Watch: Shudder’s ‘The Core’ Asks a Criminologist What Horror Movies Get Wrong About Murder

Shudder has been doing groovy things for horror fans since it launched back in 2015, providing a steady streaming catalogue of horror classics and hidden gems, and recently the service has upped the ante with a big push into original programming. One of their most recent debuts is a particularly cool addition, the genre filmmaking talk series The Core, which gives horror hounds and inside look at how their favorite films get made.

Keating is joined by expert guests and industry insiders each week to explore all manner of horror happenings, from FX secrets like how to do a head explosion, good vomit, or a convincing severed penis (peep episode 3 with the Soska sisters for that particularly gruesome tutorial), to in-depth explorations of the psychology of fear, featuring guests like Flying LotusAmerican Psycho’s Mary HarronThe Soska SistersSimon Barrett. In the second episode, Keating chats with criminologist Dr. Bill Sanders about what horror movies get wrong about murder and what you should actually be afraid of in real life. Check it out in the clip below and for more, be sure to read Aubrey’s interview with Keating.


Here’s the official synopsis for The Core.

The Core is a dissection of the brilliant minds from which genre films spring. Whether it’s a demo on head explosions, or a primer on avoiding predictable jump scares, The Core busts open the traditional talk show and plays with its guts. Host Mickey Keating and his guests examine the onscreen techniques and real-life psychologies that strike fear into our very core. We’ll turn you on to what’s thrilling in filmmaking today, without subjecting you to a chat with that dude Greg from film school

You can watch episodes 1-3 over on Shudder, and check back on Thursdays for new episodes.

Image via Shudder

Image via Shudder

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