Anne Hathaway Confirms Catwoman Will Be in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     March 1, 2011


When Warner Bros. officially announced that Anne Hathaway would be joining Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, they made the odd choice of referring to her character only as “Selina Kyle” and not Kyle’s more famous alter-ego, Catwoman.  This led to speculation that Catwoman may be held for future movies (even though Nolan has stated that TDKR is his last Batman movie).

But now, for anyone that had the slightest fear that Catwoman wouldn’t be in The Dark Knight Rises, you can put that fear to rest.  Speaking on Oprah’s post-Oscar special, Hathaway refers to her TDKR role only as “Catwoman” and her enthusiasm about getting the part.  Hit the jump to check out the video.  The Dark Knight Rises is set to open on July 20, 2012.

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  • Jonathan

    Nolan is probably pissed that Anne gave that surprise away.


    Ok, She’s hot enough in that pic above, but still, not my ideal choice. And why does Nolan have only dark haired girls in his films? Amy Adams would have been nice.
    Still, probably turn out great still, especially IF she dons the sexy outfit.

    Although she says Catwoman repeatedly in that interview, she still doesnt confirm wether she will actually wear the suit. As “Catwoman” can also be described as Selina Kyle as everyone knows thats her character. Catwoman could be used as a generic term for the role is what i’m trying to say.
    ie.. an actor playing just Anakin Skywalker, would still react to getting the role as saying “I’m playing Darth Vader, even if he never got to wear the suit. Ya digg?

    Still, she most likely IS wearing the suit, as we will need that at least to rival Joker in TDK. Coupled with Bane of course. Still, be nice to see Penguin calling the shots in a Falcone style role.

    • ringbearer1420

      Not enough people use dark haired actresses. How many good films have gone down in flames because some cookie cutter quickly forgotten blond actress was thrown arbitrarily into some role.
      Besides Julie Newmar, Lee Merriweather, Eartha Kitt, Bridget Bardot, and the Catwoman from the comics all have dark hair, meaning that the animated Catwoman and Michelle Pieffer are the only blond Catwomen I can think of. How many blond cats do you see?

      • BAT GUY

        Amy Adams is a red head! And I’m pretty sure the likes of say, Charlese Theron are more than just forgettable Cooky cutter Blonds.

        Bridget Bardot is Blond, but she was Not Catwoman. And not ALL the comics does she have dark hair. But all that aside, what I was kinda getting at, is it would be nice to see someone with either red hair or blond in a Bat film, as we had 2 different Rachel Dawes as the lead in 2 of them. Be nice to see a totally different look thats all.

        Oh, and Blond Cats? lol
        Never seen a cat dressed in leather neither (still, i reckon if i scoured the internet i would find at least one!) lol

      • Negro

        Damn man, why did she have to give this away. I would rather have been surprised to see Selina become Catwoman in the film. Oh well, Hollywood proves that they don’t have any problem spoiling plot points before movies come out in their trailers , why not trickle down to the talent as well. In a side note, I personally have an aversion to how much exposure blonde women ( most who were brunettes) have so much exposure in movies, it’s nice that Nolan has stuck with Brunettes as his leads. Works with the color scene of his films as well in my humble opinion.

    • The real BAT GUY

      1. Heath Ledger was no one’s ideal choice for the Joker…look how that turned out. People need to be giving Nolan the benefit of the doubt here.

      2. Selina Kyle is dark haired in nearly all of her comic book appearances, WTF are you ranting about why a dark haired actress was cast in this role?

      3. When Aaron Eckhart was cast, it was announced that he’d be playing Harvey Dent not Two-Face. When the official press release just refers to the character’s real name and not the more popular one it doesn’t really mean anything. Besides, Wally Pfister has already said in an interview that they shot a screen test of Hathaway and that she looked “phenomenal in the wardrobe”. They obviously had her try on a suit of some sort. And to cast Selina Kyle in a movie and not have her play Catwoman would just be silly.

      4. Nolan has already stated in the past that the Penguin would not fit into his universe and he’s not interested in adapting the character. In regards to the Falcone empire, I have a strong feeling JGL will be playing a Michael Corleone-style Alberto now that Carmine is locked up at Arkham and Maroni is either dead or gravely injured from the car crash.

      • roddymartindale

        You’re wrong. Dark-haired actresses ruin everything. Everything. Anne’s brunette locks will ruin Nolan’s last Batman movie. The color of her hair has doomed this movie to failure.

  • Alex

    Come on, Collider…

    That doesn’t mean she “confirmed” that Catwoman will be in The Dark Knight Rises. Stop trying to make good headlines.

    She’s just referring to the role as Catwoman because that’s the more popular name for her character. If for some reason they were to make a movie with just the Bruce Wayne character, in which he is not yet Batman, whoever was cast as Wayne would still say “I’m playing Batman!”

    I’m disappointed in you, Matt. I never thought you would be one to twist words…

    • Jonathan

      get a grip man.

      • Jer

        Fuck off, Jonathan. Movie websites running this ridiculous “story” as news should be called out. It’s an insult to the intelligence of the site’s readership.

    • Conrad the Great!

      I’m with Alex 100% on this one. This doesn’t confirm shit.

  • ringbearer1420

    It will be good, but Rosario Dawson was the only choice for me.

    • grapenutsrbt

      I’ve been saying Rosario would be amazing as Catwoman for over a year now and I’d always get weird responses. Good to know I’m the not the only one who thought she’d be prrrrrfect. (See what I did there?)

