X-Men joining the Avengers since Wolverine is a main character in the comics book

  • Brad

    Alexx your the kind of person who needs to keep his opinion to his self, you are an idiot. People are entitled to enjoy what they want with out people like you making stupid comments to belittle them. I personly think prometheus was poorly made. It makes me wonder if you are just another tree hugger.

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