Fan Made Posters: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christopher Nolan, Matthew Modine and More

     June 3, 2012


The onslaught of the latest marketing push for The Dark Knight Rises began with a trio of simple character posters for Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy.  They featured the aforementioned actors in costume being pummelled with raining debris, while one of the film’s unofficial taglines, “Rise”, graced the background.  Being the obsessive and enthusiastic group that they are, Batfans have now taken it upon themselves to give a few other characters their own “Rise” posters, culminating in these fan made “Rise” posters for Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and, funnily enough, supporting cast member Matthew Modine.  Also included is another character that could possible be considered a spoiler, so I’ll make no specific mention here on the front page.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20th.

We’re not entirely sure who created each of these posters, but thanks to reader Dave for the heads up.








The following poster could possibly be considered a SPOILER so read on at your own risk.





















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  • vrgr

    They’re pretty bad. Too photoshoped.

    • nkutzler

      They’re simple enough. Even if they look bad, some have a good atmosphere- Alfred protecting himself, Gordon on a mission. However, it seems like Cotillard’s character will be a more “optimistic” character in the film, and John Blake just looks strange.

      And then there’s Morgan Freeman, standing there like he doesn’t give one sh*t about the rain and ash. Priceless.

  • AlexHeyNa

    The Chris Nolan one is better than any poster released so far. He’s the real star of the trilogy.

  • jingleheimerschmit

    there’s also one of scarecrow. so I don’t know how spoilery that is.

  • Nomis1700

    I think they’re fun! There are also versions of The Joker and Scarecrow.

  • joss

    JGL is NOT batman he’s not even physically built to be batman haha he would lose to bane hhhhhhhhhhhahahahhahah.

  • derek

    Alfred is the only one with the common sense to bring an umbrella.

    • Jazzy Jace

      Hahaha, I see what you did there, nice.

    • nom79

      Hope you were able to spot Bane on that umbrella……

    • Grey


  • anon

    I don’t like the “rise” in the headline. Kind of overkill. They’re good though.

  • yes


    HELl YES

  • tom

    seriously? spoilery? i know you guys are covering your asses, but c’mon. these are fan made posters. there’s nothing spoilerish about them. i could photoshop leo dicaprio in one of these and say the riddler cameos in the movie

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  • Migzter13

    I can’t say they’re perfect… but they’re pretty damn close!:D