THE COLLISION: Episode 51 – THE HEAT and Women in Cinema (Special Guest: CinemaBlend’s Katey Rich)

     June 30, 2013


This week on The Collision, we are joined by CinemaBlend editor-in-chief and Operation Kino co-host, Katey Rich.  During out conversation, we talk about women in cinema, the limited roles they have on screen and behind the camera, the portrayal of women in mainstream movies, the gender dynamic in Hollywood, the demand for female-led films, sexism, and much, much more.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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Katey’s Recommendation: Walking and Talking

Adam’s Recommendation: Sound of My Voice

Dave’s Recommendation: Miss Congeniality

Matt’s Recommendation: Haywire


  • OhDawg

    Interesting discussion, and I thought Katey brought a really interesting perspective. The comment about the women in The Heat being allowed to be assholes was really interesting to me and that alone made me want to see the film. I always enjoy a good buddy cop movie so I would probably have seen it anyway, but that indicates to me that the filmmakers are smart and are thinking about their movie, where it fits into the genre, how it uses and breaks conventions and that is something that I think every good genre movie should do.

    And I’m not sure how “Salt” would fit into this discussion, because it’s basically “female Bourne”, but I actually liked that film (without revealing too much, there is a Russian conspiracy paranoia thing going on there that tickles my particular cold war-fancy in the same way that the TV show “The Americans” does). I guess it was at best a moderate hit (boxofficemojo says $293M WW off a $110M budget which is good but not great I guess), and could be taken as more evidence that guys won’t watch women kicking ass on film. But the “non movie buff” people around me who I’ve talked to about the film have all liked it, and guys DO like Angelina Jolie…

    Also, as you were talking about female directors and were mentioning names there were a couple that sprung to mind for me: First of all Jane Campion, who did “The Piano”, who recently did a TV show called “Top of the Lake ” with Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss. It’s supposed to be great, I think it was HitFix’s Dan Fienberg who recommended it recently, which is why i thought of her.
    The second is Agnieszka Holland, who’s done great work on shows like “The Wire” and “Treme” after a stalled movie career.
    And finally, Mimi Leder, who did the underrated 90s George Clooney vehicle “The Peacemaker” and The Film I Will Never See a.k.a. “Pay it Forward” before going back to TV. I’m told “China Beach” was actually a pretty great show and she was pretty deeply involved in that, but more recently she’s done stuff like “Shameless” and “Luck”.

    • kateyrich

      Mimi Leder also did Deep Impact, the asteroid-movie-that-wasn’t-Armagedddon which I think we all secretly love.

      I’m also a fan of Salt, though Angelina Jolie is kind of a category-killer in terms of female starpower. She can do just about whatever she want. Did you ever see how much money The Tourist made overseas?? It’s insane, and proof that lots of people will watch her do ANYTHING.

      • OhDawg

        Actually, I don’t really like “Deep Impact”, but I credit it for being the least stupid asteroid movie of that year. :) I don’t think it was a very smart film, but I also don’t think it was as “actively stupid” as Armageddon was.

        And I did NOT watch the tourist, but to further your theory: I did see that really terrible serial killer flick she did with whatshisface from “Training Day”… aah, I’ll look it up… “Taking Lives”! Yup, I saw that.