Illumination Entertainment to Next Tackle Dr. Seuss’ THE CAT IN THE HAT

     March 15, 2012


Following the massive box office success of their adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, Illumination Entertainment is moving forward with another animated take on a Seuss classic. Deadline reports that Illumination’s Chris Meledandri and Audrey Geisel (the widow of Theodore, aka Dr. Seuss) will begin developing a 3D CG-animated iteration of The Cat in the Hat. The book was infamously adapted in 2003 as a truly terrible live-action feature starring Mike Meyers, so I’d say a new version of The Cat in the Hat will be welcomed with open arms by audiences and Seuss fans. I was largely disappointed by The Lorax, and I really hope The Cat in the Hat is made more along the lines of Horton Hears a Who (which Meledandri made at Fox). The Lorax felt cluttered by pop songs and inorganic, cheap kids jokes, but I doubt they’ll veer from that formula given that the film is poised to make major money at the box office.

The next film from Illumination Entertainment will be Despicable Me 2, which opens next year. Meledandri is also developing a biopic about Geisel with Johnny Depp attached to star. They’re planning to infuse the film with both live-action and animated characters. Rob Lieber will write the script for The Cat in the Hat. Hit the jump to watch the trailer for the Mike Myers version.


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  • potterboy

    hey, even if that film sucked, Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography and the Production Design was AMAZZIIINNGGGGG!!!!!

    the script was terrible. Mike Myers was terrible. and production designer Bo Welch, despite assembling a great crew for the look of the film, is just a terrible director.

    hopefully this next one will be eye candy aswell, and a GOOD film

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  • M Hill

    I don’t understand the hate for The Lorax. It’s a fun film that fleshes out the book in a non disrespectful way whilst exploring environmental issues as well as corporate greed and the detrimental effect they have on society. It also does a good job of showing how dumbed down a population can be in the control of the wrong sorts of peopl, i.e. the corporations. The cast is spectacular, the musical numbers are sinfully catchy for a kids film and it just looks beautiful :)

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  • rarkatley randle

    this is good about the cat in the hat

  • Anonymous

    i hate cat in the hat