Columbia Pictures Dumps THE BOYS While Screen Gems Ditches THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS

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Back in March of last year, director Adam McKay (The Other Guys) spoke about the difficulty of making a Hard R-rated anti-superhero movie. Turns out that McKay is prophetic. Columbia Pictures has put the adaptation of the Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson comic The Boys into turnaround. The Boys, an informal moniker for a CIA squad tasked with keeping tabs on (and occasionally putting down) superheroes, was apparently not to the studio’s liking. The reports don’t cite any specific reason for the drop, but McKay himself did mention the pic would be a hard sell and compared it to a “current day Watchmen.” Probably not what you want to tell a movie studio. In other news, Columbia Pictures’ sister slate Screen Gems has also backed out of the adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s YA fantasy series, Mortal Instruments. Hit the jump for more.

Heat Vision reported on the-boysthe dropped projects by both studios. In the case of The Boys, producers Neal H. Moritz and Jason Netter are planning to shop the project around, so there may yet be life for it. The Mortal Instruments may also have a shot as Constantin Film still controls the rights and is trying to make the finances work to develop the project on its own. Previously attached to the story about a human woman fighting alongside human-angel hybrids were director Scott Stewart and principals Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. Stewart has left the project, but is sticking with angels, to focus on a television version of his Screen Gems film, Legion.

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  • Strong Enough

    damn Paradise Lose, Now these two. these found footage movies are going to kill big budget movies.

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  • dbrock

    The Boys as a movie is a bad idea…not only is the content a hard sell as far as convincing a studio that it could make money(and they are probably right), a feature length film would really limit the actual story telling that a good adaptation would need. Not to mention the violence,even if toned down,would still be NC-17,and there is a lot of depravity that is also plot necessary. The only logical choice would be to make hour long episodes on a network like HBO that does not shy away from extreme content and would not have to worry about any censorship. A good Boys adaptation would need to be uncensored and go through a whole story arc without being rushed. HBO needs to jump on this right away…I guarantee it would be a huge hit,especially if a show like True Blood could have so much success.

  • excpired

    Perhaps now is a bad time for me to start submitting my screenplay work. Unless I write a coming-of-age store shot docu-style.

  • Dean

    Thank goodness Mortal Instruments was dropped. I wouldn’t have trusted Scott Stewart to make a good movie after Priest and Legion. I was however intrigued at the casting of Lily Collins. Hope they can find a real director and keep Collins. Because there is for sure a franchise there.

  • Billy Fish

    The Boys – HBO definitely

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