DreamWorks Animation Moving Forward with THE CROODS Sequel

     April 17, 2013


At this point, it’s surprising when DreamWorks Animation doesn’t make a sequel out of one of its properties.  While the studio was decidedly more nervous than usual for the release of last month’s prehistoric pic The Croods following the commercial disappointment of Rise of the Guardians, audiences flocked to the cavepeople-centric animated film.  The Croods’ worldwide box office total now stands at over $385 million, and THR reports that DreamWorks Animation has officially greenlit a sequel.

Writers/directors Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders will return for The Croods 2, and the studio is currently in negotiations with certain key voice actors to return as well.  The first pic boasts a voice cast that includes Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, and Ryan Reynolds, and we can reasonably expect a fair amount of the actors to come back.  Next on the DWA release docket is the snail racing pic Turbo this July, which also features the voice of Reynolds.

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  • Eddie Thomson

    I was afraid this might happen. Pixar and DreamWorks are in danger of catering exclusively to tech raised children and becoming sequel machines to keep the money flowing in. Instead they should manage the budgets of their films and put money into writers and veteran voice-actors, not celebrities 7 year olds don’t recognize by voice

    • Strong Enough

      oh SHUT UP! Pixar has a few sequels! Sequels aren’t all that bad when mixed with original content! get a life loser!

  • Chris Etrata

    It was okay but bland and nothing new. Could have better character development but instead, it’s like most cgi films today. Money thrown into celeberities and animators. One film that bombed that needed a sequel was rise of the guardians.

    • hi

      THANK YOU. I agree with you completely & thought that Rise of the Guardians definitely needed a sequel.

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  • buzz off haters !

    it was a very good movie with a very creative storyline and all the small small discoveries portrayed in a very beautiful way ! it definitely deserves a sequel ! And forget character development and techie children and sequel stereotyping… Movies nowadays run purely on a good experience and entertainment with a good story that keeps you interested. This movie has everything so shut up !