Editorial: Marvel Needs to Re-Hire Joss Whedon for THE AVENGERS 2

     May 11, 2012


“Marvel needs to re-hire Joss Whedon for The Avengers 2.”  How does this require an editorial?  It’s such an obvious statement.  Not only did the movie have the most successful opening-weekend gross of all-time, but it was also successful among critics.  Why would you risk losing a single piece?  Why jeopardize a formula that delivered such a resounding commercial and critical success?  What studio would do such a thing?

Marvel would.  Their hit-it-and-quit-it relationship with directors has served them well in terms of keeping costs down and making the productions run smoothly.  No one rocks the boat, no one gets a pay bump for the sequel, and no director becomes bigger than the property he is directing.  From a business standpoint, it’s a sensible trend.  But it’s a trend that shouldn’t continue when it comes to The Avengers franchise.  Hit the jump for my explanation of what Marvel stands to gain from hanging on to Joss Whedon.

joss-whedon-avengers-2-sequel-hawkeye-bowBefore I begin, I want to make the disclaimer that this editorial is based on the assumption that Whedon wants to write and direct The Avengers 2.

On the surface, it’s a little strange for a studio to ditch the director who made any of their franchises a success.  Even a reputable journeyman director like Joe Johnston had something to add to Captain America: The First Avenger by giving the movie an old-fashioned adventure vibe.  Dutch angles aside, Kenneth Branagh found a way to successfully integrate a larger-than-life character like Thor into a realistic context.  Granted, that integration involved sacrificing the superhero’s superpowers for most of the movie, but Branagh brought Asgard to life and helped stretch the bounds of the Marvel Movie Universe.  Neither director will return for the sequels.

Marvel wanted to give the same treatment to Jon Favreau when it came to Iron Man 2.  Favreau had basically launched Marvel Studios into a place of strength, and the studio repaid him by low-balling his salary for the sequel.  The director was on the verge of being replaced, but the fans rallied to bring him back.  Unfortunately, the result was a highly compromised and rushed production that fell well short of expectations.  But the larger point is this: why fight with Favreau in the first place?  Why not throw him some extra money and keep the fans happy?

Granted, Favreau had more of a journeyman style.  He knows how to handle comedy, action, and characters, but there’s no stamp where people instantly know “This is a Jon Favreau movie.”  Branagh and Johnston put a little more visual distinction into their respective pictures, but those styles can be replicated (although I hope Alan Taylor ditches the canted angles for Thor 2).  If Marvel decides to move forward on a new Hulk movie, director Louis Leterrier didn’t leave any stamp on the franchise so he’s easily replaceable.  None of these men did anything particularly wrong, but they weren’t essential either.  From a business perspective, Marvel could get away with replacing them and the fans would accept the change (the disappointment of Iron Man 2 probably made Favreau’s departure more palatable to fans).

the-avengers-2-sequel-joss-whedon-captain-america-shieldJoss Whedon is a cut above his fellow Marvel directors.  He’s the only one who got free-reign over the script, and so The Avengers was already ahead because it had a single voice rather than the rotating stable of credited and uncredited writers who usually cycle through a blockbuster production.  There’s one voice in The Avengers, and it’s unmistakably Whedon’s.  He’s not copy-pasting his previous characters onto Earth’s Mightiest Heroes;  he’s simply using the snappy and at times self-deprecating dialogue that has served him well so many times before.  Of course, Whedon has never been one to avoid a big rousing speech, and Avengers has those too.

Whedon isn’t just a master of writing memorable, quippy dialogue.  He understands group dynamics, competing personalities, and bringing them together into a team.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were about a group of misfits fighting a greater evil, and each season of those shows have a “Big Bad”.  Firefly still has the team dynamic but the show never had enough time to develop a single enemy per season (Serenity had to finish up the job with the fight against the Reavers).  The Avengers is arguably a cut above these TV series since The Avengers doesn’t have a leader.  Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) may be the biggest character, but everyone contributes.  The character who leads the rallying cry, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), doesn’t even step onto the battlefield.

the-avengers-2-sequel-chris-hemsworth-joss-whedonFinally, Whedon proved he could direct action on a massive scale.  I am more than willing to admit when I’ve made a mistake, and I was absolutely wrong when I said Joss Whedon was the wrong choice to director The Avengers.  I cited his lack of experience in directing feature films, and how this was a major gamble for Marvel.  The gamble paid off and Whedon directed the climactic battle sequence like an old pro.  He kept the camera moving, the scenery dynamic, and knew how to shoot every character’s superpower to maximum effect.

