Marvel and ABC Pursuing a Drama Series Set in THE AVENGERS Universe

     July 29, 2012

the avengers tv series

The Avengers is a bigger hit than Marvel even dared to dream.  Of course they are planning a sequel along with the many standalone superhero movies, but the studio has to ask what else they can do with the property beyond the silver screen.  It would be difficult to recreate the wonder of The Avengers on a television budget, but that doesn’t preclude Marvel from pursuing other stories in that setting.  Deadline reports that Marvel’s Television has started a dialogue with ABC and ABC Studios about making a live-action drama series set in the Avengers universe.  The project is in a very early stage of development and understandably may not include any of the superheroes.  Marvel is reportedly exploring several possible scenarios, including a high-concept cop show.

Marvel TV is also developing a Hulk series which could premiere on ABC as early as next season.  The animation division is very busy, juggling series based on The Avengers, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and X-Men.  Hit the jump for ideas about what the series could be.

code blue marvel

The first thing that came to mind when I heard “high-concept cop show” was Gotham Central, DC Comics’ series that focuses on the Gotham City Police Department and the difficulties in maintaining law and order in Batman’s home town.  Based on this forum, Marvel has a few comparable titles:

  • District X – A police procedural about the investigation of crimes committed by and against the mutant residents of the ghetto District X.
  • The Pulse – Centers on the people who work on “The Pulse,” a weekly section in the Daily Bugle newspaper that focuses on superheroes.
  • Code: Blue – Code: Blue is a New York City police SWAT team that is specially trained and equipped to deal with super-powered criminals.

Marvel could also make the S.H.I.E.L.D. series that Clark Gregg longs for.  All of these sound like interesting possibilities, but everything depends on what ABC Studios can realistically produce on a weekly basis.

Although it is set in a different universe, it’s worth noting that FX is developing a series adaptation of the Marvel comic Powers, which follows two homicide detectives who investigate cases that involve the superpowered.  However, FX is deciding whether they should reshoot the pilot or pass on the project, so Powers may never see the light of day.  Regardless, Marvel has enough irons in the fire that you’ll see something live-action from the comic book empire on your television in the near future.

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  • Mercury9

    They should do a DAMAGE CONTROL series based off the old MARVEL comics that dealt with the Clean-up crew in charge of dealing with the mess the SuperHeroes left behind.

  • Sugreev2001

    Their plan sounds awesome.

  • ScaredForMovies


    • Dannyboy3030


    • Marlena

      There is no such thing as overkilled superhero movies/tv shows!

  • bionicbookworm

    What, no Heroes for Hire? DareDevil? Immortal Weapons?

  • Dannyboy3030

    They could pull this off if the do it in the same vein as Item 47. Following Shield agents around cleaning up after the Avengers. It could really help flesh out back stories of ancillary characters and make for a very interesting second Avengers movie.

  • ozzie

    a super hero show with no super heroes … what a horrible idea.

  • patl

    So basically the next Terra Nova?

  • Strong Enough

    god damn Marvel has a bunch of fanboys over there working at corporate. I mean Guardians of the galaxy? the Avengers 2? TV Drama show about Avengers? only fanboy nerds could pull something off like that.

  • EBo Rises

    Everything after Avengers is basically shit and it goes downhill from there. DC has a real opportunity to take the spot light.

    • Mike

      Sorry, but DC doesn’t have a chance. The only “interesting” Justice League characters they have are Batman, Superman, and if you’re stretching… Flash and maybe Green Lantern. Marvel is lucky to have such a rich stable of heroes and villains that can take the front of a movie and make it interesting. DC has already proven, in their rush to get the Ryan Reynold’s GL movie and their impending doom of a JL flick that they have no idea what they’re doing unless Christopher Nolan is involved.

      Marvel can only keep rising, now that their only competition (“The Dark Knight” trilogy) is over.

      • EBo Rises

        I’ve been gay for batman/Bruce Wayne since i was a kid.

      • EBo Rises

        Just because you don’t know anything doesn’t mean they’re not interesting. DC’s comics and animations are still popular and sell well. Movies aren’t everything.

        Your points don’t make any sense because Incredible Hulk failed too. Don’t pretend everything Marvel touched was gold. That makes you a silly fanboy not worth considering.

        Marvel has to pull out all their obscure properties because they sold the rights to their main money makers: Spider-man & X-Men. Not sure if you even knew that.

      • TheRealBukzit

        Damn right!

  • Blargh

    Sounds like they’re doing the same thing as the Star Wars live action show, which is basically Star Wars without Jedis. Could be some potential there. No super heroes doesn’t mean no super villains though, does it?

  • frotha

    and this, my marvel friends, is where things start veering off into shithouse territory. Too much! Concentrate on A+ movies and not cheap-o series.

    • Joe


  • DRG_Shaggy

    As to a Marvel live action series the chance to do a She-Hulk series would be great as if they followed the 2004 comics arc most of it would stay within the courtroom scenes which should hopefully cut costs enough for them to do it properly.

    As to future DC productions I\\\’d personally like to see a Martian Manhunter film and feel that DC\\\’s strength is in there younger heroes such as Young Justice and Teen Titans which would allow them to bring in a younger age group and hope they bring their older siblings and parents with them.

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  • terry

    It sounds good on paper but it would just be too damn expensive to produce.That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it. I believe if this show did go into production it’ll over stay its welcome the first season.
    People are a little too damn hype because that mediocre movie made all that money. Yeah I sad mediocre.

  • Ed

    A super hero show without super herosis likea whorehouse without whores. No point to it. Destined to fail from the beginning.

  • Get Em

    I think this would be a fee better idea if they made it a mini series tlrather than a full show

  • Django9000
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  • aleew1

    some great ideas are being floated around. only problem is budget. i think that will kill some of those ideas. and some will be pulled if they aren`t making the networks money. it`s happening all the time these days. many good show with excellent rating are being pulled because of money. look at eureka for example; it wasn`t canceled because of rating, because ratings were good. it was canceled because the network (SYFY, who then blamed it on NBC) said they were not making any money off the show and couldn`t meet the shows budget. that`s why today you will see a show come out and 2,3 or maybe a few more episodes are shown and then canceled. the show could have good ratings and the TV audience likes it but the show in the networks opinion isn`t making it any money. so all these ideas about shows based of the Marvel Universe will probably end up like that Wonder Woman pilot that never aired or it just won`t see the light of day. and those that make it, if it doesn`t make whatever network it`s on some money; don`t expect it to be on long.

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  • Matt

    I certainly hope they don’t make another cop show; that seems to be all we have anymore, and adding a Marvel logo at the beginning won’t change that.
    Given that it’s network TV, I think they have a budget more than adequate enough to do a special effects filled show… especially if they use unknown actors. If the CW and MTV can have action shows with a lot of special effects, ABC can potentially do something 20x better. Also, considering there’d be no middle man, as ABC and Marvel are both a part of the same umbrella, you can add significantly more to their budget.
    I’d really like to see Fantastic Four, Dr Strange, or something to do with space.