Rumor: James McAvoy May Star in F. Javier Gutierrez’s Remake of THE CROW

     February 25, 2013


The Crow has not had a pleasant relationship with the big screen.  Based on James O’Barr‘s comic book series about a man coming back from the dead to avenge his fiancée’s murder, Alex Proyas‘ 1994 adaptation was a hit, but it also resulted in the death of star Brandon Lee, who died from an injury he sustained during filming.   There were three sequels plus a short-lived TV series with different actors playing The Crow.  Now according to Bloody Disgusting, James McAvoy may follow in the goth footsteps of Lee, Vincent Pérez, Mark Dacascos, Eric Mabius, and Edward Furlong.

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A reboot of The Crow has been stuck in development hell for years.  Back in 2010, Stephen Norrington (Blade) was attached and Mark Wahlberg was offered the lead.  The package fell apart, and then in 2011, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) got in the director’s chair with Bradley Cooper in negotiations to star.  Six months after coming on board, the film still didn’t have a lead, and Fresnadillo dropped out.  Then there was a lawsuit between Relativity and The Weinsteins, which was settled last January.  Soon after, F. Javier Gutierrez came on board to direct with Jesse Wigutow penning the script.

Bloody Disgusting doesn’t say if McAvoy is in talks or if he’s just eyeing the project.  He’s about to start filming on X-Men: Days of Future Past, so there may be a scheduling conflict, although Gutierrez has been attached for over a year, so it doesn’t look like there’s a great sense of urgency on getting The Crow in front of cameras.


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  • haha

    It doesn’t matter that Brandon is dead! This movie should be made ,you f*ckin retards! So if it depends on you we will never see The Joker again in other Batman movies ,huh ? F*CKIN IDIOTS!

    • Anonymous

      calm down dude

  • will

    Honestly, I’d much prefer McAvoy to Bradley Cooper or Marky Mark in the role. If this movie MUST be made (and logic dictates that we don’t need it), we could do worse.

  • Grayden

    I don’t understand why people get so butt hurt over the insistence that certain films not be remade or re-imagined. Were the originals so bad or boring? You must have liked it enough to care whether it gets remade or not, but disliked it enough to want to see it remade in the first place. Some films, like heist or caper films, are great for remakes. Others, like comic book or action flicks, just don’t need it some times. There’s no point, especially if it’s going to pale in comparison to the original. Which is how it turns out 90% of the time..

  • ken


  • Dylan

    I think that this movie has potential…but McAvoy is still the wrong choice for Draven…..Why not give Taylor Kitsch a chance to have a breakout role rather than giving him movies like Battleship? That would be a great role for him. Cooper, Wahlberg, Levitt, and McAvoy are horrible choices.

  • Stormin

    Boring, why do they remake this stuff no one cares anymore. Bury this with Frigging Highlander already.

  • Dequan

    Damn I hope he gets the part. I would like a Crow remake hope it lives up to the title

  • LEM

    Why use a known actor? this is a property with a built in fan base and they could actually find a great unknown or little known actor. It’s like the same small group of names for all these movies all the time. I also hate when they allow these actors to double dip in the Superhero/Comic pool.

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