After proving his skill at writing and directing the biggest superhero movie of all-time, it’s only logical to re-hire the guy who crafted it.  Unfortunately, Hollywood is an illogical beast.  Whedon is now in a position to make demands.  Presumably, he’ll want a higher salary.  He may also want more time to get the script right before charging into production.  As for the question of creative freedom, that’s a bit trickier since he’ll be confined by what happens in the Marvel movies that come before The Avengers 2 unless Marvel lets him in on their plans.

Granted, The Avengers didn’t succeed simply because it was “A Joss Whedon Film”.  It succeeded because it was the culmination of four other commercially successful superhero movies (The Incredible Hulk underperformed, but shuttling it off to the side and recasting the role probably helped), and because 3D inflated the gross.  But word-of-mouth also matters, and you don’t get to a $207 million opening weekend with people going around and telling their friends, “It’s good, not great.”  People would still flock to see the movie, but they wouldn’t make the point of seeing it opening weekend.  Geeks may fill up the midnight screenings, but it’s the mainstream that needs to be convinced to see a 142-minute movie about superheroes.

the-avengers-2-sequel-mark-ruffalo-joss-whedonMarvel has never spit in the face of the geek-faithful, and they knew that hiring Whedon to direct The Avengers would be a savvy move.  And they were 100% right.  I saw the film at a midnight screening and during the closing credits, Whedon’s name got the loudest applause.  This is a movie with Robert Downey Jr., one of the most popular leading actors today and gets some of the movie’s best lines, and he didn’t get as much love as Joss Whedon.  Whedon’s name mattered before the movie, and now it matters even more.

It’s a name Marvel needs to keep.  Any major studio can make a superhero movie.  Only Marvel can make The Avengers.  It’s the only game in town when it comes to a mega-superhero movie, and it will be until Warner Bros. can get their act together and make a Justice League movie (and judging by the progress on Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern 2, that’s not likely to happen any time soon).  If The Avengers is truly Marvel’s marquee franchise, then they need a marquee name and now they have one.

For all their stumbling with their other franchises, Warner Bros. has given Christopher Nolan the treatment he deserves with Batman.  After he delivered The Dark Knight, they kept him happy by funding and giving him time to make Inception even though it would cause a four-year delay until the next Batman movie.  They made the deal because A) he made a wildly successful movie, and B) he now had the fans on his side.  When faced with the choice of waiting for The Dark Knight Rises or rushing out the next Batman with a cheaper director, Warner Bros. chose to wait and they’ll be rewarded for it in July.  TDKR won’t make as much as The Avengers on opening weekend, but that’s because it’s not in 3D.  But if the movie’s good, it will have legs, and everyone who sees it on a conventional screen will probably rush out to see it in IMAX if they didn’t see it in IMAX the first time.

avengers-2-sequel-cobie-smulders-joss-whedonMajor studios aren’t in the business of being magnanimous or even holding on to creative integrity.  They’re in the business of making money, and it would be naïve and unreasonable to expect otherwise.  Re-hiring Joss Whedon is the smart business play because he has made himself inseparable from The Avengers.  Nothing will stop The Avengers 2 from being a major financial success, but its profits will likely fall short of the original because no one else can replicate Whedon’s style, and his absence will be felt throughout the sequel.  Audiences will likely tell their friends “good, but not as good as the first one.”

Additionally, getting Whedon back will not only strengthen The Avengers brand but Marvel’s as well.  It says to audiences, “Our top franchise deserves a top tier director, and we have one.”  Marvel can get away with hiring people from TV for their other superheroes movies, and they got away with it for The Avengers.  But a record-breaking opening weekend changes the game.  You can’t turn back on The Avengers 2 and say “The sequel will be even bigger and better than the original, but it won’t be worth of a name director.”

