THE BOONDOCK SAINTS 3: LEGION Will Be Made if Troy Duffy Gets His Way

     September 2, 2014


Let’s hope that Troy Duffy keeps taking his time with his signature franchise since I could easily go the rest of my life without another Boondock Saints film.  I almost get the appeal of these movies in the sense that they position themselves as very much outside the PC Hollywood POV, but I think they’re garbage and I don’t think their misogynist immature hearts are in the right place at all.  But we could… could… be getting another one if Duffy has his way.

The title that he’s kicking around is The Boondock Saints 3: Legion, which apparently focusses on the McManus boys behind bars along with a cult of obtuse people outside the prison walls who take on their crime fighting mantle.  It’s also promised that the film will look at the origins of the McManii, showing us their “very first crime.”  We’ll see if he can get both Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus back this time seeing as the latter has blown up quite a bit since the last film came out in 2009.  Hit the jump for more on The Boondock Saints 3: Legion.

the-boondock-saints-3-legionDuffy has been answering questions on the Boondock Saints Facebook page (via Flickering Myth).  He speaks about the delay between the second and third films claiming:

“It’s my fault. It’s taken awhile… it’s cause I want to get it right.”

Duffy also states that he wants the film to have the same “boots on the ground” vibe as the first installment.  He doesn’t clarify if he has the funding to make the film, however.  That’s something that will be much trickier for him to obtain since the climate has shifted a lot since 2009 (not to mention the fact that the second film didn’t really set the world on fire).

I honestly don’t mind if this film does get made.  I have a few friends who enjoy the franchise and I know it would likely make them happy (even though I don’t completely understand why they like it so much) to have another one.  I just hope that I never personally have to see it.

The Boondock Saints 3: Legion


  • World’s Finest Comments

    The first Boondocks is one of the kings of the guilty pleasure type movies in my opinion.

    The second, is just guilty of being complete garbage.

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    The best movie made about the Boondock Saints is not even a Boondock Saints movie. It’s Overnight,a documentary made by one of Duffy’s former friends, showing Duffy’s self destruction after the first film is a (very minor) success.

    • Evan Dickson

      I’ve seen it. Agreed

    • CJ

      That movie is a jaw-dropper. What an absolute scumbag that guy is.

      Unfortunately it doesn’t really show any of the actual production of BOONDOCK SAINTS. So we don’t really know what kind of a director he is on the set.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        Judging from the results, he’s no David Fincher on set.

  • bojack

    Well then let’s hope the douchebag doesn’t have his way

  • DNAsplitter

    Loved the 1st film and thought the 2nd had some good parts but was overall a miss. I’m not sure if there really is a demand for a 3rd film as a lot goodwill was lost with the second film and too much time had past. Also Duffy has shown the world what a grade A asshole he is with the documentary Overnight.

  • [A]

    “It’s taken awhile… it’s cause I want to get it right” — that didn’t seem to stop him before

    • terry

      He has to watch more De Palma, Scorsese and Tarantino movies to see what he can use that he hasn’t already bastardized.

  • LEM

    He was a little early on being able to capitalize on Reedus exploding into stardom so he’s probably trying to do it now.

  • mattinacan

    i can forgive the first movie for being fun escapism with a great performance from Dafoe. The second film is about as unwatchably bad as you can get. Good luck getting Normas Reedus back now that he is a television super star.

  • Lucas Accardo

    I just saw the first of this “franchise” and hardly could sit trough that sad amateurish rip off Guy Ritchie early movies (which i don’t like all that much, just consider them competent.)

  • MJ

    What a bunch of B.S. This is so bad that it makes Son’s of Anarchy look good.

  • Kondorr

    The first is one of my absolute favorite… the second one is… no… the second one does not exist… I still wait for it… therefore how can there be a third?

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  • GrimReaper07

    The only good thing about the first film was Dafoe. Other than that it was terrible.

  • Super_Villain

    I was able to watch Overnight and I’m glad Duffy got blacklisted. He kept talking out of his ass thinking he was a big shot, without ever having anything to back it. Pretty sure you don’t talk down to someone like Harvey Weinstein without paying your dues first. He was destroying bridge after bridge; you can’t do that and expect to have a future in the business.

  • appolox

    Oh hell yeah. It’s about time.

  • SillyPeddy

    Garbage? Someone needs to get their vocabulary game up.