First Images of Hot Toys’ “The Bat” Reveal One of the Biggest Collectibles Ever Made

     April 10, 2013


Though director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy came to a close last year with the release of The Dark Knight Rises, it appears that we’ll still be seeing material from the franchise for some time to come.  Hot Toys has posted a few curious images that tease the unboxing of a rather massive 1/6 scale model of “The Bat” from The Dark Knight Rises, revealing that Batman’s aerial vehicle could soon be yours.  No price is given, but one imagines this won’t exactly be cheap.  Pre-orders are expected to begin in the near future, so keep an eye out.

Hit the jump to take a look at some images of the “Bat” model.

Via Hot Toys.





  • Also a collectible item

    The toilet bowl Nolan shat the screenplay into and the scoop he used to fish it out with.

  • Old Soldier

    Good luck finding the Batman figure to go with it. The collectible ”toy” market is such a rip off now.

  • mattedscreen

    Actually the last I read, the 1/6 Bat was canceled for cost and shipping reasons. They got it to prototype, but they couldn’t crunch the numbers to get it workable at 1/6. The last I heard they shrunk it down to 1/12. These images, unless I am 100% off base(which I might be) could be from the prototype assembly from about a year ago now

  • Lance

    You know that prototype is going to be worth a mint someday. I’d buy that thing up now, if I had the scratch.

  • Robb B.

    I’d heard that too, mattedscreen. Last I heard the 1/6 version was canceled and a 1/12 version with six inch Batman and Catwoman figures is supposed to be on the way either in late 2013 or 2014. They did bring this giant beast around to some of the toy fairs, though. There are lots of pictures of it up in some HUGE diorama displays. Spectacular.