Directors don’t always matter.  Gary Ross gave a strong voice and clear tone to The Hunger Games, but there’s not a core audience backing him up just because he’s Gary Ross.  Joss Whedon matters to the Marvel faithful, and he respected their trust by living up to gigantic expectations.  The Avengers 2 isn’t a reward.  It’s recognition, and Marvel need to recognize that holding on to Joss Whedon is a far better proposition than finding another director for a one-film-stand.

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  • JLC

    They could get another director, but I absolultely agree that Whedon must write Avengers 2. In fact, I’d make him the John Lasseter of Marvel movies and have him oversee the lot. But if that’s not possible, at least lock him up for the A2 script.

    • mee

      100% agree. joss did an amazing job writing and staging action sequences, but honestly it could have been streamlined a little more. the script was amazing, but a little too self-indulgent at times. my dream would be to get joss to write the script, and get a big name director to streamline the story and cut the ‘fat’ from the script to make a perfect avengers movie.

    • John

      THIS. I wouldn’t mind if they brought in a director with a stronger visual sense (cause lets face it, the cinematography in Avengers was boring as shit), but it simply won’t be a true Avengers movie if it doesn’t have that Whedon dialouge and character development.

      Also, bring him on as a producer.

    • ???

      Okay, was Joss Whedon really that great? The film was good, not great. Whedon’s direction was solid and he was working with talents that already established these characters with other actors. It wasn’t like these actors did bad and then Whedon came along and they were mesmerizing. The script??? He had already established characters so it wasn’t that impressive on his part. Let’s give credit to the screenwriters who set up these characters in the lead up films, and the plot was very weak. Yes, he had already established characters and he had quick-quips and cheesy one-liners for the easy laughs (never a fan of too many one-liners), but was the plot to this film any better than what we hadn’t seen in Transformers in terms of alien robots attacking earth for an energy cube? The fact the alien robots were destroyed after the control ship was destroyed…hmmm, then was Lucas a great screenwriter for The Phantom Menace because that’s where I saw that the first time! Also, Thor’s introduction was forced, and the ending rushed. Would a great screenwriter have the line in the beginning where the scientist was like, “It’s Loki…brother of Thor!” Yeah, amazing dialog right there. Whedon was solid, but nothing more.

      • ANGEL

        Yes he was Great.. Action movie directors like him are rare! Just look at Michael Bay’s stupid A** direction of The Transformers movies!! Michael turned perfectly good action heroes into his own personal fantasy, instead of focusing on the Transformers and the Story, he focused on his teenage wet dreams. Whereas Josh Whedon focused on every character, the story telling, and the action, making this a great movie!!

  • Alex

    This just seems pretty redundant. Everyone knows this.

  • Joe

    Collider should start a series of Avengers 2 director contest. March Madness style. IDK but something that can interestingly examine how right Whedon is for leading the next battle.

  • KBeat

    While I certainly agree hiring Whedon would be the wise move on Marvel’s part, I don’t think they’ll have the chance to do so. Whedon sounds very unenthusiastic about writing and directing the sequel. I think he’ll use the clout to do his projects, not another Marvel film.

  • Spock Jenkins

    I agree with KBEAT, though I would hope he and Marvel would agree for him to at least sherpherd the next Avengers movie, I fear Marvel will burn their bridges as they so often do…

  • Pocketses

    Th…this water…

    My god…

    IT’S WET!!!!!!!!!

    This breaking news is brought to you by the department of redundancy department.

  • CL

    I hear it was Joss’s idea to put Thanos in the movie. I personally think going cosmic in Avengers 2 is a bad idea. The weakest parts of the Avengers for me were the Loki talking to the aliens on the asteroid scenes. Hate to say it but i got a little bit of Power Rangers vibe from it. I would rather whoever writes/directs it keep it on Earth

    • That Film Nerd

      hahahaahaha I also thought of power rangers when those scenes came up. I couldn’t take those scenes seriously

    • Ned

      Funny, I thought Cap. Am. looked like a Power ranger

    • william

      Can you imagine Whedon doing a Power Rangers reebot for the big screen??!!

