THE BOURNE LEGACY Follow-Up Moving Forward with Screenwriter Anthony Peckham

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Universal is making headway on its follow-up to the 2012 pseudo-spinoff The Bourne Legacy, as a screenwriter has been tapped to further the adventures of Jeremy Renner’s chems-obsessed Aaron Cross.  While Universal announced that it was “actively working” on a new Bourne film a few months ago, Deadline reports that Sherlock Holmes and Invictus screenwriter Anthony Peckham has been brought on to write the script for another Bourne movie.  While Universal would obviously love to bring Matt Damon back into the fold, this follow-up is designed to continue Cross’ story; it would appear that Damon is still reluctant to return.  Hit the jump for more.

Though The Bourne Legacy failed to match the box office success of its predecessors, the pic went on to gross a respectable $276 million worldwide.  It’s unclear if Legacy writer/director Tony Gilroy is returning to direct this next Bourne installment, but given that Gilroy has written the screenplays for all of the previous Bourne movies, the hiring of Peckham signals that he might not return for this new Cross adventure.

The Bourne Legacy was a fairly entertaining if mostly forgettable entry into the series, and I’m interested to see how/if Universal tweaks the Bourne formula for this next installment.  Frank Marshall remains onboard as the producer of this new film, and one presumes that Renner will be returning as well; he almost surely signed a multi-picture contract when he was set for Legacy.  No word on whether we’ll see supporting characters like Rachel Weisz or Edward Norton return, or whether Aaron Cross will still be screaming at strangers about his chems.


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  • Steven Ray Morris


  • jk

    No Damon, no way!

  • Eweisze

    As long as Rachel Weisz comes back, I’m in.

  • JustCallitBourneToLose

    Ugh, no thanks. It wasn’t so much that Legacy was bad as it was laughably bad. Let’s see, have a super soldier that’s ‘roided up who’s only real motivation is that he needs his drugs to prevent him from becoming stupid, show off his “bad ass” abilities by having him constantly put beat downs on red shirt rent-a-cops that all look kinda out of shape or over the hill anyway, FINALLY send someone that’s his equal to track him down only so *SPOILER ALERT* Rachel Weisz can easily dispatch him by knocking him off his motorcycle! Oh, and to top it all off let’s just stop the movie, no ending, no resolution, no character arcs, just…. stop.

    • TheMattedScreen

      I thought it was great until the motorcycle kick, the CHEMS! was a bit hokey but I went with it – after the motorcycle kick the next shot was them on a boat in the ocean and pretty much said “Well F-You too movie!”

  • Aaron Sullivan

    The original ended abruptly, but I liked the situation Cross was in, I liked how different he was from Jason Bourne, Rachel Weisz’s character eventually won me over and I wanted to see more. The whole Edward Norton political bit was weird though. It felt like it was building to something and then it sort of resolved itself completely separately from the main story we cared about. No doubt it left a bad taste in my mouth at the end despite its strong points. Hopefully, a sequel can try and give us something more complete. :)

  • Werefon

    It should be called – THE BOURNE ABSENCE

  • tarek

    the only good thing in the Bourne Legacy was Rachel Weisz.
    The story was simply a big meh.
    And sorry Jeremy, but you cannot hold a candle to Matt Damon.

    The Bourne trilogy is way above this joke.

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