  • anon

    I mean, Nolan hasn’t made a bad film really, but as a Batman enthusiast I just don’t see her as Selina Kyle. Kyle has the just slightly older, powerful womanly feel to her. I could however see her as Talia though, I think she would be really good at that. But I don’t make billion dollar movies though, so what do I know?

  • sense 11

    So HoTTT

  • Jonathan

    I’m not that impressed with the seletion of Catwoman as one of the main villians. It feels like in Nolan’s world, the only “masked” main character should be Batman becaus the act of masking his identity actually furthers his cause of becoming a symbol for good/something more indistructable than just a celebrity hero. Why would a gorgeous woman decide to dress up as a cat, steel valuables (i know this may not be Nolan’s intention with his protrayal of the character), and purposely become an obstacle for a billionaire playboy who could literally destroy her with just his wealth (not to mention million dollar toys)? Ok ok, maybe she doesnt know that Bruce Wayne is Batman so she ends up becoming an obstacle to Batman? The masked individual who has single handedly evaded an entire metropolitan police force, retrieved a financial criminal from fking Hong Kong, and happened to stop the most dangerous criminal in the history of the 21st century (aka: The Joker)? Please! I hope Nolan comes up with a clever way of making her charcters motivations/agenda seem logical in a real world setting.

    • The real BAT GUY

      WTF are you ranting about? Catwoman isn’t a villain.

      • Jonathan

        Ranting? Not a villain? LOL. Fanboys and their technicalities.

        If she is not a villain, than please enlighten me as to what exactly she is? Lets look at the facts: She steals. She is not a hero. And…did I mention she steals? Get over yourself and your “she is NOT a villain, she is a anti-hero…blah..blah…

        Secondly, ranting? This IS a site for people to share their opinions. Mostly educated peolpe visit this site but unfortanately, it also attracts border line retards like yourself.

  • The real BAT GUY

    WTF are you ranting about? Catwoman isn’t a villain.

  • cuteview

    Catwoman will be on the movie…

  • Junierizzle

    For all we know it could be one of those things were she “becomes” Catwoman at the end of the film. She probably never puts on the suit. It’s probably just implied. Like at the end of BaTMAN BEGINS when The Joker was just mentioned at the end

  • Grimcicle

    Chances are she said “Catwoman” because the average Oprah viewer has no clue who Selina Kyle is.

    I’ll remain skeptical until Hathaway confirms she’s worn the suit.

  • Jen

    Wow. Some of you are so lame. I am sure that Anne will make a great Catwoman. She is a great actress. I mean she has to beat Halle Berry. I mean, come on! Now that was an epic fail.

  • dm

    batguy is right. The anakin skywalker exemple is perfect.

  • Stinky

    Wait! Eckhart was listed as Harvey Dent in TDK! But he turned into Two-Face… this is my sarcastic face!

    Can we not take the leap here? She could have been simply cast as a random love interest. But, she wasn’t. Ergo, and stay with me if you can, she is Catwoman.

    Now move on with your life.

  • Joey

    It seems not many people know their comies. First of all, please your Batman Returns as your template for Catwoman. Catwoman was catwoman or the Cat the moment she Saw Batman in Action. Batman was the person that gave Catwoman her motivation to wear a custume which was just a mask and dress known as the Cat.

    No incident made her Catwoman other than seeing him in past as Batman. When Selina Kyle meets Bruce or Batman in person, she is already in the Catwoman alias in the background.

    She will be Catwoman in the movie. Nolan already said its the end of the trilogy. Catwoman is love interest of Batman not Selina Kyle. They fall while ast Batman/Catwoman first.

    In comics, Catwoman was already in Batman’s life when Bane came into the picture. She will have to be in the custume.

    Nolan just mention Selina Kyle to tell the public that the real Catwoman was going to be in movie. Halle Berry played a fake and totally different Catwoman. Selina Kyle was was not a Supernatural character in comics. She learned how to fight and be cat like from a trainer, Wild Cat. Wild Cat was part of the Justice League later in comics.

    Go Catwoman.

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  • vicmackey1268

    Why does everyone think Catwoman is going to don a super sexy outfit in this? For all we know it’ll be more like what Nolan is doing with the military-realistic look of the batsuit and batmobile….I’m assuming it’ll be more like the pics of Catwoman in Arkham City. Its still hot but the main focus is the covert-op look of the suit, not the Halle Berry crap.

    Also, if she said Celina Kyle barely anyone would know what she was talking about…saying Catwoman is much more recognizable to everyone. It’ll prolly be like Dark Knight where we see Two-face at the end but not the focus.

  • hrumble

    very, VERY NICE picture of Hathaway.

  • hrumble

    very, VERY NICE picture of Hathaway

  • Erik Joramo

    Why do people keep posting this as she confirmed the role. What she says is she was waiting to hear back from her manager if she’d been cast as catwoman. When he calls she thinks he’s gonna confirm that. But he says they want her to host the oscars. She says “omg im catwoman” and then figures out that the manages didn’t say anything about that. So, NO there is no official revelation about her role in the movie, in that video.

    • Erik Joramo again

      I’m sorry for misreading the title. It says that she confirms Catwoman the character will be in the movie, not wether whe will be the actress to play her. I apologize for my remark earlier :)

  • Titus

    Yeah, I have to agree with some of the comments. Her words don’t strike me as any kind of definitive confirmation at all. She’s just successfully relating to Oprah and anyone else why she’d be so excited to be cast as Selina Kyle–because the character is Catwoman. Imagine if she had stuck to saying “Selina Kyle” through that whole story? Some might not have even known what she was talking about.

    It’s an interesting clip, but I don’t think it’s a confirmation.

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  • mark

    Anne Hathaway will be the best catwoman ever!!