  • Matt

    They should give Joss a showrunner style role for the Marvel movies.

  • Matthew

    Yes, yes, a hundred times: YES.

  • Ned

    Only if he agrees to change Cap.’s custome.

  • AvengerFanatic

    being that everything going forward will be disney based, one name to keep an eye on for avengers 2 if whedon bows out is Brad Bird…………….

    • Judson


  • Dave

    This is going to sound crazy, but I would like to see Michael Mann direct the next one. He did a great job with Heat which was a huge ensemble piece on both sides of the criminals and cops. I’d like to see a massive serious Avengers movie without going too jokey or dark.

    • Judson


    • Singularity

      Love Michael Mann. Not the right director, IMO.

  • Rickey G

    I’ll bet that they change Hawkeye’s suit to resemble the comic in the next one. He’ll make a joke about wanting to fit in and look cool like his fellow Avengers. Something along the lines of “u all get people to dress up like u on Halloween and nobody wants to be Hawkeye. I’m cool too, damnit!” Something like that…but funny.

  • Spanky

    So first you say Marvel took a gamble on hiring him, then later say that they knew exactly what they were doing… gotcha

    It was not a ‘major gamble’ hiring him, only to you in your own opinion it was

    And all I hear is this talk on comments and rumor mills about Favreau being low-balled for IM2, where are the facts to support this claim? Also, as good a job as he did on the first IM, he was still not a big name director with a solid track record.. IM2 and Cowboys & Aliens showed us that he is just average

    • Fred

      or that on IM2 marvel were too involved. If in fact they made him push SHIELD in all over IM2. It was not good story telling to have Sam Jacson show up 3 or more times in that movie, just bad.

  • wacko3205

    Loved Iron Man, actually dug Iron Man 2, disappointed in (not hated) Cowboys & Aliens, & actually loved the Avengers.

    I’m on my lonesome in regards to the Alien invasion/Thanos bit.

    Personally I think that for Marvel to go into “the next level” of comic films is to actually go Cosmic with things like the Infinity Gauntlet & Secret Wars/Secret Invasion story lines…or maybe Fear Itself.

    Go big or go bust…if they don’t…its just the same ole comics bullshit.

  • Junierizzle

    Well yeah. You can crucify me if you want but action wise, Whedon didn’t do anything special. It was on par with the action in Iron Man. So yes, he can be replaced. Whedon’s talent was most on display in the dialogue scenes. He should write the sequel at least. If not him then they should take the time to have a good script.

    Of course Marvel isn’t going to pay him more. Whedon rightfully so should demand a raise. I don’t see him caving and doing it for cheap like Favreau did. He looks better walking away. I think he would only do it for cheap if he had total control. But even with total control it’s like a slap in the face not to get more money.

  • Brandon Avery

    What do you think of the list I compiled?

    Iron Man 3……………………………2013
    Thor 2……………………………….2013
    Captain America 2……………………..2014
    Black Widow/Hawkeye……………………2014
    Black Panther…………………………2015
    The Incredible HULK 2………………….2014/2015
    Dr. Strange…………………………..2015
    Guardians of the Galaxy………………..2016
    The Incredible HULK 3………………….2016/2017
    The AVENGERS 2………………………..2016
    Thor 3……………………………….2017
    Captain America 3……………………..2017
    Iron Man…………………………………2017

    This would be lovely for the future. Plus if The Avengers are going to face Thanos they definitely need to power up!

    • lulzatron

      You have 10 marvel movies coming out between 2014 and 2016. Dream on buddy. Dream on.

      • Fairita

        It’s actually 9. At least, Jackson has signed on for 9 movies, and Ruffalo for 6. So this schedule isn’t THAT out there.

  • ozzie

    The few interviews I have seen with Joss lead me to believe he doesn’t want to direct another Avengers film … whenever asked he deflects the question by saying how much this one took out of him and he needs to take a break.

