THE AVENGERS Earns $18.7 Million in Midnight Showings; Breaks Superhero Movie Record

     May 4, 2012


Hulk smash records, indeed.  After a long, long, long wait for many fans, The Avengers has finally been unleashed on screens across the world.  As with most highly anticipated properties, a considerable number of fans took the opportunity to catch the film at midnight last night—some brave souls even sat through the 13-hour Marvel Movie Marathon leading up to the midnight screening.  I don’t think my body could withstand the latter, but I did catch a midnight showing and I wholeheartedly loved nearly every second of writer/director Joss Whedon‘s “mother of all superhero movies.”  The film raked in an impressive $18.7 million in midnight tickets, making it the highest grossing midnight showing for a superhero title thus far, besting The Dark Knight’s $18.5 million take in 2008 (your move, The Dark Knight Rises).  Hit the jump for more.

avengers-movie-posterWhile the $18.7 million gross is no slouch, the film does have the advantage of 3D screenings that result in higher ticket prices.  Moreover, that number only brings the film to the eight position in the “all-time midnight showing” list.  The film that holds that title is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, which earned a jaw-dropping $43.5 million from midnight showings last year, leading to a weekend take of $169.2 million—currently the highest opening weekend of all time.

The Avengers is benefiting from both wildly enthusiastic interest from the fanboy community, as well as stellar reviews from critics (read Matt’s rave review here).  Furthermore, Disney’s massive marketing campaign has ensured that there’s nary a human left in the United States who hasn’t been inundated with images, trailers, toys, and soda cups carrying the Avengers moniker.  As for that all-time weekend record, Whedon’s all-star superhero pic is poised to debut at around $158.4 million this weekend.  That number would put it just behind the final Harry Potter chapter as the second highest grossing film ever.

Marvel and Disney are likely over the moon at the moment, as the film has already grossed nearly $300 million in international box office after an early overseas debut.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it holds the number one spot at the box office for more than a few more weekends, as its only serious competition will come towards the end of the month with Men in Black 3.  Audiences have been responding just as enthusiastically to the film—if not moreso—than critics, so The Avengers should enjoy some great word of mouth (for those dumb enough not to want to see it in the first place).

Be sure to check back over the weekend for real-time updates on the film’s box office take.  That $158 million is merely a guesstimate, so we could see something higher or lower come Sunday.  With a number of high profile titles slated for release later this year, including the sure-to-be record breaking Dark Knight Rises, 2012 is shaping up to be an incredibly lucrative year at the movies.


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  • El Alto

    Avengers canNOT do better than Batman.

    It wont happen, I pray to my Christopher Nolan shrine and sacrifice the blood of many a virgin (not hard to find in my circle) and pray to the all mighty Dark-Night that this will not happen.

    It is a competition after all.

    • batman

      This has to be the dumbest comment I have ever read. They’re both awesome, shut the **** up and stop being a butthurt Nolan fanboy over which one will make more money than the other. I can’t believe people obsess over crap like this.

      • luke

        You do realize this person is being sarcastic and probably a Marvel troll?

        No Batman fan would misspell “Dark-Night” and pray to Nolan. That’s only what Marvel trolls think about Batman fans.

      • El Alto

        I’m a Marvel and Nolan troll (I’ve watched Batman Begins and All of the Avenger prequels this week).

        And, yes, it was sarcasm ;)

  • Jon

    Don’t think dkr will beat avengers it has a wider audience base

  • Lance

    Fellas, fellas, fellas! When all is said and done, Avengers and Dark Knight Rises are going to be champions, no matter who gets the bragging rights of being No. 1.

    Spider-Man’s the one that’s got to be sweating it right now. Yeah, it’ll _probably_ do big numbers, but I think it’s also the one with at least an outside chance of doing the John Carter belly-flop, at least domestically. So little excitement amongst the fan base for this thing, and those outside probably won’t even know it’s not a continuation from Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

  • Vickthur

    I honestly didn’t start liking The Avengers until the shot of them in a circle as the camera pans around them. I laughed at all the jokes, but for the first hour and half I just kept feeling disappointed. I really hope it was just me being tired at midnight. I’m going to see it again soon to make sure it was just me being tired. With all that said I do think The Dark Knight Rises will beat The Avengers at the box office. I am biased, but I honestly think that. Nothing to do with which movie is better. Not trying to get into that argument.

  • dpramroop

    i thought titanic is the second highest gross ever, maybe i’m wrong

  • Michael

    I was one of those people who went to see it last night and was really impressed. It was exactly what everyone was saying it was going to be plus more. Hulk steals the show, the comedy was superb, and the overall movie was as it is being touted, the best Marvel movie to date. Now, will this beat out the Dark Knight Rises when it opens at the end of July? I doubt it, but who knows? It’s definitely worth going to see and is a great way to kick off the summer. Oh, and if you haven’t been told already, stay until the bitter end! The scene at the end is a great set-up for round two and the final shot is fantastic considering everything this team had gone through for two and a half hours.

  • carlabasilio_bhw

    You are so dumb.
    Comparing the opening of the TDK in 2D with the avengers in 3D.
    You are so desperate, that almost make me cry.
    but I’m glad when they try to compare the 2012 Avengers with a 2008 movie, shows how much despair runs in your veins
    you guys are comparing a movie for children with a work of art/masterpiece, wake up to life…lol

    • Cartersvillevol

      Ah, yes. The work of art mumble-fest that will be the Dark Knight Rises.

  • carlabasilio_bhw

    this is a popcorn movie…will be forgotten very soon. beside the awesome special effects, and some very good jokes, there are nothing more to offer, very bad plot.

    • luke

      Exactly, a lot of stupid movies make a ton of money. Start bragging if Avengers actually wins some awards.

  • Byrd

    The highest grossing midnight showing for a superhero movie? Wow, that is one impressive milestone. John Carter was the highest-grossing Mars centric, FNL-alumnus-starring Andrew Stanton movie of all time. And here I thought that film bombed.

  • junierizzle

    I was at a midnight show and the line was around the block. I thought it would crush THE Dark Knight’s record. It is surprising it barely beat it, so Id say TDKR has a shot to reclaim the top spot.

    As for the movie, I enjoyed it. It was funny, great chemistry between the Avengers and the action was good. But I wouldn’t call it the “Mother of all Superhero movies” For me, that title still belongs to The Dark Knight.

  • CanIHaveASlice?

    Awesome. I can’t wait to see this. I avoid opening night/weekends for big releases because the crowds are usually unbearable, but I am amped up. This and the Hobbit are my two most anticipated films of the year. Glad to hear all the positive feedback.

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  • ajgr

    great!! deserves every penny is getting. the final action scene is the best in ANY comic-book movie. seen it twice, gonna see it again next week. 9/10.

  • C138

    The Avengers was good, but I think people are getting carried away by labeling it the greatest superhero/comic book movie ever made. I don’t think I would even rank it as one of the top 5 the genre has to offer.

  • Mansoor

    I don’t care who makes more money avenger or batman.
    Thank God finally i am able to see some awesome movies.

    • Ur mom

      I know!! I don’t care who gets the biggest record, I just want Breaking Dawn to BE DESTROYED!! >:D

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  • indrit

    who on this fucking would hug hulk