  • Sean

    Regardless of who ends up writing or directing, I hope the proper amount of time is given for Avengers 2 to come to fruition. The build to The Avengers was thought out and carefully handled. That intentionality gave us five films that were either good or great and a crossover that is the studio’s best film yet.

    There are many capable writers and directors that can contribute to the Marvel universe. For me, it’s not so much the names involved as it is the final product that matters. I want Avengers 2 as soon as possible, but I’d wait four years if it means the film can be just as developed as it’s predecessor.

  • Singularity

    With all due respect to Joss Whedon for writing some great scenes, I felt the overall plot for Avengers was weak.

    The film doesn’t need to be as super-serious as TDKR, but a little more skeleton to hang some meat on would have been nice.

    There was a real lack of relateable menace to Avengers. Even the aliens themselves didn’t represent anything ominous or prescient.

    The best use of the properties would next be Marvel: Civil War. It would continue to draw characters together as part of a single universe, while creating a timely and compelling drama.

    • rooster joke

      For f*ck sakes stop comparing this to the Dark Knight Rises, they are two different movies. That said it’s interesting to see the reactions now,seeing how Tom Hardy isn’t dead hahahaha why so serious?

      • Singularity

        It’s useful to compare the two. They are contrasting archetypes, in many ways, and they will serve as blueprints on future films.

  • Nirvanaboy

    I’ve seen Avengers twice now, and I couldn’t agree with you more

  • Nirvanaboy


  • aaronsullivan

    I agree with the notions of getting him to write the next Avengers and maybe take a shepherding role on some of the other movies, but not because of any lack of skilled direction in this movie.

    Making any movie good is a hugely difficult and tricky proposition. Joss pulled off a movie that had to battle impossible expectations and the problem of too many stars/characters. He pulled it off with style and grace, I’d say.

    No, I’d just rather see Joss continue to work on new things and other dreams. I think his best work will come out that way. Let Avengers 2 gave his writing so that voice of the characters is consistent and witty and gripping, but let another director try and pull off the next one.

    Unless, Joss decides he really wants to do it again. If he REALLY wants to do it wholeheartedly, I hope Marvel would do what it took to get that done.

    BTW, it sure seems easy to throw directors under the bus these days. Making a movie is so complex that pinning the success or failure of one on a particular person doesn’t seem sensible. Sometimes the constraints a director is given make a great or even good movie impossible. Same goes for writers, actors, producers, etc.

  • Dscrote

    This is the first time that I have read a Matt Goldberg author and not wanted to douse my computer in gasoline and fling out the window. I completely agree on every single point, and for that, I take back a handful of the nasty things I have said about you, Matt. Amazing editorial, sir, and I will try not be so down on anything else you post (unless you give me good reason).

    • MR.Rich316

      Why would you douse it with gasoline just to throw it out the window?

  • Strong Enough

    they need someone with STYLE AND SUBSTANCE

    Joss is a great writer but a flat director. The only thing that blew me away was the long tracking shot at the end.

    Let Joss write it and bring in someone who can add some flair and visual spark to it.

    Fanboys don’t attack me! :)

    • Randy

      I agree that Joss is a better writer than he is a director, but he’s still a great director. In terms of creating stunning visuals, he’s fairly weak (though the sweeping shot in the final battle is definitely my favorite action sequence of all time). However, as a director he is fantastic at getting the actors to deliver their scenes perfectly.

      I’m not belittling the work of the actors. Joss makes mediocre actors great, and he makes fantastic actors even better.

      But I do agree – Marvel needs Joss to do the script for Avengers 2, but he’s slightly more replaceable as a director. And based on everything Joss has said, they will need to replace him.

  • theprodigalsun

    I couldn’t physically agree more with this article. Having been a long time fan of Joss’ TV series, both his directorial and writing work, I was first and foremost an HUGE comic book fan. Captain America was whom I looked up to as much as Bruce Lee, and for growing up when I did, that’s saying something. But still, I was terrified. I had heard it wouldn’t be cinematic, I feared it would be lost in such a jumble of different characters and abstract characterizations. Well……..I was wrong. It ended up being not only my favorite Marvel movie, but, quite possibly my favorite Comic book movie of all time (yeah, I have to be honest. It’s super trite, but I REALLY liked the Dark Knight.) But for to bring so many complex characters and huge actors together, with the shots and angles he did, the breadth of humanity and humor? I thought it would have been impossible….. But Joss did it. Sure, no film is perfect. The plot was a kinda simple. However, even then I could recognize that with so many huge persona’s, to do them justice, the plot had to be streamlined. It went big AND went home. It brought out the big guns. Aliens invasions. Destruction. Personal loss.

    Keep Joss Whedon. He directed an epic, one which we could have all been tearing apart if handled incorrectly, and he handled it both on a technical level and a personal one. Please Marvel, make Joss yours, and I’ll keep making Marvel mine.

  • Bill

    Just having come back from the second viewing of the film, by far it’s the tight Joss Whedon script that makes the film deliver. Scenes flow into each other perfectly.

    I would love to see Joss Whedon return for Part 2 BUT I’m gonna bet it’s all up to him really.

    Now IF Whedon can’t/doesn’t return for Avengers Part 2 I’d put my full support behind BRAD BIRD as director. He also excels at pacing, snappy dialogue, ensemble pieces, & has proven himself to be an excellent geek & action director.

    Hell, he directed what is STILL the best superhero film of all time – THE INCREDIBLES.

  • Brett


  • Bonobo

    Howabout we just get David Fincher to direct it and Aaron Sorkin to write it, and we let Whedon do another awesome original TV series – but this time on HBO, so he can have real control and time to build an audience, and we can have real violence and language? Eh? Eehhh?

    • Bonobo

      Or Brad Bird, I’m up for that too.

  • JPA

    Yes. Especially after he told what tone we would want for the sequel. It sounds amazing. Marvel,please don’t screw this up.

  • Joe

    Guys, I’m just thinking out aloud here…

    I wonder if the Avengers is overrated. I mean it is a good film but is it really that great?

    Personally enjoyed watching it but I can’t shake off the feeling that true superlatives are unwarranted.

    What do you think?

    • Singularity

      I agree here, Joe.

    • Carlos

      Agreed as well.

  • Carlos

    WTF was the point of this?

    • Matt Goldberg

      What’s the point of anything I write?

  • ladyhelix

    They have no hold on Joss. To “keep him”, “Lock him up” or “Re-hire” him would require he either be under contract or interested. Right now he is neither.

    But we can dream!!

  • Jeff

    Is Michael Bay available? Maybe Uwe Boll can fit this into his schedule

    • ANGEL

      Are you crazy!! The only thing Michael Bay is fit to direct is the next Victory Secret Runway show!!

  • chris

    Mr goldberg, this has to be one of the best thought out and well written articles i have ever read and i applause you for it.

    Walking out today seeing the avengers for the second time. i was ranting to a friend saying OMG i hope a sequel does not suffer the marvel fate. well i love marvel comics and their characters movie wise, they have let me down.

    not casting, not directing, it’s as you said constant problems with directors. Did blade need 3 different directors? did we need to lose favreau for iron man 3? do we REALLY need a spidey reboot? and for god sakes ok a new hulk movie, who is gona be Bruce banner THIS time?

    at least downey has 2 iron mans and a avengers movie, with IM 3 coming out. but as a fan i grow tired of the constant hollywood nonsene and just make the films we love without screwing up a franchise.

    as you said what Nolan did with batman i will never forget. my only anger comes from CMON make 10 more lol. I was the same with speculation about Mr. Whedon directing this film, but my god i was so glad to be proven wrong and wow he should win a dam oscar for this film.

    say what you want about super heroe movies, but you don’t make the biggest film of all time without deserving some kind of award. Let’s hope and pray marvel finally sees the error of their ways because i am not seeing spiderman out of loyalty to raimi and tobey and if joss doesn’t come back for Avengers 2, then well ill wait for dvd.

    As you said fan loyalty is the only thing marvel understands.

    • V

      Yes, we need a Spidey reboot because the Raimi films, while getting the core of the character and mythos right, was just a shell of everything that makes Spider-Man such a beloved icon. If you truly are a Spider-Man fan, you should be well aware that Tobey Maguire was not the definitive Peter Parker, Kirsten Dunst was DEFINITELY NOT the superstar breakout character of the series who is Mary Jane Watson from the comics and on top of that, Raimi was planning to give more of the same for the fourth movie. Anne Hathaway as Felicia Hardy who was the Vulture’s daughter Vulturess and not Black Cat?!?

      Though I don’t know whether Webb is the right choice to direct and Andrew Garfield, though a spitting image of Peter Parker from the comics and a brilliant actor, may be a bit old for the role especially if they decide to extend the franchise to five or six movies. Hope my reservations are proven wrong once July swings by! I agree with the non Spidey related parts of your post though and as a fellow fan of the wisecracking webhead, kindly request you to reconsider your stance on not watching “The Amazing Spider-Man” just out of loyalty to Raimi/Maguire. Peace out.

  • Matthew Fabb

    As a few others have mentioned, from interviews it sounds like Whedon is a bit tired and wants a break. So I think whether or not he wants to do an Avengers sequel will be dependent on when they want Avengers 2 to come out. Give him time and I think Whedon will want to do it again.

    Also as others have mentioned the villain revealed in the first post-credits scene was apparently all Whedon’s idea (I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who still hasn’t seen it). That character one of his favorite villains from one of his favorite Avengers comics. I think Whedon would jump at the chance to work with that character.

  • cd

    He’s tired now? After just filming this movie? Whedon reminds me of a guy who does very little in terms of scheduling but is overly praised for what little that he does. Like Frank Darabont.

  • Sal

    I loved the Avengers. For me both Iron man movies were for kids under 13 just like the spiderman ones. The Hulk movies were stupid and then we come to some better matterial. Thor which was little weak for me and Captain America which was by far the best of these series of movies. Because of them been weak I didn’t have great expectations with Avengers but I was blown away by it! Alright it had its weaknesses too. It was a little animated if you like. Like any disney movie but it made me like even Iron Man -smt I never thought would happen. The Iron man movies made me disslike Robert Downey- The rest of the team was awesome too. I wish it was a more worldwide adventure because this movie doesn’t appeal only to American audience. The movie was awesome because Whedon is awesome. He is a passionate director and writer who builds sstrong characters and makes great movies. I wish the audience would appreaciate his original work more. That is why I want him to return -although I’d rather we work together on my script for a great Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie- but he needs to ask for less money. Because lets be honest Brett Ratner could have directed this and it would have been terrible but it would still make money. Disney it’s not only about the money. It’s about making a great movie too! Thank you!

  • Spock Jenkins

    AVENGERS II: The Secret Wars.

    ‘Nuff Said.

  • Dogdirt

    If I was Whedon I’d hold out for the Batman “reboot” calling card which will be winging its way to him after the final Nolan entry this summer.

  • CL

    #1 Reason why Joss Whedon will be back for Avengers 2 is because Marvel ain’t stupid.

    There’s a reason why Nolans, Bays and Raimis are continued their own record-breaking trilogies. Studios know that it ain’t easy to replicate those numbers. Avengers is a record breaking movie. Heading into the Top 10 of all time right now. Sequels in that list don’t change directors. I’m sure Marvel won’t be the first to break that trend.

  • terry

    The movie was good not great.
    Plot holes everywhere act!Banner inflated into the Hulk. I was expecting him to morph into the Hulk with all the bells and whistles. Nope! He went to the effing gas station and inserted that air pump up his rectum.
    And why didn’t those aliens head for the suburbs and the projects?
    And the president of the United States didn’t come on tv to say, “Oh shit!”.
    I enjoyed the last two installments of Harry Potter than the Avengers.

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  • catch22

    Loved the Avengers. Tight script, entertaining. I usually find action sequences tedious, but I loved the closing battle in the Avengers. I even saw it twice in the theatre.

    I will actually boycott the sequel in the theatres if Joss Whedon isn’t hired to direct it. He is quite simply one of the most overlooked (until now) directors in Hollywood. He is a combination of Tarantino and Cameron.

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